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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

“Rescue Me” returns tonight

by Jennifer Squires Biller

The critically acclaimed Rescue Me returns tonight for its third season at 10 p.m. EST on F/X. When last we saw the fiesty firefighters, Tommy was dealing with the death of his son Connor by participating in a hit on the drunk driver who killed Connor. (I guess therapy was out of the question.) After chatting with Denis Leary a few weeks ago about upcoming storylines, I’m predicting this season may be the best so far. To read the transcript of Tube Talk Girl’s chat with Leary click here. Beware: it contains spoilers.

TV tidbits: "Lost" and "Nip/Tuck" casting news

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Lost casting news
show executives are adding two new female characters and one male character to the cast for the upcoming season, according to TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello. The female character descriptions are for a woman in her “thirties, with leadership qualities” and for a woman in her “early twenties, very attractive.” I hope these new folks fare better than Ana Lucia and Libby. For the male role, the show is looking for a “Latino, early twenties, handsome, with a mysterious quality.” Good luck to the new actors chosen for these roles. I just have two words of advice: designated driver.

Nip/Tuck casting news
Rosie O’Donnell
is apparently set to guest star on Nip/Tuck this season, she reported in her personal blog. (Thanks to The TV Addict for the 411 on this one.) I wonder where O’Donnell will be nipped and tucked? I can’t wait to hear her answer when McNamara and Troy toss out their trademark phrase, “Tell me what you don’t like about yourself.”

Friday, May 26, 2006

"Alias" auction at eBay

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Have you ever dreamed of getting into Michael Vartan’s pants? Wait. Let me rephrase.

Alias fans, you now have the chance to own wardrobe items, props and even an autographed script from the Alias series finale. The folks at ABC and Touchstone Television are auctioning off artifacts and wardrobe pieces used in making Alias. But, be prepared to bring some cash to the table. The Rambaldi artifact box is currently at $1,025, and the autographed finale script is at $1,500. If want to walk a mile in Sydney Bristow’s hot Narciso Rodriguez shoes, it’s going to cost you more than $405. The good news is that the net proceeds form the auction benefit the Children’s Defense Fund, according to the ABC press release. You can check out the auction at eBay by clicking here. Dibs on the red wig and Bradley Cooper’s pants.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

"Rescue Me" blog

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Lost is over. So is Grey’s Anatomy. What will we do to fill our endless hours? Hit the web, of course, and read some funny blogs. If you’re a fan of Rescue Me, heck, even if you’re not, check out John Scurti’s new “anti-blog” at TV Guide.com. Scurti is better known as “Lou” on Rescue Me. His blog is hysterical and just what we need to get back in the mood for the guys. Don’t forget the show returns on May 30 at 10 p.m. on F/X.

Here’s a hilarious excerpt from Scurti on what his co-workers have been up to during the summer:

"Denis Leary (Tommy Gavin) received an honorary doctorate degree from Emerson College last winter and now insists we all call him "Dr. Leary." In spite of this, he still can't tell me with any certainty whether this is a pimple or a boil on my ass. He also has been making lots of progress with his screaming coach and on a windless day it's now possible for him to yell to his kids to feed the horses and get to bed — impressive, as we're in Harlem and they're in Connecticut."

"Lost" season finale

by Jennifer Squires Biller

After watching the crazy Lost finale, I’m sure you’re busy dissecting the complex plot points and deciphering the significance of numerous props. I, however, have one concern. Why is it that my Sawyer ends up at the end of a gun barrel at the end of every season?

Last year he took a bullet to the shoulder and a header into shark-infested waters, and this year he’s bound and gagged with a shotgun pointed in his back. Clearly The Others missed his “There’s a new sheriff in town” speech, or those beard-wearing freaks would be quaking in their…wait, they don’t actually wear shoes, do they? Nevermind.

Never — and I repeat — never have I been so disgruntled by a television show as I currently am Lost. Not when the Dawson’s Creek kids went away to college and temporarily lost their minds, not when Ally McBeal’s Billy bleached his hair blonde and started hanging out with Robert-Palmer girls and not when Buffy spent more time preaching to future slayers than staking vampires. All of that pales in comparison to the frustration I experienced during the Lost season finale.

I like to think I’m a patient gal, but guess what? I’m all out of patience for this island of misfits. Tonight’s preview touted that “The answers you’ve been waiting for are here.” Umm…not so much. Only a few answers were given. We found out what happens when the numbers aren't entered. We found out the plane crashed because the magnetic energy sucked it into the ocean in 2004 and that the bright light Locke saw in the hatch last year was courtesy of Desmond. And we found out that perhaps “Henry Gale” is “Him,” whatever that means.

We still know little about The Others. We don’t know what’s up with Walt’s powers. We don’t know about the voices, the Polar bear, the monster, the island's healing powers, the ghosts, the numbers, the injections, that creepy Owl, Frenchie, the black rock, the radio transmissions, the food replenishment and Marvin Candle’s hand. The one thing we do know is that if you’re a single woman even thinking about having sex on that island, you’ll be pushing up sand-fleas soon. (Note to Kate: no matter how sexy Jack and Sawyer look in the jungle, don’t go there, girl.)

I was hoping the finale would explain some of the mysteries from season one. Call me crazy, but I think two years is a long time to ask viewers to try and remember plot details that may or may not be meaningless. (Polar bear, monster and Watership Down anyone?) Yes, we got a few answers, but not enough to satisfy this loyal Lost viewer.

I realize I’m probably in the minority with this less-than-glowing review of the finale. My friend Anthony, who has analyzed Lost with me from its debut, loved it. He hated last year’s ender, but thought this one gave him just enough answers. It left him wanting more, he said. It left me reaching for a bottle of aspirin. Sorry buddy.

I’m with Sawyer, I think aliens are behind this whole crazy mess. I’m guessing aliens with four toes, considering that weird statue. I’m joking, people. I’ve given up trying to figure out this show, and that saddens me. I don’t know if it was all the stops and starts in the Lost schedule or the myriad plot threads and prop symbols that overwhelmed me, but somewhere along the way I’ve lost my addiction to Lost. Yes, I still watch, but not with the anticipation and fervor I once did.

I did enjoy seeing The O.C.’s Caleb Nichol in the Desmond flashback. And I couldn’t help but chuckle that Desmond’s choice of what to read on his deathbed is Charles Dickens. But it’s the little things that bug me, like why Claire is fine with injecting her baby with an unknown drug she knows nothing about, and why the island folks aren’t knocking each other down to get to that sailboat and head for civilization.

As we head into the summer to contemplate the Lost adventure, I leave you with these thoughts. Is it a coincidence that Desmond looks like Jesus? (You know you were thinking it, too, “brother.”) Are Eko and Locke dead? Did Libby kill her husband? Are Michael and Walt in Fiji sipping Shirley Temples? And will Sawyer get to use his guns again? (Not those guns, sickos, his weapons.) Wait. His firearms.

Kudos to whomever named this show. I can’t think of a better title than Lost, considering that’s exactly how I feel when I watch it.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Season finales

by Jennifer Squires Biller

The beginning of summer is upon us and that means one thing: less TV viewing, more bar-be-cuing! No worries. The fire department is on speed dial at Tube Talk Girl’s house.

As the rest of our favorite shows wrap up this week, it’s time to reflect on what was one of the best television seasons in a long time, even without a Joss Whedon show on the air. We said goodbye to Will & Grace and Charmed. (I haven’t watched Charmed since Cole left, but I understand the Halliwell gals got a happy ending.) And Will and Grace did, too, despite a few rocky years and a visual of bald Will that I will never forget. (Not. Pretty.) We watched Veronica Mars solve the bus-crash mystery and score a kiss with her “epic” love. Lex Luthor went full-on bad, after Zod invaded his body, yet still managed to have a thing for Lana Lang. The Orange County gang graduated, including fast-talker, pot-smoking Seth Cohen. And McDreamy cheated on his wife, finally admitting his feelings for Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy. Frankly, I’m exhausted, Tubers.

