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Friday, October 26, 2007

October Road returns

I’ve been asked the following question more than any other the past few months: “When is October Road coming back?”

I finally have an answer for you – November 22, after Grey’s Anatomy, according to TV Guide.

So, Megan, Tim, and the rest of you October Road fans, mark your calendars. You can rest easy that your show is coming back and in the foreseeable future. But, with a title like October Road, I would have thought October would have been the ideal month to air the show. I’m just saying.

I still have the stack of DVDs ABC sent me of the previously aired episodes of October Road, and I promise to get caught up before the show starts, so we can talk about it here at Tube Talk.

Critics bemoaned the success of October Road, but it was a hit with TV viewers for its killer music and “you can’t go home again” story.


Tim said...

TTG, you have to get on board witht his show. Hopefully you can have the kind of effect on TV execs with it as you had with Veronica Mars. Oh, wait...just kidding.

Actually, I'm resigned to the fact that this show won't last. I'm just going to savor it while I have it. Hoepfully it ends up in convenient dvd format, so I can enjoy it for all time.

By the way, I don't know who Megan is, but she obviously has incredible taste in primetime television.

tube talk girl said...

Megan is a trainer at my gym who fell in love with October Road and has been asking me for months when it's coming back.

I will get on board with the show. I promise. And I can put my almighty Tube Talk endorsement behind it to save it the way I did Angel, Jack & Bobby, Veronica Mars, Invasion, Freaks & Geeks...on second thought, mabye I'd better stay as far away from this show as possible, if you like it.

jason89 said...

Hey Tube Talk. I just read this story at the USA Today page and found your blog. Thank you for reporting this. All the critics last year were so horrible to October Road, but I loved it. Thanks for letting us know when it's coming back. And I agree with Tim and Megan, the show is excellent and the music awesome.

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