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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Breaking news: Dean Cain returning to Las Vegas!

This just in. Dean Cain is bringing his Casey Manning back to Las Vegas for a couple episodes, he said in an interview today with KTLA.

Can I get a Woo-Hoo?

Cain didn’t give any further details about the return. Ever since Casey’s death, I’ve been predicting/hoping that the giant squid didn’t really do him in. I thought he perhaps faked his death, so he wouldn’t have to pay all the back taxes on The Montecito. Sounds logical, and I hope that’s the route they go.

I thought something might be up when Sam mentioned Casey in last week’s therapy session. She was discussing emotional intimacy and that she never got closure with Casey.

Las Vegas fans loved the Casey/Sam pairing and have been clamoring for Casey to return, on the NBC message boards and Las Vegas fan sites.

Sam deserves some love, finally, and I think Casey is just the guy to give it to her.

The KTLA clip also has scenes from Cain’s upcoming Smallville appearance. I’m not sure how long the video link will stay viable, so watch it now.

Thanks to a loyal Tube Talk reader who anonymously tipped me off to this story!


Katherine said...

I'm thrilled at this news! I've been hoping he would come back for such a long time now. I also wondered if they would bring him back after Sam mentioned him in therapy. She made it sound like they would have gotten back together if he hadn't of died.

I kind of think his disapperance had to do with maybe an attempted murder plot. Didn't that woman tell Sam that they found poison in Casey suggesting that it was murder and not a squid accident?

I'm really curious how this is all going to play out. I hope we get some more details on this soon. What awesome news!

tube talk girl said...

Hey Katherine! I think your attempted murder theory is a good one. The last time we saw him he was being ushered out from the wedding. Maybe he was trying to fake his death, so he wouldn't be killed.

Awesome news, indeed!

beth said...

Woo HOO!!!!!! Bring on Casey.

beth said...

Woo HOO!!!!!! Bring on Casey.

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