Here’s a look at some of your favorite season finales:

The O.C.
They killed Marissa! I reported a few weeks ago that Mischa Barton was leaving The O.C., but I never thought she’d leave in a body bag. I thought Sandy Cohen would be the one wearing the toe tag. Apparently, I’m the only person in America who didn’t see the Access Hollywood interview where Barton spilled the beans that her character would die. (I’m sure that didn’t go over well at FOX! Ouch.) I was hesitant to do the happy dance for her demise, though, for fear that it would all be a dream or that she’d come back as an evil twin. But after reading all the finale press, it seems Coop is really dead. Adios Marissa. It was about time. I thought the booze and drugs would be your Waterloo, but apparently it was the crazy-obsessed boyfriend that got you in the end. (Take a note Lana Lang.) Now, bring on Taylor Townsend, Theresa and mini-Coop.

Desperate Housewives
Mike Delfino,
I hope you have insurance. I haven’t seen a character get mowed down so violently by a vehicle since Felicity’s childhood boyfriend walked into the path of a speeding bus. Ouch. I don’t think the show honchos would dare kill Mike Delfino. He’s too hunky and important to the plot, isn’t he? Then again, the title of the show is Desperate Housewives, not “The men who love them desperately.” (Rest in peace, Rex.) I think Mike will live to see another day. However, I’m not so sure about Carlos. Hell hath no fury like Gaby scorned. It was great to see Mary Alice tell the story of how she met each of the characters. (Ladies, even Teri Hatcher can’t pull off a short-frizzy perm. Yee-gads!) I loved seeing Rex and John again, too. As for next season, I hope we’re done with the Applewhites, and that Bree can make up with that spiteful son of hers. Oh, and give us more Karl, please. He’s deliciously delightful when he’s desperate.

Will & Grace
Admittedly, I can count on one hand the number of episodes of Will &Grace I’ve watched: The Kevin Bacon episode, the Matt Damon episode, and a few of the ones featuring my music-crush Harry Contic Jr. I did check out the finale, and kudos to the show honchos for giving fans the hour retrospective featuring clips and bloopers. (No, I’m not bitter, West Wing.) The Will &Grace finale was a little disappointing, though. The fact that Will and Grace spent so many years out of one another’s lives was a hard pill to swallow, even though their children fatefully reunited them. In the end, Grace got Leo, and Will also found love. As for Jack and Karen, well, I’m not sure how to describe that ending, other than “Cheers!”

Let’s hope Sacred Heart has daycare, considering that all three main characters ended the season with the little stick turning blue, or pink as it may be for some of the Scrubs’ couples. J.D., Dr. Cox and Turk are all about to become fathers, or so it seems. That is one crazy plot twist. Introducing a baby to a successful show is usually dangerous territory, but introducing three is unprecedented. If it were any other show, I’d be worried. But this is Scrubs, so I’m eagerly anticipating the next generation of Scrubbies. I’m not really buying that J.D. is the father of his girlfriend’s baby. I mean, can we really see J.D. as a dad at this point? He lacks even the somewhat-limited maturity of Turk and Dr. Cox. Still, I hope J.D. can make a go of it with his new gal. Love her. She’s a keeper.

Grey’s Anatomy
Don’t hate me, but I’m glad Denny died. (Ducking for cover.) I never really understood how Izzie could fall madly in love with the guy in only four episodes. Besides, we know she was just rebounding from Alex. Those two have major sizzle and the ending scene when he held her on his lap in Denny’s room was lump-in-the-throat sentimental. As for McDreamy, well, I’m not sure what to make of this development. My girl Addison needs to wake up and smell the adultery. McDreamy is leading on his wife and messing with his ex-lover. It was an interesting plot point to have the male lead give in to his weakness rather than making the correct moral choice. That’s what I love about Grey’s. All of these characters are flawed, complex and unpredictable. I don’t think Derek and Meredith will be able to hide their secret for long. Callie knows, and that can’t be good. And I just know those black panties are going to turn up somewhere unexpected. The prom scenes were fantastic. I couldn’t help but laugh when Addison reminisced about her days as a band geek. Note to Addison: you’ve come a long way baby. Kick that cheating husband to the curb. Jackie from Veronica Mars did an amazing job as the chief’s niece. And one final observation. Is it just me, or do Meredith and McVet look alike?

Monday, May 22, 2006

Save Invasion campaign

by Jennifer Squires Biller

I have one thing to say to all of you Invasion fans working tirelessly to get the show back on the fall schedule. In the famous words of Cristina Yang of Grey’s Anatomy, “Good for you. Fight the power!”

When I signed the online petition, earlier this week, it had more than 16,400 signatures. That’s impressive for only one week up and running. Fans have flooded TV show-message boards, recruiting any Invasion fans to join the campaign. It may seem like David-Goliath odds to get ABC to reverse its cancellation decision, but these fans aren’t going down without a fight. Neither am I.

In my job as a television critic the past few years, I’ve watched a lot of horrible television, and I’ve watched some inspirational, groundbreaking television. When those rare programs come along, it seems more often than not, they rarely make it long enough to become a footnote in popular-culture history. I’m so tired of year-after-year unique, quality television shows being dumped, in favor of silly reality shows, unoriginal procedural-crime shows and mindless sitcoms with annoying laugh tracks. The death of Invasion is the last straw.

I ranted when they canned Jack and Bobby. I asked why when they cancelled Freaks and Geeks. I angrily accepted the inevitable when they prematurely ended Ed, Felicity, and Angel. And I barely had time to get attached to Love Monkey and LAX before they got the ax. But I refuse to let Invasion join this list of shows that died before their time, without inciting you, the viewers, to do something about this trend. It comes down to ratings, folks. So, please, when these kinds of shows make it on to the television schedule, watch them.

The bottom line is that networks renew shows that get ratings. So, why didn’t enough folks watch Invasion? I call it bad timing. First, in late summer when previews and ads are pivotal for creating buzz about new shows, Invasion took an early hit. The pilot episode and plot setup was rooted in a hurricane, not exactly something anyone wanted to promote or advertise, after the still-raw devastation of Katrina. Second, the show was incorrectly tagged as a Lost clone. The two shows couldn’t be farther apart in genre, in my opinion. Third, Invasion was unfairly labeled as just another sci-fi drama, and some critics unfairly grouped it in a class with the two other debuting sci-fi dramas of the fall, the yawn-worthy Surface and Threshold. So, chalk the low ratings up to timing and the fact that I still haven’t figured out what possesses the viewing public to tune in week after week to watch the King of Queens, but not thought-provoking, suspenseful shows such as Invasion.

I’m not giving up hope yet, especially after reading in TV Guide that the plan for next season was to turn up the romantic tension between Russell and Mariel. Curses. I’d been waiting all season for that. I did “see the lights,” ABC, and I want to see them again. So, here’s hoping that ABC will “see the light” and give Invasion a reprieve. Hmm…I’m sensing a campaign slogan here, people.

If you’re an Invasion fan, or even if you’re not and want a second chance to see an original suspenseful drama, please visit these links and let your voice be heard.

The online petition:

Fans are organizing a campaign here:
http://www.saveinvasion.net/ and also here http://www.invasion-forum.com/

Contact info for ABC:
Mr. Steve McPherson President of Entertainment ABC, Inc. 500 S. Buena Vista Street Burbank, CA 91521-4551
818-460-7477, follow automated response to Invasion messages

See what else Tube Talk Girl has been saying about Invasion by clicking here.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

FOX schedule

FOX has released two schedules: one for the fall and one for the winter/spring. Please note that in the winter, Bones will move to the death slot known as Friday night. Look out Booth! Here’s the complete schedule. (All times are eastern standard time.)

9:00-10:00 PM VANISHED

8:00-9:00 PM STANDOFF
9:00-10:00 PM HOUSE

8:00-9:00 PM BONES
9:00-10:00 PM JUSTICE

8:00-8:30 PM ‘TIL DEATH
8:30-9:00 PM HAPPY HOUR
9:00-10:00 PM THE O.C.

8:00-9:00 PM NANNY 911

8:00-8:30 PM COPS
8:30-9:00 PM COPS

9:00-9:30 PM FAMILY GUY
9:30-10:00 PM THE WAR AT HOME



8:00-9:00 PM STANDOFF
9:00-10:00 PM 24

8:00-9:00 PM AMERICAN IDOL Performance Show
9:00-10:00 PM HOUSE

8:00-9:00 PM JUSTICE
9:00-9:30 PM AMERICAN IDOL Results Show
9:30-10:00 PM THE LOOP

8:00-8:30 PM ‘TIL DEATH
8:30-9:00 PM HAPPY HOUR
9:00-10:00 PM THE O.C.

