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Friday, October 27, 2006

Las Vegas returns tonight

When last we saw the Las Vegas gang, Big Ed took a bullet to the chest, Mary and Casey were dating, and Delinda was doing her impression of a runaway bride, running straight into former boyfriend Danny’s arms. If I were a betting gal, I’d put my money on Ed not kicking it and Delinda choosing Danny, instead of that Christopher Cross-loving Dr. Derek.

As for Mary and Casey, Dean Cain (Casey) is apparently not returning to the show. Tube Talk broke the news to you, when Cain told fans of his status change in a chat. I’m still hoping the decision for Cain to leave will be reversed, as he was the most entertaining owner the Montecito has ever had.

The show returns tonight at 9 p.m. EST. Those of you who want to get the thoughts of show-creator Gary Scott Thompson and ask questions, he’ll be live blogging at the NBC Web site tonight, after the East-coast premiere.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rosie’s Nip/Tuck Spin-off

Apparently Dawn Budge (Rosie O’Donnell), the blue-collar lottery-winning gal we met a few weeks ago on Nip/Tuck, is getting a spin-off series. O’Donnell confirmed the news at her blog earlier this week when she told a reader, “Talks r over I said yes.” Lookout, Miami!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Tube News

How I Met Your Your Mother scoop
Tonight’s How I Met Your Mother could be legendary. Lily begs Barney for a place to stay, and the two move in together. Can you imagine? Well, we don’t have to. According to my CBS scoop, “as they take their relationship to the next level, he is petrified that Lily has fully stripped him of his singlehood.” Hmmm…I’m not so sure what this “take their relationship to the next level” business is, (I’m guessing roommates) but anything that puts a kink in Barney’s swinging single life sounds like a good time to me. Photo courtesy of CBS.

Sara Evans quits Dancing with the Stars
Sarah Evans quit Dancing with the Stars Thursday, after Wednesday’s show, and filed for divorce the same day. The country music singer survived the week’s elimination, only to turn in her dancing shoes the following day. Evans cited personal problems and the need to spend more time with her family. She filed for divorce from her husband of 13 years, accusing him of adultery, verbal abuse and a pornography addiction. He has refuted the allegations. No word yet on how the show will handle Evans’ departure.

ABC keeps Ugly Betty
Ugly Betty received a full season pickup from ABC on Friday. The show has been a ratings hit for the network and a favorite of critics. (This one included.)

An interview with Pam and Jim of The Office
MSNBC has a fantastic interview with Pam and Jim of The Office. Those of you who support Office romances, don’t miss it. It’s a fun read.

CBS has faith in Jericho
Jericho fans, you don’t need to worry that your show will be dropped in the middle of the season. CBS showed its faith in the show by giving it a full-season pickup. Jericho stars Skeet Ulrich.

Grey’s Anatomy, Veronica Mars, Smallville and Men in Trees

Grey’s Anatomy
A drugged-up Meredith Grey equals the best hour of television anywhere this week. This week’s Grey’s Anatomy was McFabulous. Where to start? Well, how about that “dirty mistress” Mark Sloan, who sold his practice and moved to Seattle, only to be told by his lover that he should go home. Ouch!

One of the best moments of the show was when the staff spotted Sloan being welcomed by the chief. “Oh my God,” Addison uttered, stopped cold in her tracks. “Oh my God,” echoed Derek, also stopped cold. And then of course, the entire staff geared up to watch the confrontation, as Meredith had a vomiting spell and Christina announced that Meredith was pregnant. Welcome to Seattle Grace, Dr. Sloan, where everybody knows your business.

On Sloan’s first day, his former best friend called him an “adulteress sociopath”, he totally disrespected my beloved Dr. Bailey, and he proved that his bedside manner with patients is sorely lacking. Apparently, McSteamy isn’t the touchy-feely type, except when he’s getting touchy-feely with Addison.

As for Meredith, I can honestly say I’ve never enjoyed her so much. Can we keep her on painkillers from here on out? The scene where she had all her “boyfriends” in her hospital room was hilarious, especially when she tattled that George is a good kisser. Who knew? But the absolute best line of the night went to the drugged-up Meredith, upon seeing Dr. Sloan, she yelled across the hospital “McSteamy,” beckoning him to her bedside. "How's my favorite dirty mistress?" he replied, as a grin swept across that chiseled face. "Haven't you heard? Now I'm an adulterous whore," Meredith shot back loudly, which seemed to tickle McSteamy as much as it did me.

Derek also decided that he loved Meredith enough to walk away, and that Finn was the better man. Too bad Meredith had already kicked McVet to the curb, realizing that McDreamy was the one for her. The biggest shockers of the night were when bad girl Callie dumped George and picked up Mr. “Man Candy” Mark, and when George realized that Izzie is now rolling in bank, to the tune of $8.7 million. Gulp. Thanks to Denny, Izzie is loaded, and not as in spent too much time at the bar. I can’t wait until next week! (If you haven’t seen this week’s TV Guide, go get a copy, Tubers. McSteamy is gracing the cover, and he has some fun things to say in the interview.)

