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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Commentary with a Co-ed: Dean Cain's visit to Smallville

by Ashley Gouveia

If you asked me why I decided to write about Smallville this week, I would narrow it down to two little words: Dean Cain! I couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity to talk about one of my favorite men guest appearing on my favorite show, now could I? Not only did ‘Cure’ have Dean Cain, but it was also my favorite episode so far this season.

Chloe wanted to be cured of her deadly meteor ability. Who can blame her? I would too, if I woke up with a toe tag every time I used it. So, she called upon the help of Dr. Curtis Knox, played by Cain. He said he could cure her by performing a brain operation. However, the bad part was, it would erase six years of her memory. If my calculations are correct, that would mean everything that’s happened on Smallville would be wiped. Chloe, no!!

In my favorite scene of the episode, Clark gave her his “You’ll forget me,” plea to not go through with it. How cute was that? Allison Mack and Tom Welling never cease to amaze me at how natural and sincere they portray their respective characters.

I loved the interaction between Knox and Lex throughout the episode. It’s been a while since we had a character who can really give Lex a run for his money. The two of them throwing intellectual jabs at each other was great to watch. But in true Smallville fashion, Knox wasn’t who he appeared. He was an immortal man that wanted Chloe’s heart to keep the love of his life alive forever. Only Dean Cain can make me loathe and empathize with such an evil character. Please bring him back Smallville powers that be!

We also saw the end (thank you!) of Chloe and Jimmy and the beginning of the Kara/Jimmy relationship. I don’t know if I care that much. Jimmy was already giving googly eyes at Kara even before he broke it off with Chloe, so I say good riddance. Lana is certainly not wasting any time screwing her relationship up with Clark. She’s already keeping secrets, which she blamelessly told Kara was the reason for their many breakups. I’m rolling my eyes right now.

I’m really curious to see where the Martian Manhunter/Kara storyline is going. I have two theories on that. Either Kara was really naive to her father, Zor-El’s evil ways or Martian Manhunter was the one who was lying. The “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy seemed a little weird to me.

The pacing of the episode was finally better than previous ones this season. We got a lot of setup for what I think is to come later on. Tonight, I think we’re in for a more light-hearted hour. It should be fun! What did you think of last week’s episode? ’Til next week.

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tube talk girl said...

Here's my take on it. Dean Cain was great as a baddie. Is it me, or did his voice get deeper? I loved that he went toe-to-toe with Lex, even tossing out an historical anecdote of a megalomaniacial warrior. Nice one!

I loved that we saw his hanky with the initials C.K on it. Nice nod to his Clark Kent history.

Cain plays bad so good. When he looked at Chloe and said, "I was Jack the Ripper" I squealed in delight.

I had a couple questions though: When Chloe said she wanted to live to see someone special again? Was she referring to Clark or Jimmy? And why is Lana watching Sexy Lexy? Does she still have a thing for him or is it simply revenge?

Cain's visit to Smallville brought a bump of 310,000 viewers for a total of 5.06 million, great numbers for the CW. Let's hope we haven't seen the last of Dr. Cure.

Erica said...

I caught the CK reference, too.

I think Lana is just watching Lex to plot revenge. He watched her for a long time, remember?

I think Chloe was talking about Clark when she said that. His "You'll forget me" speech was so sweet. Love those two.

ashley said...

jen, i think Chloe was talking about Clark. Plus, she had just had it out w/ Jimmy over Kara before she saw Knox. So yeah, i found it interesting that she didn't say who it was.

I think Lana is plotting something against Lex. But I just hope Clark sees right through her Stepford routine.

erica, i agree with you! Gotta love Clark and Chloe.:)

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