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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gossip Girl gets full season; see how other new shows are doing

The CW’s Gossip Girl is the first show to get a full season pick up. I’ll give you a moment to digest the news. The show is averaging 3 million viewers and is the second highest-rated show among teens on Wednesday nights.

Frankly, I’m stunned that Gossip Girl is doing that well. I’ve been tuning in to Gossip Girl simply for a Kristen Bell fix, but watching the entire hour is becoming more difficult. Even Bell’s lovely narration isn’t holding my interest. I guess I find it unsettling that a teen show of this caliber is doing better in the ratings than Veronica Mars did, the uber-intelligent show in which Bell had the starring role. Then again, I’m not a teenage girl, so perhaps that explains my lack of love for Gossip Girl.

NBC has ordered additional scripts for Chuck, Life, Bionic Woman and Journeyman. That doesn’t mean they’ve been given full season orders, but they’re pulling enough viewers for the network to order more scripts. Of NBC’s new shows, Bionic Woman is performing the best in the ratings.

Just because a network orders more scripts, doesn’t mean a show will get renewed. (ABC ordered more scripts for The Nine last year, and we all know how that turned out.)

CBS has ordered additional scripts for Cane. The show gave CBS its best ratings debut for a new show since Judging Amy in 1999, according to the network. The CW has ordered additional scripts for Aliens in America, but it has not received a full season order yet, either. (Help them, Allah.)

If you’re wondering how Pushing Daisies and Private Practice are doing, well, so far so good. Both shows scored good ratings. They are among the top three highest rated new shows for the fall. (Bionic Woman is the other.)

Cavemen and Carpoolers both dropped 20 percent of their viewers since the debuts. That’s good news. I was starting to worry that TV viewers would watch anything, no matter how awful.


Ryan C said...

Gossip Girl is unbearable. I don't get it either. WTF? How can this silly piece of teen drama outscore Veronica? Unreal.

kara said...

I hope Camemen and Carpoolers both bite it, then they can bring back October Road.

bethany said...

I want Pushing Daisies to stay. It's so good. I'm sure that means it will get cancelled, but I'm loving it.

I hated Bionic Woman. So cheesy. Gossip Girl, eh...it's no O.C. or Felicity, but I'm sure it fills the teen niche.

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