Veronica Mars lands some familiar TV faces
Veronica Mars,
sorority girl? Not so much. This week’s episode was signature Veronica Mars, as our favorite detective posed as a rush-week candidate to help catch a campus rapist. She bantered her way through floral dresses, serenading sorority sisters and keggers. We got a brief glimpse of Sheriff Lamb, (Yay!) Logan streaking, and plenty of Wallace proving he’s still too cool for school. Ah, good times. In addition, Keith Mars broke my heart during his crying scene, when he realized he was partly responsible for Kendall’s death. I can’t help but laugh at all the familiar TV faces popping up on this show. Apparently, the Mars folks are long-time TV fans, too. Last week, Professor Laskey from Saved by the Bell showed up as Veronica’s criminology professor. (Somewhere, Kelly Kapowski is so jealous.) This week, we saw Samm Levine (Neal) from Freaks and Geeks, Jason Beghe (Matt’s boyfriend Jeffrey) from Melrose Place, and a couple former soap stars: Robyn Richards (Maxie) from General Hospital and David Tom (Billy) from The Young and the Restless. I only have one complaint about the show. I don’t like the slowed-down version of the theme song. Give me back that peppy, “We used to be friends.”

Smallville meets Oliver Queen
Hello, Oliver Queen. Welcome to Smallville. Lois isn’t the only one smitten with the new guy and his killer aim. Who knew archery could be sexy? That smile could melt icecaps. Honestly, I’ve never really been a fan of the other comic-book characters coming to Smallville. Those are usually my least favorite episodes. (Sorry Flash and Aquaman.) But honestly, the archer has caught my interest, and I’m looking forward to his scenes with Clark. Meanwhile, Lex and Lana got horizontal, and Chloe is apparently now Jimmy’s girl, much to Clark’s uneasiness. It’s rare that a TV show, after more than four years, remains entertaining. But Smallville is just as good, if not better than ever before. Well done!

Men in Trees
Those of you missed this fun piece of escapism, get on board, now. Men in Trees is one of my favorite new shows. It had one rocky episode, but overall, it’s a keeper. Main-character Marin (Anne Heche), the wild animals, the kooky folks of Elmo and a sexy guy named Jack are why you should be watching. Well, that, and the fact that a little piece of all us wants to escape to Alaska and live among the animals.

Friday, October 13, 2006

We Are Marshall news

Warner Brothers has updated the We Are Marshall Web site with a slide show of still photos from the movie. If you’re a fan of Matthew Fox and Matthew McConaughey, you must check out these AMAZING photos.

I know McConaughey is currently the reigning Sexiest Man Alive, but I have to say, it’s Fox who makes me weak in the knees. Photos of Ian McShane, Kate Mara, Anthony Mackie and the rest of the cast are included, too.

In other We Are Marshall news, Huntington News has published a story about the search for surviving family members of the 1970 Marshall plane crash for a special screening of the movie. And The Herald-Dispatch has video from the latest press conference up at its site.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Exclusive interview with Michael Muhney of Veronica Mars

NEW 2/22/06: Michael talks about Sheriff Lamb's Death

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Sheriff Lamb, is back! His appearance in this week’s Veronica Mars was too short, but I’ll take what I can get of the gun-toting bad boy. Those of you who can’t get enough of Lamb and his portrayer Michael Muhney, you don’t want to miss this interview I did with Neptune’s newest series regular.

Muhney talks about a possible stint on Battlestar Galactica, his Mensa connection, what storyline he’d like to see for Sheriff Lamb, why he didn’t get the lead on Scrubs, what he does on an upcoming show that will have you “peeing your pants,” and what he doesn’t want me to tell executive producer Rob Thomas. Be warned, Tubers, you will laugh out loud. Muhney just may be the funniest man alive.

On a personal note, thank you, Michael, for taking time to chat with me and for answering these probing questions. You absolutely rock! And a special thanks to all the Tube Talk fans who sent in some great interview questions. You may see them answered below. OK, enough with the pathetic pimping. Go read it, already. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Michael Muhney:

Jennifer: OK, Mister, arresting Weevil at graduation in front of his Granny, not cool, man. Defend yourself! Even the Lamb-loving fans had a hard time with that one. Are we going to see a return to badass Sheriff Lamb this year?

Michael: The badass is back. Oh yeah. And Weevil? He gets what he deserves...How 'bout them apples?

Editor’s note: Gulp.

Jennifer: After previewing this interview at Tube Talk, the most popular question I received from readers was, "Is anyone going to be 'on the Lamb'" this year, i.e. is Madison coming back for round two, or has the Sheriff moved on to college girls? (Ducking and hoping that Michael isn't offended and really doesn't carry a gun in real life.) What can I say? Tube Talk readers are an inquisitive bunch.

Michael: There might be one or two "on the Lamb" but you'll have to wait and find out. Don't worry. If you're wondering if Lamb gets some, he does, probably just not enough.

Jennifer: What was up with Madison Sinclair going "on the Lamb" last season? No offense, but she doesn't exactly seem like the type of girl to go for anyone making less than seven digits. Did she have any outstanding parking violations in her record that needed clearing up or something related?

Michael: She caught wind of the rumor of Lamb and his …proportions. A tryst is a tryst.

Editor’s note: Laughing. Too. Hard. Can’t. Breathe.

Jennifer: What can you tell us about Sheriff Lamb's storyline this season, now that you're a series regular, that won't get you fired?

Michael: I legally can't tell you anything. I can say that Lamb will most likely continue his reign of terror and pseudo-power over Neptune, though.