8:00-9:00 PM BONES

8:00-8:30 PM COPS
8:30-9:00 PM COPS

9:00-9:30 PM FAMILY GUY
9:30-10:00 PM THE WAR AT HOME

CW fall schedule: Veronica Mars, One Tree Hill but no Invasion or Everwood

by Jennifer Squires Biller

The good news is that Veronica Mars, One Tree Hill and Smallville are both on the CW fall schedule. Yay! The bad news is that Invasion isn’t on the lineup. (Who do I have to bribe, seriously?) And sorry fans of Everwood and Pepper Dennis, those shows didn’t make it either. I think we need to form a support group. Who’s in? Also, Reba will be back midseason for 13 episodes. Here's the official new CW schedule:

7th Heaven

Gilmore Girls
Veronica Mars

Top Model/Beauty and Geek
One Tree Hill


WWE Friday Night Smackdown

Everybody Hates Chris
All of Us
The Game

Grey’s Anatomy shower scene Upfront clip

Remember George’s fantasy shower scene on Grey’s Anatomy starring his roommates? Now, picture Dr. Bailey having her own fantasy shower scene starring McDreamy, Burke and (gulp) the Chief. Hilarious! This spoof was part of the Grey’s Anatomy clip package from the Upfronts in New York City. Click here to enjoy.

CBS fall schedule: Crime pays

by Jennifer Squires Biller

CBS is sticking with their ratings-winner schedule, heavy on crime dramas. As for their other shows, Close to Home was renewed along with The New Adventures of Old Christine, How I Met Your Mother and King of Queens. Cancellations include Courting Alex and Out of Practice. Three new dramas are scheduled for the fall: Shark, Jericho and Smith and one new comedy: Class.

I only watch two shows on CBS now, as I’m not a big fan of procedural crime dramas and they cancelled Love Monkey. If it weren’t for How I Met Your Mother, David Letterman, and covering As the World Turns for www.soapcentral.com, I probably wouldn’t venture to the eye network at all. It’s strange how times change. Here’s the official primetime schedule for fall: (New shows are in CAPS.)

8:00-8:30 p.m. How I Met Your Mother (new time)
8:30-9:00 p.m. THE CLASS
9:00-9:30 p.m. Two And A Half Men
9:30-10:00 p.m. The New Adventures Of Old Christine
10:00-11:00 p.m. CSI: Miami

8:00-9:00 p.m. NCIS
9:00-10:00 p.m. The Unit
10:00-11:00 p.m. SMITH

8:00-9:00 p.m. JERICHO
9:00-10:00 p.m. Criminal Minds
10:00-11:00 p.m. CSI: New York

8:00-9:00 p.m. Survivor
9:00-10:00 p.m. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
10:00-11:00 p.m. SHARK

8:00-9:00 p.m. Ghost Whisperer
9:00-10:00 p.m. Close To Home
10:00-11:00 p.m. Numb3rs

8:00-9:00 p.m. Crimetime Saturday
9:00-10:00 p.m. Crimetime Saturday
10:00-11:00 p.m. 48 Hours: Mystery

7:00-8:00 p.m. 60 Minutes
8:00-9:00 p.m. The Amazing Race (new time)
9:00-10:00 p.m. Cold Case (new time)
10:00-11:00 p.m. Without A Trace (new time)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

ABC fall schedule: Save Invasion and Grey’s Anatomy moved to Thursdays

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Just in case you didn’t hear my reaction to ABC’s fall schedule news, let me repeat it: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (Followed by some choice words that I won’t repeat here.) Invasion, my favorite new drama of the year on any network, was…I can’t bear to say it…cancelled. Send antidepressants, Tubers, pronto.

As your Tube Talk Girl, I like to think I have my finger on the pulse of all that is right in television. But, apparently, I don’t. According to ABC executives, you like shows such as Wife Swap and According to Jim. Where did I go wrong, Tubers? Where? It’s a sad day when no-brainer shows are renewed year after year, but a unique, intelligent, mesmerizing drama like Invasion gets no love.

Wife Swap and According to Jim, are you kidding me? I swear I’m being Punked.

To all of you who watched Invasion due to my begging, i.e. harassment, “thank you.” And “I’m sorry.” (A special “sorry” to Aric and his Mrs., who came to love Invasion after I pimped the show to them.) If you’ll allow me a platitude: “I guess it’s better to have loved and lost…” Oh, forget it. This just stinks.

I’m on a mission to save Invasion. Those of you who want to help, can sign this online petition The word on the street ― (Yeah, I’ve got peeps on the street, but not the kind you’re thinking, you pervs) ― is that the CW or SciFi network may pick up Invasion. The CW network announces its schedule on Thursday, so here’s hoping. Meanwhile, I’ll be wearing black and rocking in the fetal position.

Can you hear me ABC? It’s been a long time since I’ve written an unflattering critique of an ABC show. (OK, so I never watched Commander in Chief , or I’m sure I would have cranked one out.) Still, I watched Freddie for you, and this is how you roll?

Speaking of Freddie, it was also cancelled, along with Commander in Chief and Hope and Faith. And in a surprise move no one saw coming, the freshman drama What About Brian was renewed.

You can come out now, Ashton.

Here’s the fall schedule, as released by ABC: (new shows are in CAPS)

8:00 p.m. “Wife Swap”
9:00 p.m. “The Bachelor”/”Supernanny”
10:00 p.m. “What About Brian”

8:00 p.m. “Dancing with the Stars” (new night)/”SET FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE” (new alternative series)
9:00 p.m. “LET’S ROB…” (new comedy series)
9:30 p.m. “HELP ME HELP YOU” (new comedy series)
10:00 p.m. “Boston Legal”

8:00 p.m. “Dancing with the Stars” (new night)/”George Lopez”/“According to Jim” (new night)
9:00 p.m. “Lost”
10:00 p.m. “THE NINE” (new drama series)

8:00 p.m. “BIG DAY” (new comedy series)
8:30 p.m. “NOTES FROM THE UNDERBELLY” (new comedy series)
9:00 p.m. “Grey’s Anatomy” (new night and time)
10:00 p.m. “SIX DEGREES” (new drama series)

8:00 p.m. “BETTY THE UGLY” (new comedy series)
9:00 p.m. “MEN IN TREES” (new drama series)
10:00 p.m. “20/20”

8:00 p.m. “ABC Saturday Night College Football”

7:00 p.m. “America’s Funniest Home Videos”
8:00 p.m. “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”
9:00 p.m. “Desperate Housewives”
10:00 p.m. “BROTHERS & SISTERS” (new drama series)

Veronica Mars renewed!

by Jennifer Squires Biller

It’s official. Veronica Mars will be back next season. Can I get a Woo Hoo? (Go ahead. I'll wait.)

Rob Thomas confirmed that my favorite effective detective has a coveted spot on the CW schedule, according to Kristin at E!Online. Here’s what she had to say:

"The official word has just come down from the suits at The CW: our beloved Veronica will be back! (I never doubted it for a minute.) Rob Thomas just sent me an email, confirming the good news. He said they've been picked up for 22 episodes, with the option of reducing the order to 13 if ratings slip too low. No word on their time slot yet. I'm sure Rob will let us know as soon as he hears!"

Now, if we can just get a confirmation for Smallville, I’ll be a happy Tuber!

Monday, May 15, 2006

NBC announcements: No Scrubs this fall!

by Jennifer Squires Biller

It’s the first day of the Upfronts, where networks announce which shows will be on their fall schedule and which ones won’t return. NBC made its announcement Monday, and the one show I was waiting on pins and needles to hear about wasn’t in the lineup. Once again, Scrubs is not on the fall schedule. (Boo!! Hiss!!) But, it will resurface at some point, according to Kristin at E!Online. I just don’t get it, Tubers. Scrubs is one of television’s best comedies and deserves a solid spot on the FALL schedule.

As for the new NBC shows I’m most exceited to see, well, Friday Night Lights tops my list. (Yeah, sports shows aren’t usually a draw for me, but it stars Kyle Chandler folks, and you know how I feel about him. If not, click here.) Also, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (Matthew Perry) and Heroes (Greg Gunberg of Felicity) look interesting.

Here’s the NBC lineup. New programs are in CAPS (with the exception of "ER.")

