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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Marie Osmond collapses and Mark Cuban goes home

Can you say drama? It was a crazy week for Dancing With the Stars, with one contestant passing out cold and another worrying about the California fires possibly destroying her home.

It’s easy to forget that Dancing With the Stars is a live show. Normally, the routines are so smooth and the production so slick, it feels like the show is taped. But that came to a screeching halt Monday night, when Marie Osmond passed out cold as she faced the judges, following her routine. Half the audience laughed, assuming she was just using her wacky sense of humor to do a joke. But, it became clear quickly it wasn’t a joke, as her body was still and the crowd grew silent. Her partner Jonathan and host Tom Bergeron quickly yelled for a commercial break, as alarm registered on the judges' faces. She came too during the break and apparently uttered an “oh, crap” on realizing she’d fainted on live television. Osmond explained that she sometimes passes out when she gets winded. Her partner later said that she’d had a difficult week, with flying to Canada, performing two concerts, and battling a light case of asthma, aggravated by the smoky air in California.

I noticed during her routine that she seemed off of the beat. It looked like she’d missed some steps and was breathing hard. She seemed out of synch with the music. Then, she strangely jumped up and down excitedly before facing the judges.

By popular demand, I’ve included the video at the end of this column for those of you who missed it.

Since Osmond was the first competitor, the fainting seemed to set an odd tone for the entire night. Everyone seemed a bit on edge. I’m sure all the contestants were rattled, after watching their teammate lying on the floor for 30 seconds unconscious. It showed in their dances. Honestly, I wasn’t wowed by anyone’s routine. Maybe it’s just that I don’t like rhumba. Too much thrusting and gyrating for me. (Wow, I just sounded like Len Goodman.)

The best of the bunch were Cameron and Edyta and Mel and Max, but everyone else seemed a little off. Even crowd pleasers Julianne and Helio got harsh comments from the judges, as Goodman compared their chemistry to that of him and his dentist. Ouch!

Despite a fun routine to the I Dream of Jeannie music, Mark Cuban was sent home Tuesday. It wasn’t a shocker, as he’s clearly the least talented dancer there. The question is, should Osmond have been the one to get the boot? If she admittedly stops breathing in times of stress and physical exertion, I don’t imagine that she should be dancing. She could get hurt, I would think, if she passed out during a routine. Perhaps, voters kept her on for that reason. Maybe they want to see if she’ll go down again. Or perhaps her collapse garnered the sympathy vote.

Speaking of sympathy vote, I feel for Jane Seymour. What else can happen to this woman? She lost her mother recently, and this week, her family was evacuated from their home, due to the raging fires in California. She said earlier that her husband was going to fight the flames, but it’s not clear if he eventually evacuated or not. She deserves the sympathy vote, if you ask me. Then again, Bruno and the judges told her she looked like Edyta at times. So, maybe I shouldn’t sympathize with a 56-year-old, whose body is compared to a 20-something professional dancer.

There were some familiar faces in the crowd this week: Tori Spelling (cheering on pal Jennie Garth); Florence Henderson (no idea why she was there); Jennifer Esposito (an ABC plant to promote her show Samantha Who); Heather Mills (perhaps she missed the ballroom); Rebecca Budig and Bob Guiney (cheering on pal Cameron Mathison) and Alfonso Ribeiro (perhaps he’s hoping to be a contestant.)

And what’s a week of Dancing With the Stars without a verbal tiff between Bruno and Len? It was Sabrina and Mark who got the judges fired up this week, as Len said their rhumba had too many tricks and over-the-top postures. Bruno jumped on Len as soon as the words left his mouth, with Len firing back, “It’s not Cirque de Soleil out there. Don’t talk to me sunshine.”

I thought Sabrina and Mark had excellent chemistry and a good routine. Even Bergeron urged them to, “Get a room.” I’ve been saying since week one, that Sabrina was the best dancer. I still stand by that, but as my pal Becky recently pointed out, Bryan had ballroom dance training before she joined the show. Check it out here at YouTube. So, is it really fair to compare her to Cameron, Helio and Mark Cuban who had no dance training? I don’t think so.

I’m throwing my weight behind Cameron. And no, it’s not just because he’s hot. He’s improved so much, and it’s clear he didn’t know how to dance when this all started. That, and his soap fan base, could help him win the competition. Plus, Edyta has been on since season one, and I’d say she’s earned that mirror-ball trophy.

On a side note, I can’t help but giggle when Helio is interviewed because he always manages to work in the phrase: “I am a racecar driver” in his broken English. We get it Helio; you are a racecar driver. Still, it’s adorable, and so is he.

Next week, Osmond should be the one sent home. Hopefully, it won’t be on a stretcher!

Check out Osmond’s collapse here or just hit play below.


Becky said...

Oh Jen, that clip on Marie from Youtube is something else, I really liked the slowed down version!
I agree with you about Sabrina being the best dancer, because she is. But I also agree with you about that being an unfair advantage in comparison to the other contestants.

I think that it is time for Edyta to take that trophy, its her season and with Cameron as her partner I think that it is a possibility. Though I tell you Jen, Medicine Woman is moving up there for me. She just has something. But of course she will have to pop Maks out of the way and yea like that will ever happen.

bethany said...

Hey Becky,
I totally agree with you about Edyta. I love her!!
But she has some hard competition with Sabrina and Mel B. But, I think it is time for Jane to go.
So you think that Sabrina and Mark have something going on or do you think that it is totally made up for the camera?

Becky said...

Oh you know me, of course i think they have something going on. I just think that Sabrina has an unfair advantage that should be brought to attention.
Go Edyta and Cameron!

Becky said...

And i will probably get booed but I was thinking that Marie should have went home this week.....hopefully she will go next week and then the competition will really be tough.

bethany said...

i agree with you about Marie. It is time for her to go home!!!!!
Sabrina and Mark are cute together but Maks is still the hottest!!!

Becky said...

Total agreement with you there, Maks is hot, though Cameron is getting pretty high up on my list. Still it is Maks ego that will keep him at the top of the Hot List.

Anonymous said...

Tube Talk Girl, LOL at your "stretcher" comment.

I agree with all of you. Marie needs to go. AFter that, though, it's a tough choice. Jennie and Jane, Helio and Mel, Cam and Sabrina...wow. who do you choose? The best dancer is Sabrina, but like you said she came in with dance training. Cam seems to be working the hardest juggling three jobs and cross-country flights, Jane has had multiples stresses, Helio has the personality...It's a tough choice.

Miz Behavin said...

I like Jane. She's elegant, classy, beautiful lines...She's everything a ballroom dancer could be.

Plus, she's Dr. Quinn!

miles said...

That is so scary. Her eyes rolled back in her head. I thought she was dead. There's no way she faked that.

Becky said...

I am with you anonymous, once Marie is gone, it will be such a tough choice to pick who is the best, but it will for sure be an AWESOME competition. I think it will be one of the best in DWTS history.
Just my personal opinion though.

lori said...

jumping on becky and bethany's bandwagon...."MAX IS HOT!!!"

Between he and Cam I need a shower after this show.

obxrulz said...

She dropped like a ton of bricks. That's the strangest thing I've ever seen on TV. Well, except for Flava Flav.

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