Jennifer: Will you get anymore of those superb verbal-judo scenes with Veronica, now that she's away at college? Will Lamb be visiting campus on a regular basis to arrest her for whatever reason? Readers are concerned that Veronica at Hearst means fewer Lamb/Veronica scenes.

Michael: So far, there might actually be more Lamb/Veronica scenes. Oh yes, we'll be dueling it out verbally. Get ready to laugh.

Jennifer: Do you have a storyline you'd like to see for Lamb?

Michael: Something where Lamb's personal life gets to a point where he actually needs to go to Veronica for help.

Editor’s note: Rob, please, please, please make this happen. Can you imagine Lamb beholden to Veronica? I'm giddy at the thought of it.

Jennifer: The episode where Veronica and Duncan discovered Meg's abusive parents showed us a softer side of Lamb and gained him a lot of fans. Was the scene written to humanize Lamb a little more, or was that just the end result, due to your fabulous delivery?

Michael: “Fabulous delivery?” I'm floating. That's all I heard, I don't remember the rest of the question… Well, I have to applaud the writers for allowing me to play up a moment like that.

Jennifer: What has been your favorite episode so far and why?

Michael: The pilot. It gives me goose bumps and makes me teary-eyed every time I see it.

Jennifer: Any chance we'll see the Sheriff busting out some karaoke at The Hut this year?

Michael: Please God, don't suggest this to Rob. No.

Editor’s note: Michael, my note to Rob is in the mail. May I suggest a duet with Veronica of Islands in the Stream or perhaps a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

Jennifer: Do you have any fun blooper stories to share?

Michael: I am a pretty big ham, so there is some cool stuff. But most stories are a kind of you-had-to-be-there-type. Oh, there was one time when I had Keith and Veronica walk in on me in my office, and I was French-kissing Cliff…What?

Editor’s Note: Cliff??? That lucky bastard.

Jennifer: What episode or scene are you most proud of?

Michael: “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner” (Episode 7, Season 2.) That, and I did a short-film in Germany. The porn was particularly delicious.

Editor’s note: The following question pertains to Kendall, as this interview was conducted prior to her “death” scene in the season premiere.

Jennifer: Do you have a favorite actor to work with on Veronica Mars? Feel free to be Switzerland if your answer will incur the wrath of your co-workers. Who on the show would you like to work more with? Also, is there any chance of a Kendall/Lamb combo this season?

Michael: I think I have the most fun with Kristen. But, everyone ranks up at the top. Really. And as far as the Kendall/Lamb thing, I really, really, really want to see that happen. If you agree, write in to the CW about it. I'm serious.

Editor’s note: Hmmm…Lamb and a corpse. Ewwww.

Jennifer: Do you pattern your portrayal of Lamb after any other famous TV cops i.e. Barney Fife, Andy Griffith, Andy Sipowicz?

Michael: No, actually, I just put myself in the situation and think, "How would I behave if I got off on power and humiliating people?"

Jennifer: Were you shocked to learn that your narcissistic Sheriff Lamb, who wasn't a major character in the first season, had become a fan favorite that spawned Web sites such as Rack of Lamb?

Michael: I am shocked at any and all love I receive. But I have to say; the fans have a huge play in how I feel about my character and this show. These fans are seriously the best. fans. ever.

Jennifer: What's on your TiVo, or if you don't have TiVo, what shows do you watch?

Michael: Pardon the Interruption (ESPN); The Office, Arrested Development reruns, Lost, American Idol, Project Runway (“the stakes have never been higher,”) this season's Survivor (I wanna see if it turns up tons of controversy), The Simpsons, and holy frak! Battlestar Galactica.

Jennifer: What was your worst job ever?

Michael: Waiting tables at Applebee's in Chicago. Oh, you mean film? Umm, no comment, but it was an indy film. Awful. Just awful.

Jennifer: Tell us something everyone may not already know about you?

Michael: I am a big crybaby with movies. Oh, and I have a rash on my ass that won't go away.

Editors’ note: May I suggest some Gold Bond ointment and some tissues?

Jennifer: Veronica Mars fans are a dedicated bunch who spent the summer raising money and donating Veronica Mars DVDs to libraries across the country to help raise awareness about the show and hopefully help improve ratings this season. What would you like to say to all the folks who love this show and are fighting hard to keep it on the air?

Michael: I literally swear that each fan owns a little piece of my heart. I am astounded and humbled at the lengths people are willing to go to support the show, meet us, cheer us on, and keep us on the air. You go girls! You go guys!

Jennifer: Why should folks watch Veronica Mars?

Michael: Um, just because it's one of the best T.V. shows on the air. That says enough.

Jennifer: If you could guest star on any TV show past or present, what would it be?

Michael: Seinfeld, Sanford and Son, Lost, The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and I am currently working on doing a mini-arc (if schedule permits) on Battlestar Galactica. Oh, and I'm very serious when I say this, I want as many people as possible to write in to that show and tell them just how much BSG love I have been spreading, and the fact that I love that show and will.be.on.it! My agents represent a couple of series regulars in that show and have been in the producers' ear about working out a deal with me. There has been interest, but you can help them get more interested. Please! Let's honestly see just how powerful the fan power is!!! Go go gadget unity!

Editor’s note: You heard the Sheriff. What the frak are you waiting for? Get writing, Tubers.

Jennifer: There is a rumor that you are a member of Mensa. Is that true?

