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Monday, October 22, 2007

Joshua Jackson to join Grey’s Anatomy

I’ve dreamed of writing this headline, and now it’s happened. I woke up this morning to read the news at Variety that former Dawson’s Creek cutie, Joshua Jackson, is headed to Grey’s Anatomy as a doctor.


Yep, Pacey in a lab coat. Does it get any better?

Jackson will join the show in episode 11 for a multi-episode arc. Let’s hope it turns in to a permanent gig.

Loyal Tube Talk readers know I’ve been lobbying to get Jackson on Grey’s Anatomy or The Office for years. Does this mean I get a cut of his paycheck?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.


tart said...

OMG!!!!!! Tube Talk Girl, I'm so excited. I've been waiting for years to see Pacey back on TV. Woo HOOOO. Way to go Shonda Rhimes. Give us what we want.

Miz Behavin said...

Now this is the way to start a Monday! Pacey J. Whitter, I've missed you.

miles said...

i think his snarkiness will be perfect at Grey's.

weevilswobble said...

any word on if he's a love interest for someone???? Lexie maybe??

rumraisin said...

They need to get Katie Holmes to guest star on those episodes as his patient. He he he he he he. Maybe she comes in for treatment but her husband won't let her take any medicince because of his scientology beliefs. :)

tube talk girl said...

Rumraisin, you are so bad. That would actually make a pretty good story, whether or not Ms. Holmes starred or not.

tube talk girl said...

No word, weevilswobble. (Love your screen name, by the way! I'm guessing you're a Veronica Mars fan!)

He kind of looks like McSteamy in that photo. He could almost be related.

akon said...

Seriously? Seriously???

Holy crap. Best casting news of the year!

I love Josh Jackson. Mighty Ducks and all.

kim said...

Let's give him a nickname. McSweetie or if he's mean how about McGrumpy? Of course, we could go with McYummy.

kara said...

I like McHottie and McYummy.

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