8-9 p.m. "Deal or No Deal"
9-10 p.m. "HEROES"
10-11 p.m. "Medium"

9-10 p.m. "KIDNAPPED"
10-11 p.m. "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"

8-9 p.m. "The Biggest Loser"
9-9:30 p.m. "20 GOOD YEARS"
9:30-10 p.m. "30 ROCK"
10-11 p.m. "Law & Order"

8-8:30 p.m. "My Name Is Earl" (new time)
8:30-9 p.m. "The Office" (new time)
10-11 p.m. "ER"/("THE BLACK DONNELLYS" in January 2007)

8-9 p.m. "Deal or No Deal"
9-10 p.m. "Las Vegas" 10-11 p.m.
"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" (new day and time)

8-9 p.m. "Dateline Saturday"
9-11 p.m. Drama Series Encores


Here are the official descriptions of the shows I mentioned:

"FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS" - Expanding on the themes from the hit feature film "Friday Night Lights," this series centers on the small rural town of Dillon, Texas, where the vaunted 2006 state football championship rings are held in the highest regard. The town's promising high school team, its star quarterback, and newly appointed head coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler, "Grey's Anatomy," "King Kong") feel the mounting pressure of the town's pride and honor riding on their shoulders as a new season kicks off. The fresh cast also includes: Scott Porter ("All My Children") as team captain and first-string quarterback Jason Street; Gaius Charles ("The Book of Daniel") as feared running back Brian "Smash" Williams; Taylor Kitsch ("Kyle XY") as running back Tim Riggins; Connie Britton ("The Brothers McMullen," "24") as Taylor's long-suffering wife, Tami; Zach Gilford ("The Last Winter") as third-string quarterback Matt Saracen, and Minka Kelly ("What I Like About You") as Lyla Garrity, Panther cheerleader and Street's girlfriend. Also starring are Aimee Teegarden ("Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide") as Julie Taylor and Adrienne Palicki ("South Beach") as Tyra Collette. The pilot is executive-produced by Brian Grazer ("Fun with **** and Jane," "Cinderella Man," "A Beautiful Mind"), David Nevins ("Arrested Development"), Peter Berg (the film "Friday Night Lights," "The Run Down") -- who also wrote and the directed the pilot -- and Jason Katims ("Roswell"). "Friday Night Lights" is produced in association with Imagine Entertainment, NBC Universal Television Studio, and Film 44."

HEROES" -- The epic drama "Heroes" chronicles the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities. As a total eclipse casts it shadow across the globe, viewers follow a genetics professor (Sendhil Ramamurthy, "Blind Guy Driving") in India whose father's disappearance leads him to uncover a secret theory -- there are people with super powers living among us. A young dreamer (Milo Ventimiglia, "The Bedford Diaries") tries to convince his politician brother (Adrian Pasdar, "Judging Amy") that he can fly. A high school cheerleader (Hayden Panettiere, "Ice Princess") learns that she is totally indestructible. A Las Vegas stripper (Ali Larter, "Final Destination"), struggling to make ends meet to support her young son (Noah Gray-Cabey, "My Wife & Kids"), uncovers that her mirror image has a secret. A prison inmate (Leonard Roberts, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") mysteriously finds himself waking up outside of his cell. A gifted artist (Santiago Cabrera, "Empire"), whose drug addiction is destroying his life and the relationship with his girlfriend (Tawny Cypress, "Third Watch"), can paint the future. A down-on-his-luck beat cop (Greg Grunberg, "Alias") can hear people's thoughts, including the secrets of a captured terrorist. In Japan, a young man (Masi Oka, "Scrubs") develops a way to stop time through sheer will power. Their ultimate destiny is nothing less than saving the world. "Heroes" is executive produced by creator/writer Tim Kring ("Crossing Jordan), Dennis Hammer ("Crossing Jordan") and David Semel ("House"), who also directed the pilot. The drama is from NBC Universal Television Studio.

"STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP" — Emmy Award-winning executive producer-writer Aaron Sorkin ("The West Wing") and Emmy Award-winning executive producer-director Thomas Schlamme ("The West Wing") return to television with this crackling take on the drama behind the humor of producing a popular, late-night comedy sketch show, "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip." Sorkin lays bare the backstage politics, romances and delicate balance between creative talent, on-air personalities and network executives in an instant text-messaging world. Prominent are Jordan McDeere (Amanda Peet, "Syriana"), a savvy new network entertainment chief who inherits a massive public relations disaster on the series — even before she starts her first day — and Matt Albie (Matthew Perry, "Friends") and Danny Tripp (Bradley Whitford, "The West Wing"), a brilliant creative team that she wants to resurrect the program. Also playing crucial roles are the sketch comedy series stars Harriet Hayes (Sarah Paulson, "Down with Love"), Simon Stiles (D.L. Hughley, "The Hughleys") and Tom Jeter (Nathan Corddry, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"), their normally cool-headed director, Cal Shanley (Timothy Busfield, "thirtysomething") as well as supreme network honcho Jack Rudolph (Steven Weber, "Wings"). Evan Handler ("Sex and the City") and Carlos Jacott ("Being John Malkovich") also star. The series is a production of Warner Bros. Television.

The West Wing series finale

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Truth be told, I said goodbye to The West Wing a long time ago.

Nevertheless, Sunday’s series finale still got to me. The actors and writers showed us, with aplomb, that painfully lonely feeling we all get when we leave a job and have to say goodbye to friends and the daily routine. Especially poignant, was C.J. standing in the press briefing room, Will and the rubber ball, Charlie and the constitution, and the "Bartlet for America" napkin that Leo gave to Jed posthumously (sniff,sniff.)

While all of that reminded me of what was great about The West Wing, it’s what was missing in the finale that made me almost eager to say goodbye. Gone were the scenes of trademark camaraderie between our favorite West Wingers. Despite Rob Lowe checking back in for the end, we barely got a glimpse of him. Why bring him back if the old Josh/Sam/C.J./Donna magic wasn’t going to take place on screen? And where was Toby? We did get a mention of him when the president pardoned him, but after all these years, his character deserved some closure with his friends, and so did we.

I was hoping that Bartlet, or C.J., or someone would have at least thrown a dinner party or a poker game (ah, the good 'ol days) that would have reunited all our favorites and given them the opportunity to reminisce. But, no. Perhaps, the show wanted to keep it real and show everyone going his or her separate ways.

So, as sad as I am to say goodbye, I’m also relieved. A show that redefined television drama and set the benchmark so high that few others have ever reached it, shouldn’t limp into TV history. Goodbye West Wing. Thanks for the memories.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Week in Review

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Pepper Dennis
I’m probably the only person in America watching this show. So I feel compelled to share this hilarious bit from this week’s episode. First, here’s Pepper Dennis 101: Dennis (Rebecca Romijn, formerly Stamos) is a television news reporter trying to claw her way to the highly coveted anchor position that was given to her hunky new co-worker and romantic interest (Josh Hopkins.) This week, a new news director, Les Gaye, (insert your own joke here) joined the show and immediately butted heads with the gang with his concept of “Newsatainment,” news that is entertainment based. Here’s the hilarious dialogue that made me wonder if this is what’s really happening in newsrooms across America:

“Viewers don’t want war coverage and traffic reports. They’re depressed enough. Instead, it’s our job to lighten the load, give their brains some time off. What’s up with Vaughnsted? Are Nick and Jessica splitsville because she got caught with her Daisy Dukes around her ankles? Newsatainment equals ratings.”

Hmmm…I think Les Gaye may be on to something. That’s why your’re reading this blog right?

Everybody Hates Chris
My favorite part of Everybody Hates Chris is Chris’ Dad, Julius, the always-entertaining Terry Crews. This week, the show was Julius-heavy, as the kids tried to figure out what to give him for Fathers Day. He told them he wanted nothing, and who can blame him when his typical gifts are macaroni-glued-covered slippers and homemade cologne? Turns out, my favorite coupon-cutting dad just wanted to spend the day not being a dad i.e. no wife, kids or gifts. For us, that meant Julius having the house to himself to watch bowling and do his version of the Tom Cruise underwear dance on top of the kitchen table, singing "I Will Survive" into a plastic spoon. After a few hours of private time, Julius started missing the kids and decided to join them at the movies. And yes, he had a coupon!