Michael: Any kind of IQ I have is a result of my family's propensity for high IQs. I actually am meeting with some Mensa organization folks in a couple weeks. I am considering getting involved in some of their functions.

Jennifer: The dialogue on Veronica Mars is some of the wittiest on the small screen. How do you guys get through it without busting up?

Michael: We don't. We bust up every day. I laugh out loud when I read the scripts. I did a dance move, yes, a dance move, in the show that had people rolling. Just wait. You'll pee your pants.

Jennifer: You've guest starred on some great television shows, according to IMDB, JAG, Charmed, Numb3rs, ER…do you have a favorite experience?

Michael: Actually, it wasn't JAG, it was the NCIS pilot/spinoff episode. I would say that I have had some great experiences guest starring, and I was once pretty snobby about doing any guest starring stuff when I first came out of college. I was quickly drawn to certain parts and have had some great experiences hopping on other people's shows. It's not always fun shooting so many failed pilots.

Jennifer: Do you have any upcoming movies or projects to tell us about?

Michael: Yes! Angst should be good once it's completely cut together. Lovers, Liars, Lunatics just came out and is hilarious. I'm also writing a very dark film. I'm not sure if I'm just writing in a cathartic way, or if I'm creating a piece de resistance.

Jennifer: One of the most entertaining parts of your Web site is the "Almost There" section that tells your fans about the roles you almost had but inevitably lost to other actors. What a list of near misses: Mark Wahlberg's role in The Perfect Storm, Kyle Chandler's role in King Kong, James Marsden's role in X-Men and Zach Braff's role in Scrubs, to name a few. Not many actors are willing to share those kinds of details about their career. That's one of the reasons fans love the humble Michael Muhney. Do you think the near misses were just bad timing or that things work out for a reason and that fate has a larger plan for you?

Michael: I hope it has a larger plan, damnit, because nobody realizes that the contracts were drawn up, the executives were salivating, and the starring role in Scrubs was mine. It literally came down to the president of the studio seeing me several times and then finally saying, “You see I'm crying that I'm laughing so hard. You're hilarious. You'd be perfect for this part. There's just one thing: I don't believe you're the guy who doesn't get the girl every week." Damnit. I would have made out with Natalie Portman if I had his career! Damn. Damn. Damn. My dear, sweet, Natalie.

Editor's note: Sorry, Michael, but I don’t believe you wouldn’t get the girl every week either. Who would turn that down?

Jennifer: What's it like working with Rob Thomas? He seems like one of the nicest guys I've ever dealt with in this business. He took time to actually send me a couple nice notes this summer in regard to my review of the season finale and support of the show. Seriously, not many hot-shot TV writers would take time to do such a sweet thing. Is he like that with his actors?

Michael: He really is, in all ways, the nicest boss I've ever had. I cannot believe he has the kind of heart he does. He is a gracious, honest man that knows the meaning of loyalty and gratitude. Here's to you Rob *raises glass*

Editor’s note: Raising glass to Rob, too! *Cheers*

Jennifer: Finally, to appease the hordes of fans who've written in the past few weeks to tell us how "hot" Michael Muhney is and that they can't wait to read this interview, are you single, dating or married?

Michael: I have an adoring, hot wife that makes me look ugly when I stand next to her.

Editor’s note: All together now, Awwww!

For more on Michael Muhney, check out his official Web site.

"We Are Marshall" to be featured on "Oprah"

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Photo: Actor Matthew McConaughey and director McG do the traditional Marshall University pre-game walk .

The movie We Are Marshall will be featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show before the film’s Dec. 22 premiere, according to star Matthew McConaughey. We Are Marshall tells the story of a 1970 plane crash that killed most of the Marshall University football team, coaches, and several community members and chronicles the rebuilding year that followed.

McConaughey told a group of reporters in Huntington, W.Va., last week that he watched the film with Oprah and that she is planning a special show about the tragic story. McConaughey did not know the exact date of the special, but said it would be before Dec. 22.

“She did enjoy the movie. We both shed a good tear over it,” he said. “The show ended with the whole studio audience (cheering) our chorus ‘We Are... Marshall.’ It was beautiful.”

McConaughey and director McG were in Huntington for the Marshall/Central Florida game Wednesday. The duo did the pre-game walk with the team, as thousands lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the stars and support the Thundering Herd.

During the game, ESPN2 gave plenty of promotion to the upcoming film. McConaughey talked with announcers about the movie and what it means to the community. The film trailer also played during the game, for television viewers.

At the stadium, McConaughey and McG introduced the crowd to a four-minute clip of the movie. The two stood together, arms around one another, facing the big screen, as the scene played. The clip shown was an inspirational speech from Coach Jack Lengyel (McConaughey) to his team at the gravesite of six players killed in the plane crash. The crowd watching the clip, sat silently, wiping tears, before erupting in cheers, as McConaughey’s words found resonance with fans who have watched their team face some tough losses this season. Lengyel told the team that despite what the scoreboard said, if they played with heart, they would not be losers.

Despite all the Hollywood magic and the heartfelt memories at the stadium, the Thundering Herd couldn’t pull out a win. They lost to Central Florida 23-22.

McConaughey has not been shy about proclaiming his adoration for the upcoming movie in recent interviews.

