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Monday, April 14, 2008

Interview with Bones' David Boreanaz

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Last week, I was invited to do a phone interview with Bones star David Boreanaz to talk about the return of the show tonight. Cool, right?

Well, it was cool, despite the fact that I didn’t get a chance to actually ask my questions. The call time was limited to only 25 minutes, and there were a large number of journalists on the conference call. Despite that I hit the proper keys to get in the queue early to ask my questions, I apparently didn’t get in the queue early enough. So, I didn’t get the chance to talk to him. But, the other journalists asked plenty of intriguing questions, and I’m happy to share his answers with you.

At one point, the interview got tense, as one reporter made the mistake of calling Bones a “bubble” show (meaning it’s “on the bubble” or not a definite lock for the network to return next season.) Boreanaz vehemently refuted that Bones is a “bubble show” and began drilling the reporter to cite the source where he had read that news. When the reporter couldn’t quote the source, well, let’s just say it got a little ugly. Keep reading for the completely awkward exchange and Boreanaz’ defense of the show.

Q: Does he believe Booth and Bones should get together?

Boreanaz: I mean, I think they already are. I don’t think that they necessarily were ever apart. The function of the relationship really is the function of the show in a lot of ways. These two characters drive these plot lines; they drive these shows. They put them in circumstances or in areas that they not necessarily wouldn’t think they would be in and it brings them closer together as characters or it pulls them apart. You know, the kiss, for example, on Christmas. It was a dare and they both knew it was coming and it brought them closer. Obviously, it won’t affect them greatly, but they know that the kiss happened, and I think it happened smartly the way they did it. I think, though, we’ll start putting ourselves into those situations and those areas, but we’re not going to go to a place where it’s completely hole nine; we’ll keep teasing and flirting with the audience. I don’t think that’s a problem at all.

Q: Have you liked this story line this season of the serial killer?

Boreanaz: No, not at all. For me, I’ve always maintained that the show is the relationship, maintained that the show is about the characters and I maintain that the show is about the two of us learning through the crimes and that journey that we take. That, to me, is the most important part.

Q: How much of Booth is your doing and how much of the character were you given?

Boreanaz: Well, I was given the pilot. I read the pilot and I created everything that you’re seeing on screen as far as that character is concerned, what you see physically. And it can’t happen without the words, obviously, but as far as the physicalities and as far as the belt buckle, all the stuff that you see is stuff that I brought to that character.

Q: What kind of research did you do to find out about FBI agents and their personalities and qualifications and things?

Boreanaz: Everything that they told me about the FBI I threw out the door in a lot of ways. I respected it. I went through the idea of it. I took the approach of the military aspect of the guy working for the FBI rather than a guy who came right out of Harvard and he’s a penny loafer and pencil pusher guy who gets kicked around and who is afraid to get his feet wet. For me, it was more interesting from that angle with the military guy who was a blue-collar guy. And from there, everything exploded. So, you know, I highly, highly respect what they do. When it comes to using any kind of firearms or entries into buildings, I don’t mess around with. I do it as cleanly and as professionally as I can the way they would do it. I work with a great guy, Mike Grasso on the show who is with the LAPD who is fantastic so for me, that is very, very authentic to a T, but there is stuff, character stuff that I like to bring.

Q: And are there moments where you’re squeamish about the actual bones, the actual gross bodies?

Boreanaz: No, not me. I kind of know, because I’m so tuned into my relationship with her and so tuned in to the character work, that I sometimes forget about where I’m standing over, to be quite honest with you. Obviously, Booth’s perspective is that he’s squeamish to begin with so that helps when I have to go there, so it does work.

Q: The dialogue between you and Emily, is it ad-libbed at all?

Boreanaz: We work on every episode on the weekends with Ivana Chubbuck, who is an acting coach out here. Her credits are huge and very respected and she helps us find a lot of those moments. So we work on the scripts on the weekends for every scene, every moment during the week. So we come in pretty much with an improvisational arc, knowing where we are going to add stuff, where we’re going to take things. So, by the time we show up and rehearse, we throw that down so when we’re shooting we just, we kind of throw it all out on the table. All this stuff comes out, but I think that’s the beauty of our relationship and our chemistry is really solid and it’s only getting better. We did a scene yesterday, which was just so much fun. We really started pushing each other’s buttons and it was fun to have the ability to go there with a co-star who does that with you and also being in the freedom zone of a third season instead of thinking, oh, well, you know, this show has got x amount of years left so I don’t have to really work hard because it’s just a show. Well, it’s quite the opposite because now you have the beauty and the freedom to do stuff as a producer to allow yourself to go to those places that you weren’t allowed to in the first season, which makes the show even better.