Scrubs: Welcome Back Coxer

This week’s Scrubs will forever be on my TiVo, right next to the Turk Poison-dance episode. The opening scene where Dr. Cox returned to work, after accidentally killing three patients and spiraling into a drunken depression, was hysterical. J.D. and the gang greeted him singing the theme from Welcome Back Kotter, while wearing Welcome Back Coxer t-shirts depicting Cox’s face. Trust me, you have to see it. Hilarious. The fantastic one-liners in this episode were too numerous to list, but this was my favorite: Elliot told Dr. Cox she had started an “I Hate Cox” chat room on the Internet. “So far it’s me, two interns and 14,000 lesbians.”


Las Vegas finale: Here comes the bride, or maybe not

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Talk about cliffhangers, Las Vegas certainly knows how to produce a season finale. Big Ed took a bullet to the chest. The bride, Delinda, was making eyes at her former flame, Danny. The groom, Dr. Derek, was puking. And I have no words to describe the convoluted mess that is Casey/Sam/Mary/Woody. I need an aspirin to keep it all straight. (Or maybe just a shot of that breath spray Mike is so fond of. I’m convinced it contains more than just cinnamon.)

I’m 100 percent sure Delinda won’t wed do-gooder Dr. Derek. This is party-girl Delinda. Hooking her wagon “’till death to her part” to a man whose idea of a good time is listening to Christopher Cross’ “Sailing,” while male bonding, doesn’t seem like the best idea.

Meanwhile, how funny were the scenes where Sam and Danny were trying to find dates to the wedding? I was hoping they might go together, but then Woody came rushing in at the last minute. It doesn’t matter. There isn’t going to be a wedding anyway, when Ed doesn’t show. So, “thank you” to the gunman for stopping this fiasco before it starts. And once again I ask, how is it that Sam is OK with Casey and Mary dating? Not likely. Bring on the next season, and hopefully more Casey Manning(Dean Cain.) He was a great addition to the cast this season.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Smallville: The finale and the Clark/Chloe kiss

by Jennifer Squires Biller

It’s strange how timing works. Just as I had finally accepted that the only place a Clark/Chloe romance would ever happen was in my imagination, the writers threw a kiss at us in the season finale.


Even though I know better, it was just enough of a teaser to make me think all hope isn’t lost for my favorite reporter and the man of steel. Yes, I know there were special circumstances surrounding “the kiss,” considering the world was ending and all, but still. Lips locked. Hands were around waists. So, a kiss is a kiss, Tubers. Damn that ringing phone! If they’d got to finish that scene, maybe I wouldn’t be so anxious for next season, to see if they’ll just ignore what happened or actually have a discussion about it. Yep, once again, I’m suckered back in to believing/hoping that Chloe will someday get her man.

Smallville ended the season on a high note. (You can’t go wrong with Lex in leather, channeling Angel in that coat.) Then, there was Clark in peril, trapped in that dimensional prison floating in space; Lois and Martha poised for a plane crash; And I don’t even want to think about my Chloe being dragged from the limo by those scary men during the riot.

Which brings me to the questions of the night. Why do people riot and terrorize one another when the power goes out? I’ve never understood it. No phones/lights/computers and the human race suddenly turns into animals? Fred Flintstone never behaved that way. Here’s a tip for you when the power goes out: stay inside, people. And lock the doors.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Invasion cancelled

by Jennifer Squires Biller

ABC cancelled Invasion, according to Variety. Nooooo! Rocking. In. Fetal. Position.

Rumors are swirling that the CW or SciFi network may pick it up. I refuse to believe that any network would toss out such a high-quality drama. (Denial, Tubers, it ain’t just a river. Rest in peace Jack & Bobby.)

If some network doesn’t pick up Invasion after Wednesday’s incredible episode, I’m convinced the people making these programming decisions have been invaded by hybrids themselves.

Seriously, how fantastic was this week’s show? The scenes of pandemonium when the hybrids rounded up the humans gave me chills, with the strong parallels to the Nazi concentration camps. I think I speak for all of us when I say, “Don’t go into the lights, Larkin!”

And is it just me or can Mariel not keep her hands off her yummy ex-husband lately? I’m not judging, folks. I’m just saying. But who can blame her? I don’t think I could keep my hands off him either. Stay tuned to Tube Talk for news on Invasion’s fate.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The West Wing cast on Ellen

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Fans of The West Wing, don’t miss Ellen on Thursday. The cast sits down with the Emmy-winning talk-show host to say goodbye to the show.

Hmm…I wonder how much she had to pay them? Just kidding. If you don’t get that joke, then you probably haven’t heard the news that NBC had originally planned to air a special interview and clip segment prior to the series finale, like other shows have done, such as NYPD Blue. That idea was scrapped after some cast members wanted more money for the sit-down farewell, according to Variety. If that’s true, shame on the actors. To end a series of this caliber without a special send-off is truly an insult to fans. I’m all for being compensated, but it’s not like these folks are starving.

Instead of the interview/clip show, NBC is running the pilot episode again. Yes, we’ve seen the pilot plenty of times on Bravo and on DVD, so I’m not sure why they chose this option instead of a best-of clip package. Perhaps, the move is to show how the Bartlet administration started and how it ended. (Much greedier, is my guess.) But I'm not bitter. I still love the show and the characters, and I'll watch until the very end.

Martin Sheen, Allison Janney, Bradley Whitford, Richard Schiff, Jimmy Smits, Janel Moloney, Kristin Chenoweth and Dule Hill are scheduled to appear on Ellen Thursday.

TV News: Rescue Me DVDs, Nip/Tuck return date, Buffy on iTunes, Knight Rider the movie, and more

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Rescue Me DVD Season 2
Rescue Me fans, the season two DVDs are now available. The DVD set is loaded with bonus features, 35 deleted scenes and a blooper reel. (I can only imagine the outtakes that must occur when you’re shooting a scene with “Jesus.”) The show returns to F/X on May 30, but for those of you who can’t wait to see Tommy and the gang, check out the DVDs.

Nip/Tuck returns in September
It’s going to be a tough summer without Christian Troy. Hold me? Nip/Tuck won’t return for its fourth season until September 19. Let’s just hope the Carver won’t return at all. All together now, “EWWWW!”

FOX shows on iTunes and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, too
FOX may have got on board late with putting their shows on iTunes for download, but I forgive them. They’ve made up for it by offering FOX Classic shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly and Lost in Space. Yay! FOX is also offering current shows 24, Prison Break, Unan1mous and Stacked. No, that’s not a typo. Stacked is available for download. Never underestimate the power of Pamela Anderson, people. Never.

Knight Rider the movie
Just when you thought movie studios had run out of classic TV shows to turn into spoofy big-screen movies, along comes the news that K.I.T.T. the talking car is about to go Hollywood. The 1980s series Knight Rider, starring David Hasselhoff and K.I.T.T., is being brought to the big screen by creator Glen A. Larson. Maybe this one will be better than the previous TV shows turned into movies. Hey, it can’t possibly be worse can it?

NBC greenlights Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
NBC has picked up a new drama from Aaron Sorkin (brilliant creator of The West Wing) for the 2006-07 season. The new show is called STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP and is set behind the scenes of a late-night comedy show, a la Saturday Night Live. The premise looks spectacular, as does the cast: Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford, Steven Weber, D.L. Hughley and Amanda Peet. The network is so impressed with the show, rumors are that it could take ER’s prime Thursday-night timeslot. Now, if they could just come up with a better name.

Veronica Mars finale: Leave it to Beaver and the CW Easter Egg
The Veronica Mars season two DVDs drops on August 22. This set includes a gag reel, deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes featurettes and more.

Veronica Mars finale: Leave it to Beaver and the CW Easter Egg

by Jennifer Squires Biller

After reading all the hype about the Veronica Mars finale, I half expected that Rob Thomas and the gang had reinvented television as we know it. Not exactly, but they do know how to produce one enthralling hour of drama. And most importantly, they know how to tie up loose ends and answer long-running storyline questions. (Lost writers, take a note.)

It turns out that sweet, little Beaver – sorry, “Cassidy” – was actually a sociopath who blew up the bus. Unbelievable! I was spoiler free and never saw that brilliant twist coming. My money was on creepy cutie Aaron Echolls, and I love it when I’m wrong.