“There are two scripts I’ve read in my career — I’ve made 37 films — that as soon as I finished the last page, I said, ‘I’m in, no matter what,’” he said. “The first was my first film, Dazed and Confused, the second was this.”

You can view the film clip below that was shown at the game.

Tube News

CBS benches Smith
If you got attached to Smith, I’m sorry. CBS is benching the show “until further notice.” The decision is due to apparent lack of ratings. And here I thought Simon Baker shirtless could solve all ratings challenges. I guess not.

Good news for Heroes fans: NBC has ordered a full-season pickup of the fascinating new drama. I think those heroes may be using their superpowers to sway network decisions. If that’s the case, then I’m putting up an SOS for Veronica Mars. Who’s with me? Also, Hiro — my new favorite TV character season — has his own personal blog at NBC, check it out here.

Lost casting news
Nathan Fillion
— that’s Capt. Malcolm Reynolds to you Serenity Brown Coat fans — is set to join Lost for several episodes, according to E!Online Scoop Diva Kristin Veitch. Fillion’s character is intimately connected to Kate. Of course he is, because Sawyer and Jack just aren’t enough to keep that gal busy. Seriously, how do I get Kate’s job?

Tim Daly interview
Former TV stars are popping up on our screens everywhere and in the press. (See the next two blurbs for more.) Tim Daly, forever known to many TV fans as Joe on Wings, has a great interview at TV Guide about his amazing new show The Nine. Check it out. Also, for you former Wings fans, Joe’s brother Brian, actor Steven Weber, is currently starring in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Now, if we can just get a gig somewhere for Helen.

Josh Jackson interview
Pacey Witter fans, former Dawson’s Creek star Josh Jackson did an interesting interview with Media Blvd. Magazine about his movie Aurora Borealis. Check it out here. Boy, do I miss Pacey.

David James Elliot interview
fans, David James Elliot spoke with TV Guide about his new job on Close to Home and his former role on JAG. Check it out here.

William Shatner game-show host
Denny Crane’s portrayer, William Shatner, is set to host a new trivia-based game show, Show Me the Money, for ABC, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Move over Regis, Shatner will soon have as many jobs as that busy show talker.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The week in review

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Rosie O’Donnell stole the show last week on Nip/Tuck as “white trash” lottery winner Dawn Budge. Her theory that money can buy anything, including a $400,000 romp with Christian Troy, proved correct. But in the end, her money didn’t buy happiness, as a lonely, newly liposuctioned Dawn realized. O’Donnell’s brief sex scene with Julian McMahon was one of the funniest in Nip/Tuck’s history, as Dawn rattled on about macaroni and cheese and Christian’s performance. According to O’Donnell’s blog, she ad-libbed that priceless line regarding Christian’s anatomy placement. As for Matt, I’m so sick of this kid disrespecting his parents. It’s just cruel. The brat didn’t deserve that Porsche; a one way ticket to counseling, absolutely, but not that fine example of automotive engineering.

Veronica Mars
Keith Mars had better be breathing this week, instead of going down for the dirt nap, or I’ll be firing off an e-mail to Rob Thomas. Wait a minute. What am I thinking? It’s Keith Mars, daddy to my beloved Veronica. Thomas wouldn’t dare kill Keith, despite how it looked at the end of last week’s show. As the show debuted this season, we met Wallace’s new roommate Piz, saw Logan and Veronica in a post-coital glow, felt sorry for Dick as he mourned his brother’s death, and watched Keith run for his life. Welcome back to the divine “Miss M.” We’ve missed you. But where was Sheriff Lamb? I’m hoping someone breaks the law this week, so the sheriff can come calling. I volunteer for the job, if no one else is game.

The most anticipated show return of the season started out with a bang. We learned that while the crash victims have been living like animals on the beach, the Others have their own suburban village of houses, book clubs, and neighbors on the other side of the island. I also learned that I hate the Others story arc. There are so many characters already on the canvas with so many stories to tell, that we didn’t need creepy Henry Gale and his gang of question dodgers. Enough already. Give me Desmond, Sayeed, Hurley, Jin, Sun, Sawyer, Jack, John and Kate. On an up note, Sawyer in a cage isn’t a bad thing. He and Kate proved they still have chemistry. In the sweetest scene of the night, he gave her his fish biscuit. (Awww!) But explain this: Hadn’t Kate just eaten a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, juice and coffee? (That greedy bitch!) As for Jack, Matthew Fox gave an Emmy worthy performance in his scenes. His flashback to losing his wife to another man and accusing his father of sleeping with her were incredible, as was his breakdown at the end of the show. There is no better dramatic actor in primetime than Fox when he cries. Juliette clearly isn’t human, or she would have reached out and comforted the good doctor after his meltdown. The poor guy left me reaching for the Kleenex.

Clark Kent discovered his super breath this week. Well, technically, Chloe discovered it, but I won’t quibble. Clark discovering his powers is usually my favorite part of Smallville, and this one didn’t disappoint. Clark’s super-sneezing was hilarious, too, especially when he faked out Chloe at The Daily Planet. I love that Clark shares his secrets with his sidekick, and I can’t wait to see how Chloe’s relationship with Jimmy plays into all of it. I’m not sure yet about Oliver Queen, the archer, and future love interest of Lois Lane. I want to see him go a few rounds with Sexy Lexy and Lois before I make my final judgment. Overall, it was a great episode and beautifully lit, especially during the Chloe/Lois barn door scene and the final Chloe/Clark scene in the loft. I still contend that this is the most visually beautiful show on television. If you aren’t watching Smallville, you’re missing one of the best and most beautiful shows on the tube. And apparently Clark Kent can now control the weather. So, you know, you should get on his good side by tuning in.

