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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dancing With the Stars: Surf’s up for Albert Reed

Not even a wipe out could have shocked surfer/model Albert Reed more than being sent home from Dancing With the Stars Tuesday night. The look on his face was stunned surprise when his name was called, instead of Wayne Newton.

It was pretty much the same look on my face, followed by a, “What the …?”

Reed and Newton were in the bottom two, but no one, including Albert and his partner Anna Trebunskaya, thought they would be the ones to go. Wayne’s dancing wasn’t up to the skill level of the others.

Those of you voting for Newton, STOP IT! This is a dancing competition, people, and he is the worst dancer in the group. He should have been out in week one. I know. I know. He’s Wayne Newton. I don’t care. He’s taking a spot from his more talented co-stars. We’ll never again see the awesome hip action of Albert. (Note to self: don’t erase that episode from the DVR.)

Monday’s show had some funny and heartbreaking moments. Jennie Garth and partner Derek Hough had a crash in the final stunt of the quickstep that left both of them on the floor. It’s a shame because the dance had been pretty decent up until that point. Garth was almost in tears as she faced the judges, who gave the couple a decent score of 21, despite the ending.

Cameron Mathison and partner Edyta Sliwinska did a sexy mambo. I thought it was good, but the judges said Mathison was a little off the beat. Bruno told Mathison that he looked like Superman, but sometimes dances like Clark Kent. Ouch! One viewer suggested the gorgeous Mathison dance the entire dance without his shirt and then he would easily score tens. (No, it wasn’t me.)

Marie Osmond did a lusty mambo with partner Jonathan Roberts that left her brothers on their feet and cheering from the audience. The judges loved it, too, and heaped Osmond with praise. I still don’t think Osmond is as good as the rest of the pack, but she’s got a large fan base; so don’t count her out yet.

Jane Seymour and Tony Dovolani’s mambo wasn’t raunchy enough for judge Len Goodman. Shocking. I know. Last year, he took Julianne Hough to task for a routine being too raunchy. They still got a decent score, though. I thought Seymour was excellent. I still can’t believe this woman is in her 50s. She’s absolutely stunning. After the dance, Seymour found out her mother had passed away. Seymour was not present for Tuesday’s result show, but it looks like she’ll be back next week. Ironically, she originally entered the competition because her mother was a fan of the show, she said.

Floyd Mayweather and Karina Smirnoff did a quickstep that the judges enjoyed. They praised Mayweather’s footwork, but told him to stop leading with his chest. In one of the best lines of the night, host Tom Bergeron joked that Mario Lopez was on the phone, after watching a flirtatious interview between Mayweather and Smirnoff. (Smirnoff and her former DWTS partner Lopez are dating.)

Sabrina Bryan and Helio Castroneves are clearly the frontrunners at this point. Both have such energy and excitement when they dance that you can’t take your eyes off of them. Mel B is good, too, and could be the dark horse. Mark Cuban gets points for trying. I thought he did a decent job, despite the harsh criticism of the judges.

Overall, I don’t think the dancing this week was as good as years past. Remember the days of Mario Lopez, Drew Lachey, and Joey Lawrence?

Next week, hopefully Newton will get sent home. But, his popularity could win out again over Cuban. Meanwhile, I’m off to watch Albert Reed’s hip gyrations one more time. Is it hot in here?


Becky said...

Albert was robbed!!!!!!
This is a dancing contest not a popularity show, Wayne should have went home, and he even looked surprised!!!!

Stephanie said...

I agree, Becky. Albert was good. Wayne and Marie are the least talented of the bunch.

Miz Behavin said...

LOL...at your comments about Albert's hips. That was enjoyable. :) he he he

barneysbabe said...

I'm on team Helio! Give 'em Hell, Helio! He's so fun to watch. Like a jubilant little kid.

barsandballs said...

I thought Jane was beautiful. She can dance and she's so elegant. I just love to watch her.

Tim said...

I want you to think about what you just wrote. "Remember the good old days of Mario Lopez, Drew Lachey and Joey Lawrence?"

What a sad commentary.

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