The reveal that Cassidy was the culprit was just one of many shockers of the night. The show was packed full of so many delicious surprises that I watched it twice to convince myself I hadn’t imagined it all. Shocker 1: Veronica really was raped last year, and Cassidy was the rapist. Shocker 2: Aaron was murdered in cold blood. Shocker 3: Duncan took out a hit on Aaron to avenge his sister’s death. Shocker 4: Jackie has a kid and isn’t a priveledged 09er after all. And Shocker 5: Beaver killed Curly and committed suicide, but not before murdering Woody by blowing up his plane.

Whew! That was a lot of plot to jam into one hour. And we got lots of other juicy tidbits, too.I loved Veronica’s dream sequence that brought back Duncan and Lilly Kane and showed how life would have been if Lilly had never been murdered. (Does anyone else miss Duncan as much as I do?) I loved Vinnie working with Keith to bring down Woody. But Sheriff Lamb, who I usually adore in all his evilness, is now on Tube Talk Girl’s list. (Yes, I have a list.) How could Lamb be so heartless as to arrest Weevil at the graduation ceremony before he had the chance to graudate. His grandma was watching! That was cold, even for luscious Lamb. I also loved that Woody was watching The Dukes of Hazzard on television. (Yes, Tube Talk Girl is a Duke-loving geek.)

Did you catch the clever Easter egg during Duncan’s phone conversation with Clarence Wiedman about whether the hit was successful? I can only assume this was a hint from the writers to anxious fans everywhere about the future of the show on the new CW network next year.

Here’s the dialogue:

Duncan (answering his ringing cell phone): “CW?”
Clarence Wiedman: “It’s a done deal.”

Hilarious! Nothing has been officially announced yet, but that line gives me hope, Tubers.

The best scene of the finale was the showdown between Beaver, Veronica and Logan on the roof. (And to think that I actually felt sorry for the Beav earlier this year when his father treated him like he was invisible.) I didn’t put together that Beav had raped Veronica, until the rooftop scene, although Veronica throwing up after she realized Beav was in Woody’s photo should have clued me in.

There was only one other place in the finale that I felt like I’d missed something. Logan and Veronica were barely speaking in the last episode, after she found him with Kendall, then cut to Logan and Veronica making out in the hallway after the rooftop scene. Huh? I guess crisis does really bond you. I’m not complaining, mind you. LoVe rules. It wasn’t lost on me that Veronica was with Logan in her dream sequence, instead of Duncan.

The final scene left Veronica waiting at the airport. Keith stood her up to talk with Kendall about whatever was in that suitcase. Let the speculation begin! Whatever is in that suitcase has to be big, and not as in big with a lot of zeros. I refuse to believe that Keith would stand up Veronica for cash. I’m guessing the suitcase contents have something to do with the Fitzpatricks and Kendall’s shady past.

The finale was fabulous, not nearly as heart-stopping as season one’s finale, which will forever be on Tube Talk Girl’s list of best season finales ever, but this was one great, too.

Now, for those of you who still have burning questions after the finale, here are some tidbits from a fabulous interview with Rob Thomas at TV Guide: Jackie is all done. So is Cassidy. And so is Duncan.

Noooo!!!!! Why, Tubers, why? Teddy Dunn is fabulous and there is room for more than one leading man in a show. (Hello, Brandon and Dylan, Ben and Noel, Pacey and Dawson, Jack and Sawyer…)

So there it is, season two of Veronica Mars is over as we know it. You can send Zoloft to Tube Talk Girl at …Wait, where was I? Oh, yes, keep your fingers crossed for season three, folks, and let’s hope the CW execituves enjoyed the finale as much as I did.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Veronica Mars: Tessa Thompson “Jackie” interview

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Only a few hours until the Veronica Mars finale, and I’m crazy with anticipation. To help pass the time, check out this fantastic interview with cast member Tessa Thompson, better known as Jackie Cook. My cool fellow blogger, DuckyxDale, talked to Thompson about her rocky reception with viewers, a possible season three and her role on Cold Case. Along the way, he uncovered some fun facts: She has Wallace-hair envy! (Hey, who doesn’t?) Thompson is sweet and funny in this interview, so even if you aren’t a Jackie fan, check it out anyway.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Veronica Mars campaign and season finale

All photos courtesy UPN/Warner Bros. and are from the upcoming season finale

by Jennifer Squires Biller

The season finale for Veronica Mars airs Tuesday, May 9, and from what I’m hearing it is going to be one rockin’ ride. If the brilliant storytelling isn’t enough to get viewers - and hopefully CW executives excited - then this should: During morning and afternoon rush hour Tuesday, an airplane will fly between the UPN offices in Los Angeles and the future office site of the CW network in Burbank with this message in tow: RENEW VERONICA MARS! CW 2006!"

A group of dedicated fans organized this event to try and convince network officials to pick up their favorite detective on next year’s schedule. These fans did the impossible and made the bland “CW” initials a cute acronym for “Cloud Watchers” i.e. their Look to the Skies campaign.

According to the press release, “On that day (May 9,) should those in charge of the fictional private eye's future look to the skies for guidance, the message from her fans will be clear: RENEW VERONICA MARS! CW 2006!"

The group raised more than $5,000 in 4 days from fans on various websites to help pay for the event, as well as other Save Veronica Mars campaigns. A portion of the funds was used to purchase DVDs of the show's first season, which were donated to libraries in major TV markets across the country.

Fans also sent Veronica Mars-inspired t-shirts, care packages, and floral bouquets to decision makers at the CW, its parent companies, and influential people in the media. (Hmm…does this mean I’m not considered “influential” or just that my floral arrangement/t-shirt/care package got lost in the mail?) I’m not bitter, Tubers. Not me. In fact, I couldn’t be happier that these folks are working so hard to keep one of my favorite shows on the air. Well done, folks. Well done. If Tube Talk Girl is ever facing cancellation, I want these folks in my corner.

As a little present for all you Veronica fans who worked so hard on the campaign, I’m including some photos from Tuesday’s finale in this post. Enjoy!

Tube Talk: The week in review

How I Met Your Mother: Freaks and Geeks reference
Proving once again that I am indeed a TV-obsessed geek, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the Freaks and Geeks reference on this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother. Did you catch it, when Marshall (Jason Segel) mentioned John Bonham of Led Zeppelin? (Segal’s character, Nick, on Freaks and Geeks pretty much idolized Bonham.) See, I told you I’m a geek. How I Met Your Mother is consistently delivering some of the funniest dialogue in sitcoms. Barney’s line about current-day teenage prom attire was priceless:

"Have you seen how the kids dress these days with the Ashley, the Lindsay, the Paris? They all dress like strippers. It is go ho or go home."

One Tree Hill: Season finale
Two words: so good! Way to go out on a high note, One Tree Hill. This episode gave a whole new meaning to the term “wedding crashers.” The finale had a little of everything: car crashes, breakups (Brooke and Lucas and Brooke and Peyton,) and shocking plot twists (Karen is pregnant and so is someone else.) I’m begging the CW network, please renew the Tree Hill gang. To leave us dangling with that sensational cliffhanger of Nathan drowning is about as inhumane as Dan offing Keith.

Invasion: The hybrids are everywhere
Is it just me or has Larkin been gestating that baby for months and not gained an ounce? I’m starting to think she’s not human either. And remind me never to tick off Sheriff Tom. His idea of eliminating an enemy involves literally driving him to his gory death. Eww.

Lost: Michael’s back and nighty-night Ana Lucia
She’s dead. She has to be. In a crazy twist I didn’t see coming, Michael returned from the Others and promptly pumped some bullets into Ana Lucia and Libby. I love spoiler-free TV. I’m guessing Ana Lucia is dead. (No tears here.) I’m not so sure about Libby. As for Michael, did The Others turn him evil or is he just doing what he had to to get Walt back? As usual, I have no idea. I’m still waiting to find out if Charlie is back on the juice or was just hallucinating, what paralyzed Locke and what the deal is with the numbers.