Grey’s Anatomy
Apparently real estate in Seattle is a priceless commodity. That’s the only explanation for several wealthy doctors heading to a hotel, instead of trying to find apartments. The Chief, Callie, Addison and Mark are all living at the same hotel now. George, I’m warning you: With Callie’s tendency to walk around naked, I fear it won’t be long before she and the Chief are sharing more than their medical degrees. Izzie is still in mourning, and she needs to snap out of it soon. Seriously, I can’t take much more. I miss spunky Izzie. And I miss cocky, neck-snapping Burke. Meredith seemed to have plenty of spunk left, though, as she laid down the dating rules to Derek (“McDreamy”) and Finn (“I have plans.”) As for my beloved Addison, she broke my heart during her closet cry. Paging McSteamy. I think he may be just what the doctor ordered.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

New show reviews: Heroes, The Nine, Ugly Betty and Friday Night Lights

Apparently, the networks saved the best shows for last. The latest shows to debut this fall are by far the best of the batch. Here’s a look at Heroes, The Nine, Ugly Betty and Friday Night Lights. It’s a good year for TV, Tubers!

Heroes If you watch one new show this fall, make it this one. Heroes is so compelling it will keep you glued to the tube for the entire hour. Heroes is the story of people who possess superpowers and are living among us: One can see the future. One can travel through time. One is invincible, and so on. The result is a strong, well-written character drama with moments of humor. In short, Tubers, it’s this year’s Lost. The breakout star of the show is the delightful Masi Oka, as Hiro Nakamura, the hero with the ability to time travel. However, the entire cast is strong, not a weak link among them. Sendhil Ramamurthy is engrossing, as the son trying to solve his father’s murder and make sense of his mysterious research on the heroes. Greg Grunberg, of Felicity fame, stars as Matt Parkman, who has the ability to read people’s thoughts. (Yes, it’s as spectacular as you’re imagining.) And I’m not sure exactly what power Ali Larter’s character, Niki Sanders, possesses, but let’s just say it gives a whole new meaning to the term “split personality.” I’m a little nervous if these folks are the ones destined to save the world, but hey, Clark Kent can’t be everywhere, people. Heroes is the only show this season to receive a perfect four-star rating from Tube Talk. (NBC, Mondays at 9 p.m. EST.)

The Nine — I loved this show, and you will, too. The Nine is the story of nine people taken hostage during a bank robbery. Don’t worry; it’s not what you think. This drama is packed full of rich characters, who we get to know through flashbacks and their actions during the 52-hour hostage crisis. The robbery forces each of them to make choices and, later, live with the consequences of those choices. Tim Daly is perfect, as always, as charming police detective Nick Cavanaugh. (Thank you ABC for getting Daly back on our screens.) Kim Raver, Scott Wolf and the rest of the cast also shine. The Nine has great potential and should be money in the bank for ABC, if viewers will commit. Miss The Nine, and you’re robbing yourself of one of the season’s best new shows. (ABC, Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST.)

Ugly Betty Betty Suarez is my new hero. This plain Jane from Queens, with disturbingly bad fashion taste, landed a job in the snobbish, cruel, cutthroat world of high fashion. Ridiculed on a daily basis for her braces, hair, wardrobe and figure, Betty doesn’t crumble. With intelligence and humility, Betty proves to her new boss Daniel (Eric Mabius) that she’s an asset he can’t afford to lose. America Ferrera is endearing and loveable as awkward Betty. Mabius is well cast, too. Despite Daniel’s player tendencies, he seems to have some redeeming qualities. He understands that Betty’s beauty may not be in her physical appearance, but in her ability to be honest, hard working and a true friend. Ugly Betty is filled with plenty of laughs, too, as you would expect. Vanessa Williams channels Cruella De Vil when portraying Wilhelmina Slater, Daniel’s nemesis. Ugly Betty is the most beautiful new comedy this season. Don’t miss it. (ABC, Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST.)

Friday Night LightsWith Kyle Chandler headlining a show, you can’t go wrong. However, if you’re not a sports fan, you may be disappointed with this new drama. Friday Night Lights chronicles the story of a small town in Texas where football is the main attraction. From little old ladies to pushy businessmen, everyone has an opinion about the team. The good townsfolk start talking on Monday morning about Friday’s game, and of course, are eager to share their advice with the new coach (Chandler.) The executive producer has said the show will be about more than football, and I hope it turns out that way. Honestly, I could have used a little less of the game in the premiere and a little more character backstory. But, I’m not giving up yet, especially after the tragic accident to the team’s quarterback that will surely cause tension in the town and with the players. I’m not sure if Friday Night Lights will be a touchdown for NBC, as it’s up against some stiff competition from Dancing with the Stars, NCIS, House, and Gilmore Girls. But if you like football, Chandler, and sports dramas, it may score with you. (NBC, Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST.)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lost returns tonight

They’ve battled a “monster,” a Polar Bear, a crazy French woman, their psychological demons and each other. And tonight a few of our favorite Lost folks continue their quest to survive captivity at the hands of The Others.