Q: Is the therapy with Dr. Lance Sweets going to continue throughout all the rest of the episodes?

Boreanaz: Yes, I think having that other perspective, that third eye, that point on the two counterpoints works in a show like this and he fills that void perfectly. We tried it before with a couple of other characters that just didn’t really sing as hard as they could have been maybe. There was a love interest of the past and they had just gone on and focused on their characters, where they are. But I think with Lance Sweets, he fits perfectly; a) physically; b) what he brings to the table and how it affects their relationship and I think that’s a stronghold, to go through therapy and help bring us together. I think it’s a great idea.

Q: Is Booth mocking Dr. Sweet’s age and everything you or is that something that’s scripted?

That’s me. It’s funny because we’ll do a lot of improvisation when I’m in that therapy session they’ll be you’ve got to just do one that’s scripted maybe a little bit. Because it just becomes, it’s just so great to be part of and you’re having so much fun so, yes, a lot of those young comments, I’ve got to come up with some new stuff. Some new arsenal is coming out soon.
Q: Which has been your favorite Bones episode to work on so far?

Boreanaz: I really enjoy anything I do with Emily, obviously, any scenes. As far as one complete episode is concerned I like the Halloween episode this year. It was a lot of fun. I got to play a Nerd. That was fun. I also liked the season opener of season two, which was a lot of fun. I loved the pilot. I mean, that’s the pilot, really; you have to go back to the pilot because that’s fresh, new, the possibilities are endless, you know what I’m saying? So, it’s kind of hard to always answer those kinds of questions.

Q: With the show being in yet another time slot and being considered by some people as a bubble show, is that something that worries the cast and the crew?

Boreanaz: I’m sorry; you say our show is on the bubble?

Reply: I’m not, but I’ve read a few things, I don’t know.

Boreanaz: Where did you read that?

Reply: I don’t remember.

Boreanaz: Well, you can’t say something if you; if you’re saying our show is on the bubble, I’d love to know the source of that one. I mean you can’t just say to me that the show is on the bubble and you said you read it and you don’t know where it came from?

Reply: Well, I mean I read a lot of different sources.

Boreanaz: Well, I mean it’s a pretty big source to say to an actor on a show, or for me to say your column is being cancelled and then you ask me where I read that and I say I read a lot of things. I don’t get that question. But, I mean to answer your question, I don’t think the show is on the bubble. It’s a very successful show. We’re a different show; we’re a cult show that strives itself on relationship and we’ve proven if we’re on Wednesday or Tuesday or Friday or even Monday that our fans will follow us. And we pride ourselves on the relationship with this show and we pride ourselves that we’re with a great network and studio with Fox. If I hear any different, like you’re telling me, then I’d have to investigate that, but I’ve never heard that.

Reply: Okay, my apologies.

Boreanaz: No, don’t worry about it. I just had an interview with Dave Schultz. I’m a little fired up right now.

Reply: Okay, well that’s basically what I wanted to know, the show moving around (and how it will affect the audience.)

Boreanaz: Yes, it’s difficult. We were also the show put after Idol and we did better before Idol than we did after Idol. I don’t place the show or tell you where the show should be placed. That’s not my job. My job as an actor is to come in and portray a character and do the best that I can. I can’t get caught up in what time slot it’s at or where they’re moving it to or who it’s paired with. I do know that the shows are of the best quality and I think the best on television as far as a relationship show is concerned I think it’s the best. And if you take these two, the new shows that are coming out, especially these new fresh six shows that are coming and you’ll see the relationship just take off. Unfortunately, we had a writers’ strike that kind of intercepted what I thought was the start of a great, great third season and we’ll finish off a fantastic third season, which we believe there are just unbelievable shows that are going to just expand these characters and this relationship. There is no show out there that has a therapist that has to deal with a couple’s counseling for them to deal with each other in the work force. That’s not on television.


WeevilsWobble said...

Wow, that was awkward. But I almost can't blame him for going off like that and defending his show. Go David!

Jenna said...

Thanks for posting. Sorry you didn't get to answer your questions. I'm excited to see the Sweets stuff. I love him, like you, since Freaks and Geeks.

kelli said...

I remember when TV Guide's Ausiello brought up Angel with him last year and Ausiello said he apparently didn't respond well. I think he probably has a short temper, but I love him anyway!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know the belt buckle/socks was David's personal wardrobe. That's so funny. I have noticed he's gone from the suits with the skinny ties in the first couple seasons to wearing jeans/t-shirts more, so I guess that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think it was that awkward. Reading it I mean, his tone may have been aggressive.

tube talk girl said...

It was agressive. DEFINITELY. But he had a right to defend his show and ask what publication had called his show a bubble show.

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