Las Vegas: Delinda’s dilemma and Sam and Casey confusion
Does anyone actually believe Delinda will marry Dr. Derek? Nah, neither do I. Seriously, if Danny McCoy was making eyes at me the way he is Delinda, I’d buy Dr. Derek a one-way ticket on the next plane to Timbuktu. As for Sam’s weekend romp with Woody, what was that? The guy is a bumbling idiot, so unworthy of my girl Sam (Vanessa Marcil.) We all know she should have been at that cabin with Casey (Dean Cain.) Big Ed said as much when he called the place a “Fortress of Solitude,” which I thought was sly foreshadowing that Sam would chose Casey. Cain is the former Superman, after all. But I guess that line was just the writers’ way of torturing us. As if a Mary/Casey pairing isn’t torture enough.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Another "Buffy/Angel" cast member to guest on "How I Met Your Mother"

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Another Angel alumnus is guest starring on How I Met Your Mother on May 15. Amy Acker (ex-Fred) joins Alexis Denisof (ex-Wesley) and Alyson Hannigan (ex-Willow) on the hit sitcom, according to Soap Opera Weekly. Denisof currently is guest starring as Sandy, Robin’s obnoxious co-anchor.

Acker is set to play Penelope, a graduate student who once had a fling with Barney. I can just hear those “legendary” lines now. I’m just waiting for Wesley, Willow, Fred and Spike to show up on Bones. Now that would be legendary.

Save Our Shows poll results

by Jennifer Squires Biller

You guys are my peeps. You saw a mission and you chose to accept it. Pat yourselves on the backs for a job well done in the recent Save Our Show surveys at USA Today and E!Online. I urged you to vote for the shows you felt were truly in jeopardy of cancellation. The winner of the USA Today poll is *drumroll please* my beloved Scrubs, followed by Veronica Mars in second. Well done, people. Well done! You even did me proud by showing your affection for the show I can’t stop talking about, Invasion. It ranked number seven (with 28 percent of the vote) in the USA Today poll, just one notch above One Tree Hill, another show that receives no love from critics (except me.) Check out the complete results of the USA Today poll here.

Over at E!Online, One Tree Hill fans came out in droves, 1 million strong. Nice. Veronica ranked second in this poll, too. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the fact that we all assumed that Veronica was pretty much a lock on the CW schedule next year. (Kristin at E!Online confirmed that rumor Friday at her site.)

Thanks to everyone who took time vote in these polls. Network executives truly do pay attention when E! and USA Today give them such valuable information, as opposed to say, Tube Talk Girl, who has been championing these shows for years. (Throw me a bone, here, Tubers. I'm allowed a little self-pity and shameless promotion every now and then, aren't I?)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The O.C.: Marissa leaving? and season finale spoilers

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Big news, Tubers. Marissa Cooper is not long for The O.C. According to E!Online’s Kristin Veitch, Mischa Barton will not be a series regular next year. And in even more shocking news, Marissa may or may not be the series regular who bites it in the season finale. Here’s the 411 that Kristin posted at her site:

I truly believe Mischa Barton will not be a series regular next season on The O.C. next season, regardless of whether she is the one being killed off. Three reliable sources have confirmed it. Mischa Barton is leaving The O.C. that's what sources connected to the show tell me, that she may appear as a guest star next season, but will *not be a series regular. A rep for FOX says he, quote, "can't confirm or deny, but viewers will have to tune in to find out on May 18." In the meantime, I can tell you with absolute certainty that a major character *is being killed off in that finale. It could be Marissa, it could be another OC staple. This is a huge twist the producers have been plotting for six months, and who it is has been kept under wraps by shooting multiple endings and leaving certain pages out of the script. This death will change everything about The O.C. for next season.


Suddenly, I’m getting a little nervous for our beloved Sandy. Call it a hunch, but TV dads on my favorite shows never seem to make it to the series’ finales. (R.I.P. Mitch Leery and Jonathan Kent.) Now that Sandy declared he would testify against Newport’s biggest baddie, I’m guessing the elder-Cohen has a target on his back. Of course, the dead-character-walking could be Kirsten, or Summer, or … (no, I refuse to say Ryan or Seth.)

Please, take Marissa! Longtime Tube Talk readers know I’ve never been a fan of her character. So, I’m hoping that she’s the one to take the dirt nap, and that the Cohens can live happily ever after. Well, as happily ever after as a family can that has an alcoholic mother, a pot-smoking son and another troubled teen under one roof.

Veronica Mars shockers and season finale spoilers

All photos courtesy UPN/Warner Bros. and are from the upcoming season finale

Tuesday’s episode of Veronica Mars should have come with a warning, like those rides at the amusement park. “Do not watch if you have a heart condition.” Because frankly Tubers, I think my ticker skipped a few beats. My beloved Wallace took a bullet to the chest before the opening credits even rolled, to save his girl and his classmates from the nutty, gun-toting janitor. OK, so the gun had blanks in it, but I didn’t know it. Neither did the guy who shot crazy-janitor guy dead.

That started this fantastic episode and it only picked up from there. It was full of so many brilliant lines and plots, I’m convinced that show honcho Rob Thomas is not of this species. How else can one explain his ability to craft so many fascinating stories into a single hour? Beav, Mac and Weevil’s study session was hilarious. The trial of Aaron Echolls was a nail-biter, ending in a disappointing “not guilty” verdict. And if things weren’t bad enough, Keith found out in open court that Veronica has an STD. (Seriously, I’d love to know how that got out. After five years as a news reporter, I can tell you that doctors/hospitals will barely share a patient condition of “good, fair or stable” due to the patient rights’ confidentiality laws.) Oh, then there’s the fact that Woody is a child-molesting pervert who is on the run, Duncan may be returning (according to the previews,) Wallace got dumped and Weevil may go down for Thumper’s murder. Whew! Now that’s a lot of plot points.

I’m not sure how the finale can get better than the last few episodes, but according to Veronica herself, Kristen Bell, it does. Bell spoke to TV Guide earlier this week and said the finale is unlike anything ever seen on television. Here’s the teaser. If you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading now:

TVGuide.com: How best can you tease Mars' season finale?
Bell: [Pushes up right sleeve of shirt to show faded bruise] I had the most ginormous bruise you've ever seen in your life — it was the size of your tape recorder — on my arm. It looked so vile and it had this big bump in the center that I got from doing a finale stunt. People were staring at it all week. I think that what is done in the final episode hasn't been done on television before. Not in the way of stunts or anything, but the theory behind it, if you really think about it, hasn't been done. I think that's because [series creator] Rob Thomas challenges himself. They tried really hard to make it as good as Season 1, and I really think it is. As usual, a couple of people are offed — there will be some deaths. [Laughs]

Like I said, maybe this show should come with a warning label! Did anyone else get the feeling that Aaron may actually be the one responsible for the bus crash? No? OK, I guess that would be too easy. Or would it? Here’s the official description of next week’s episode from UPN.

"Not Pictured" -- After learning the identity of the perpetrator responsible for the bus crash, Veronica hurries to warn others, but ends up putting herself in an extremely perilous situation, on the season finale of VERONICA MARS, Tuesday,May 9 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on UPN. Meanwhile, Keith enlists Veronica's help in his ongoing investigation of Woody (guest star Steve Guttenberg) and asks her go undercover to get some vital information from Woody's lawyer. Later, when graduation day finally comes around, Neptune seniors celebrate at a huge party at the Neptune Grand. John Kretchmer directed the episode from a script written by series' creator and Executive Producer Rob Thomas, and John Enbom.

Boston Legal renewed for next season

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Someone get the Scotch. Denny Crane and Alan Shore need to celebrate, along with the rest of us, that they’ll be back next year. ABC has renewed Boston Legal for a third season. Woo HOO! That means the wacky folks at Crane, Poole and Schmidt get to entertain us for another year with their “jibber-jabber.” (Democrats, you have been warned.) "Indeed."

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Veronica Mars: Harry Hamlin returns tonight as Aaron Echolls

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Here’s a reminder for those of you still getting used to the Veronica Mars schedule change from Wednesday to Tuesday at 9 p.m. on UPN. Tonight’s episode features the long-awaited trial of creepy, yet strangely intriguing, Aaron Echolls (Hamlin.) Here is the official description from UPN:

"Happy Go Lucky" -- As Aaron Echolls' trial is about to conclude, tensions rise as Veronica, Keith and Logan take the witness stand to testify against him. Meanwhile, after Veronica finds a suspicious e-mail in Woody's (guest star Steve Guttenberg) computer, Keith turns to Sheriff Lamb with evidence to arrest Woody, but Lamb refuses, believing that Keith is trying to turn him into a laughing stock. Also, to everyone's surprise, Neptune High's janitor Lucky brings a gun into school with the intent to find Gia. Steve Gomer directed the episode from a script written by Diane Ruggiero.