I think I speak for all of us when I say, “Please go easy on Jack, Sawyer and Kate.”

Lost returns at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

The folks at http://www.tv.com/ are hosting a Lost live chat at 10 a.m. PDT, Thursday, October 5, after the premiere, where fans can discuss the show with other fans and watch live streaming video of TV.com editors, as they talk about the episode and answer questions. Exclusive TV.com footage of the Lost set will also be available. Hmmm…do you think they have a behind-the-scenes tour of that four-toed statue?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Veronica Mars returns tonight!

Photo courtesy of the CW network.

It’s time, Tubers! Our favorite plucky detective, Veronica Mars, returns to television tonight to begin her college adventure. And lucky us, we get to go along with her.

Veronica debuts on the CW at 9 p.m. EST, right after Gilmore Girls. And I know you’re going to watch, or otherwise risk angering Tube Talk Girl.

Those of you who’ve never seen an episode of Veronica Mars, tonight is the chance for you to catch the best show you’re not watching. Don’t be intimidated because you’ve missed the first two seasons. The show creators are aware that new viewers may want to jump on the “Ronnie” bandwagon and have made it easy to dive in to the show. (Also, if you visit your local library or video stores, you can probably check out the first two seasons on DVD.)

In honor of Veronica’s return, I’m including some juicy gossip from a recent phone chat with show creator Rob Thomas and series regular Tina Majorino (Mac.) Thomas discusses a possible Tom Welling (Clark Kent, Smallville) crossover, the new opening credits, the aftermath of Beaver’s death, and Logan getting too likeable.

I tried my best to get some serious scoop for you about the new season, but Rob was guarding this season’s plot details like Sheriff Lamb guards Neptune. (OK, bad example.) Here is what I did get out of him:

JENNIFER: Rob, this question is for you. Last season, we had a
death of a major character. Is there anything planned this year in terms of a death? And the second part of my question is, you said earlier, last year, that there were going to be three story arcs this year, instead of the long season arc. Have you planned out what mystery is going to occur in each of those, and if so, can you tell us about the first two, or even all three?

ROB: [laughs] Man, you ask me a lot of really good questions, none of which I want to answer! I'll give you some answers, but probably not nearly as much as you want. We do know what the three mysteries are going to be. And I can tell you that they're all three going to have a very different feel. And, I think most people know, because I've been very willing to share, that the first one is the ongoing mystery of the serial rapist, but I want the second one to surprise people. I don't want to say what it is. I want it to--you know--surprise people. The things I will say is that you will get introduced to the second mystery in the final episode of the first mystery, which is episode nine. And also, I'll tell you a little bit about the inspiration for it, which, I think will only make sense after you see what it is, and if you actually check out this movie. But, Steven Soderbergh did this low-budget digital video murder mystery called "Bubble." And there are pieces of it. There are ways it is set up that I really liked, and I wanted to have a mystery in which, for the first time on Veronica Mars, you start seeing. You see the build up to it, as opposed to just being introduced to the crime, after it.

JENNIFER: The briefcase, is that going to be addressed in the first story arc?

ROB: Yes. It absolutely is. It's going to be addressed in the first two episodes.

As you can see, Rob was tight-lipped about upcoming storylines, but he did give us some entertaining answers to questions about Dick, Butters and others. The complete chat is transcribed at http://goodtv.vox.com/. Thank you to “She” for the excellent transcription. Spoiler phobes, read at your own risk!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Grey’s Anatomy: McSteamy is staying

This just in… Eric Dane is joining Grey’s Anatomy as a series regular, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

I guess ABC got my bribe.

Thank you Shonda Rhimes. Thank you ABC. Thank you Eric Dane. Thursday nights just got a little “steamier.”

Boston Legal, Dancing with the Stars and Smallville

Boston Legal

David E. Kelley
, why do you do this to me? Why? Adding new characters to a show is risky business. Sometimes it works (McSteamy on Grey’s Anatomy) and sometimes viewers want to gouge their eyes out, rather than watch one more minute of the newbie (Eve on Angel.)

Last week on Boston Legal, two new attorneys showed up at Crane, Poole and Schmidt. Craig Bierko and Constance Zimmer joined the cast and did an excellent job. But the fact is, there are already too many characters on the show who don’t get ample screen time. (Brad Chase, I’m talking to you.) Brad has had little to do the last two seasons and introducing newbies probably means even less screen time for “Buzz Lightyear.” Also, Bierko’s character seems a lot like Alan Shore, only in a prettier package.

The revolving door at Boston Legal has had so many new faces the last three years; I can hardly keep them straight. Enough already. Pick a main cast and keep it, already.

Even Denny Crane seemed shocked that more new characters were being added to the firm, when he imparted this line of wisdom in the opening segment, "Oh, please, if there were new guys they would have shown up in the season premiere.”

Cue the music. Court adjourned.

Dancing with the Stars

Adios Harry Hamlin. The battle rages on between some of the most talented celebrity dancers in the series’ history. It’s a toss up as to who the best dancer is, but my money is on AC Slater, um, Mario Lopez to win this thing. But Joey Lawrence and Monique Coleman are equally talented.

