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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Commentary with a Co-ed:Supernatural

by Ashley Gouveia

The war has begun.

All Supernatural fans know what I mean by that. Due to the opening of Hell at the end of last season’s amazing finale, demons of all kinds were unleashed on the world. Of course, it’s now up to the hottest TV brother duo to put them back where they belong. Hopefully, they can do this before my Dean’s one-year-to-live plan runs out. Or Sweeps, whichever one comes first.

This show keeps getting more and more exciting every week, and, more frightening. The seven deadly sins and freaky kids are just the beginning. This is probably the season we’ll learn more about Mama Winchester and her knowledge of the Yellow Eyed Demon. There has to be a reason why all her friends ended up dead. Any guesses?

With every new season, there are new characters. The first one was introduced as a blonde butt-kicking demon hunter. No, it’s not Buffy. Although, that would have been pretty great. I’m talking about this new girl, who’s actually a demon. I knew she was too obnoxious to be a good guy. But she seems to want to help Sam find out about his mother and save his brother. Jury’s still out on her.

I’m probably in the minority but a character I‘d like to see return is Jo. She kind of annoyed me at first when they portrayed her as a cocky hunter trying to prove herself. But her last appearance was actually enjoyable. It’s a known fact that she had feelings for Dean, and who doesn’t, right? I think it would have been nice to see “Casanova” Dean fall for someone for longer than one episode.

I keep hoping that Jeffrey Dean Morgan may make another appearance as Papa Winchester. I got myself all excited when I heard he was coming back for the finale of last season. Then all we get of him was a mere glimpse before he was whisked away again. I guess you wouldn’t be chatty either if you were in Hell, but it would have been great to see father and sons reunited again.

Is Sammy still same old Sammy? The Yellow Eyed Demon hinted to Dean that maybe the brother he brought back from the dead isn’t 100% Sam. Is he part demon? Is that just something that YED wanted Dean to believe? We can definitely look forward to more answers as season three progresses. Maybe we can at least get some more hints during tonight’s new episode. I can’t wait!

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Bev said...

Demons lie. Ol' yellow eyes lied, and I wouldn't put too much trust that lil blondie isn't lying to Sam about HER motives!

But it sure would be good to see Papa John back, as a ghost is fine, but in the living flesh would be even better! What? A Johngirl can dream, can't she?!

ashley said...

bev, i agree. YED probably lied and i really don't trust the blonde girl.

I LOVE John Winchester! JDM has to come back at least in a flashback or something. That would be awesome!

kim said...

Bring back papa john. I'll jump on that bandwagon

ashley said...

kim, me too! The show is called Supernatural after all. He could come back.

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