Wow, Sheriff Lamb gets some airtime, and Aaron and Veronica are on the stand. I can’t wait. How about you?

USA Today article on "We Are Marshall"

by Jennifer Squires Biller

USA Today had a fantastic article on the upcoming movie We Are Marshall starring Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Fox, Ian McShane, David Strathairn and possibly Tube Talk Girl (as an extra. Cross your fingers!) Those of you who don’t know about the tragic and inspirational story of the 1970 plane crash that killed most of the Marshall University football team, check out the article. It’s a good read.

(Above photo) Actors David Strathairn and Matthew McConaughey, Director McG and Producer Basil Iwanyk discuss the upcoming movie "We Are Marshall" at a press conference in West Virginia.

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ABC offering TV shows on the Web

by Jennifer Squires Biller

You can now watch several of your favorite ABC TV shows online for FREE. Yes, I said free. The only catch is that you have to watch commercials, which for those of us used to fast-forwarding through them, is probably payment enough. You can catch Lost, Desperate Housewives, Alias and Commander in Chief, according to the e-mail I received from ABC. For those of you with dial-up connections, I have no idea if this will work. (I haven’t tried it yet.) For everyone else, yay!

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Grey’s Anatomy: Chris O’Donnell, What’s in a McName?

by Jennifer Squires Biller

OK, so the new vet (Chris O’Donnell) is named Dr. Finn Dandridge. That name smacks of the Ivy League and afternoon tea, but he seems down to earth with all his horse-birthing, dog-healing ways. Still, it seems he’s been tagged with the unfortunate nickname of McVet.

Seriously, I kid you not. Meredith clearly isn’t reading Tube Talk (sniff, sniff) or she would have taken my suggestions. As silly as they were, they’re still better than McVet. No matter what you call him, Dr. Dandy (I’m just trying it out!) got Meredith to put away her knitting needles.

I was excited for Sunday’s episode, and it didn’t disappoint. You know I’m a card-carrying member of Team Addison, so I particularly enjoyed the Shepherds’ scenes. As to what actually happened in those final moments, I guess it’s open for interpretation, at least until next week. Here’s my take: I’m assuming Meredith and Pony Boy (Better? I love The Outsiders) did more than talk behind door number one, as she was wearing his shirt. Or maybe she just showered and changed. Regardless, when Derek showed up with the dog and saw Meredith’s new wardrobe choice, he seemed ticked. So, Derek returned home determined to fix the “bad sex” problem he’s having with Mrs. McDreamy. Was that shower scene with Addison his way of getting even with Meredith? Or was he so disgusted with Meredith’s behavior that he officially closed the book on her and went home to try and make a go of it with his wife?

What are your thoughts on this “steamy” development?

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Tube Talk: The week in review

by Jennifer Squires Biller

I’m trying desperately to keep up with my favorite shows for you, Tubers, but my TiVo has made me lazy. It’s just too easy to record my faves and watch them later when I have time, which seems to be never. I spent part of the weekend catching up. (I’m so far behind on Lost, that I just watched the episode where Sawyer turned into a frog murderer. Someone call PETA!) I promise to do better this week with my daily viewing, so I can stay current and make life simpler. Have you ever tried to avoid Lost spoilers for a month? Impossible, people. Impossible.

Here’s a rundown of some of my favorite shows of the week and the latest TV news:

Boston Legal: “The Biscuit” and Denny Crane
Ally McBeal
fans got a treat this week when “The Biscuit,” actor Peter MacNicol, guest starred as Denny Crane’s wacky therapist, Dr. Sydney Field. The doctor turned out to be crazier than Crane and his Mad Cow Disease combined. It took me a second to recognize MacNicol under that porn-star hair, but the moment he started ranting about his miserable life, I was taken back to the late ‘90s and visions of dancing babies, Ally and Billy and nasal whistles. I was fully expecting a Barry White tune to be cued at any moment, but instead, “the Biscuit” was packing heat. I so didn’t see that coming. His dueling-pistols bit with Denny was disturbing and hilarious all at the same time. Yes, David E. Kelley, I think you’re a genius. And how much fun was the kissing lesson between Brad and Denise? Good stuff. If you aren’t watching this show, you’re missing one of the best comedies on television. Yes, I said comedies. It may be tagged as a drama, but it has some of the funniest moments I’ve seen anywhere this year. OK, enough with the “jibber-jabber.” Moving on…

(If you’ve never watched Boston Legal, or if you’re already a fan, check out Tube Talk Girl’s original review of the show.)

Veronica Mars: Look Who’s Stalking
Tuesday’s episode had so many clever quotes, I’m convinced the writers must moonlight as comedians. Veronica’s double-entendre comments to Madison about “being on the lamb” and having the “cops crawling all over you” was one of the funniest exchanges in the show’s history. You know I love any shout out to Sheriff Lamb, and this one was phenomenal! The anti-prom was a hoot, but I was half expecting Jack McPhee to make a cameo at any moment. (Did the writers Winona Ryder the anti-prom idea from Dawson’s Creek?) Wallace finally got some lovin’ in this episode and, in the process, showed off his biceps. Has he been working out with Sheriff Lamb? But the best part was the prom scene between Veronica and Logan. Wow. Yes, Logan, I think it’s an epic story, too. Don’t worry; you’re destined to join the ranks of Felicity & Ben, Joey & Pacey and Buffy & Angel. Let’s just hope the next chapter includes another scene like the one in the hallway of Logan in those pants. (Gulp.)

How I Met Your Mother: Alexis Denisof guest stars
and Angel fans, I hope you caught Alexis Denisof on How I Met Your Mother the past couple weeks. “Wesley” without the accent is a strange thing. “Wesley” with helmet hair, priceless. And Marshall out-Barneyed Barney in this episode with his “You’ve just been lawyered” catchphrase. I predict it will soon be - wait for it- “legendary!”

The O.C.: Taylor Townsend rules
I’d practically given up on The O.C. early on this season, but the eternally perky Taylor Townsend makes Newport worth visiting again. Love her. The prom episode was good, until the end when Ryan threw away months of self-growth to once again ride to the rescue, fists flying, with no regard for the consequences. The pirate prom theme was cute, and so was Taylor’s date. I hope we see more of him and more of Theresa, too. She and Ryan have amazing chemistry. As for Summer and Seth, I guess they’re back together, if she doesn’t wake up and claim no memory from a concussion. That was some tumble she took over the balcony of the pirate ship. It’s a good thing she was loaded. The best-dressed award goes to Taylor and Theresa. Worst dressed goes to Marissa (what was that?) and Big Korea guy for that ‘70s powder-blue ruffled shirt. In the end, the episode ended typical of a bash in The O.C.: Ryan going all Mike Tyson on someone and Marissa nursing a bottle of booze. Ah, just like my high-school prom.

Las Vegas: Run, Casey, run!
From the previews, it looks as if Mary is setting her sights on Casey Manning. I’m not having it, Tubers. Say it with me, “NOOOO!” I don’t care if Mary dates Mike, Danny, Wolfgang or the entire valet team. Just keep her away from Casey. Am I the only one remembering that he and Sam supposedly are still deeply connected? Las Vegas writers, I’m begging you, help me out here. You crafted several episodes explaining the tortured love story between Sam and Casey. Now, we’re supposed to believe that Sam is just going to be OK with Mary dating her ex? I’m not buying it or this newest plot twist. I’m ready to start a Save Casey Campaign. Who’s with me?

NBC renews Las Vegas, Crossing Jordan and Medium
NBC has renewed Las Vegas, Crossing Jordan and Medium for next year. Networks will release their entire fall schedules the week of May 15.

TV on DVD sale at Target
I’m not sure if this is a nationwide promotion, or just in my area, but Target had several of my favorite TV shows on sale today and for the rest of the week. Veronica Mars, Nip/Tuck, The West Wing, and The O.C. were among the ones marked down to $22. That’s half price, folks. So, it’s at least worth checking out in your neighborhood, if you’ve been saving up for DVDs.

Veronica Mars: Neptune Navigator site
I just found a fabulous new site for Veronica Mars' fans. It’s the Neptune Navigator, also known as the school newspaper. Veronica, Logan, Dick and Madison have all written some great articles for the publication. This is a fan-based site and worth a look. Enjoy.

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