Last week’s episode of Dancing with the Stars was incredibly entertaining, even if the judges didn’t like all the acrobatics involved in the dances. Len “Mr.-Cranky-Pants” Goodman and his fellow judges angrily scolded Lopez and his partner for not following the rules of traditional ballroom dancing. Hmm…I think a little of “Zach Morris-the-rule-breaker” must have rubbed off on Lopez.

And if the dancers precarious moves weren’t enough to keep viewers glued to the TV, Monique Coleman mooned the audience when she caught her heel in her shimmy skirt and pulled it off her booty for a millisecond. And you thought Emmitt Smith doing the tango was the riskiest thing you were going to see that night.


Chloe Sullivan was packing heat. Clark battled Zod, who was inside Lex’s body. And Lana may never be able to make a latte again, after a nasty stab wound to the hand. Smallville’s season premiere neatly wrapped up all of last season’s cliffhangers and gave us a sense of where the season is headed: It seems that Clark Kent, by his very circumstance, is, and always will be, a loner.

It also seems that Clark is on the verge of discovering more powers and stopping even more evil; Chloe is on the verge of something with Jimmy Olsen, um, sorry, “James” Olsen; Clark is on the verge of something with Lois Lane; and Lana and Lex are on the verge of getting horizontal any day.

On a side note, why do you suppose all the crazy Krypton baddies have a thing for countries south of the border? First, Fine took his creepy cloning spaceship to Central America, and now it appears the villains that escaped with Clark from the Phantom Zone are zipping around Argentina. I bet it won’t be long before they find Smallville.

Finally, my thanks to the writers for addressing the Clark/Chloe kiss in the season premiere. But, color me confused, as to whether Clark has romantic feelings for our favorite reporter or not. Chloe downplayed the kiss as a meaningless “end-of-the-world” incident and that she wasn’t expecting them to hook up. But the look Clark gave her, and his unconvincing “Me neither” comment, said otherwise. And yes, Tubers, I agree with you guys that Clark looked jealous of Jimmy. Clark seemed to realize that Chloe might actually be moving on, and he didn’t look happy.

So there you have it. By the promo ads, it’s clear that the CW is promoting the Lois/Oliver/Clark triangle. So, I’m not sure if Clark/Chloe/Jimmy will even be a blip on the radar. But one thing’s for certain: I’ll be tuning in each week to see.

Dean Cain, the face of influenza

Photo: Dean Cain and actress Swoosie Kurtz for the Faces of Influenza

When I think of influenza, I don’t in any way think of Dean Cain. But, that’s all changing, as the former man-of-steel is now one of several celebrities featured in a new ad campaign to educate the masses about the dangers of influenza.

Cain suffers from asthma and is at risk for serious respiratory problems, if he contracts the flu, according to the Web site http://www.facesofinfluenza.org. Check out the campaign and the stories of other celebrities who are involved.

For those of you who are confused as to why I keep posting about Dean Cain, yes, I’m aware it’s not 1995. But, there are just some crushes a girl can’t ever get over.

Those of you too young to have caught Cain’s performance on Lois and Clark, check out some of the episodes on AOL’s In2TV Web site. I recommend the episode Soul Mates, because Dean dressed as a cowboy and a bandit in black tights, riding a horse, is too hard to resist. It’s free, people. So, go!

Photo: Dean and Kristi Yamaguchi for the Faces of Influenza

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Grey’s Anatomy: McSteamy’s Return

I’m not sure if the special effect in the final two minutes of Grey’s Anatomy was intentional or not, but the fact that steam rolled out of the bathroom at the exact moment Mark exited, wearing nothing but a towel and the gifts God gave him, was hilarious. We get it ABC: he’s McSteamy. I’m sold. Now, can he please stay in Seattle? And I’d like to be the first to start a petition that he should never wear a shirt. Towels are optional.

As for Addison, well, I was feeling sorry for her the entire hour as she came to the realization that her marriage was over. Her plan to get over her cheating husband seemed to be working: get drunk, dawn a funky hat and your ugliest outfit, vow to get fat as you consume your bodyweight in backed goods, and finish it off with a night of McSteamy sex with a man so hot it should make you say, “McDreamy who?” But, she didn’t exactly look pleased as the credits rolled.

Dr. Bailey ruled this episode. Chandra Wilson continues to wow me on a weekly basis. I just hope her talk will snap Izzie out of her Betty Crocker-therapy-exercise of baking love muffins. Don’t hate me, but this whole Denny story arc was a bust for me. The fact that Izzie fell for him so fast and went to such extremes never really seemed believable to me, despite Katherine Heigl’s beautiful performances. Nevertheless, I miss tough-girl, trailer-park Izzie.

Alex, you are dead to me. A dying woman in the bathroom? Seriously? And eww. Have you no shame?

Callie, on behalf of thick girls everywhere, I salute you. I’m so sick of seeing women who look like lollipops on television. Callie looks like a real woman. And she’s gorgeous. Kudos to the writers for giving her scenes where she’s dancing in her skivvies and showing off that brick-house body. But what was she thinking talking to her boss in her underpants? Who does that? The normal reaction to your boss catching you in your panties would be to to cringe in horror and frantically grab your clothes (unless your boss was McDreamy.) Callie has a zero-embarrassment meter. I guess we should just be glad she didn’t use the bathroom in front of the Chief.

As for Meredith, McVet and Derek, honestly, I really don’t care who she chooses. Either way is a win. Besides, I’m much more interested in the Addison, Mark, Derek story.

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