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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kristen Bell dishes her new Heroes role

I just got off the phone with the newest addition to Heroes, Kristen Bell, and the show’s executive producer Tim Kring. They had plenty to say about Bell’s upcoming role, previewed on last night’s Heroes.

Bell is signed on for 13 episodes to play Elle, she said. But don’t expect her to be the sweet young girl that we’re used to seeing Bell portray.

“She's a little messed up in the head, which makes her manipulative and out to get what she wants," Bell said of her new character. “She very much enjoys her power and the emotional power it gives her over other people."

Kring explained that Elle was raised by the Company, which is a different experience than the other heroes have had.

“This is in some ways a cautionary tale about what would happen to any of our characters had they lived with powers their whole life," Kring said.

Elle will have ties to HRG, Claire and Suresh, Bell said.

As for the large, growing cast that has some fans concerned, the style of the show lends itself to flux, Kring said.

“The audience should fully expect to see people leaving,” he explained.

I asked Bell if she had watched her former Veronica Mars co-star Jason Dohring on his new show Moonlight and if she still kept in touch with her other co-stars. She said that she has Moonlight on her TiVo, but hasn’t watched it yet, and yes, she still keeps in touch with the Mars gang. In fact, she’d just had breakfast with Ryan Hansen (Dick) this morning.

Bell also discussed the widely reported news that she was going to join Lost. She said that there were discussions but she was never formally offered a role.

I’ll have a complete transcript of the interview up in the next day or two, so check back to hear Bell’s thoughts on everything from her “geeky guilty pleasure” to which superhero she’d like to be.


Tim said...

It is my theory that Bell's character is the one who pushed Hiro's dad off of the roof...the culprit's face was shrouded by a hood and the frame was about the right size...the way Mrs. Petrelli acted, it was obviously someone familiar to "The Company"...it makes perfect sense...Kristen Bell as a "bad guy", I love it!!

tube talk girl said...

Awesome theory, Tim! She's tiny, but lethal.

After hearing her talk about her character today, I'm excited about Heroes again. She looked so "I'm gonna love to hater her" in the previews.

big tuna said...

Thanks for the scoop, TTG. I wonder if she'll be Claire's sister somehow? What could be her connection to Suresh?

tart said...

Good theory Tim. Maybe she's their secret weapon to eliminate the problem people. Look out, Matt!

Megas said...

I love Kristen, but I've never watched Heroes. I want to now, but it looks REALLY confusing. Is there any chance it will make sense, Jennifer?

tube talk girl said...

I won't like, Heroes is complicated, but not because you've missed a season, simply because there is a LOT going in.
It shouldn't be hard to jump in and understand. Basically, all of the heroes have powers: time travel, multiplicity, mind reading, flying, indestructibility. A bad guy, is out to steal all of their powers. If you go to NBC, you'll get a good description and be able to catch up on what you've missed and get a feel for the characters. Good luck. Kristen's role looks AWESOME!

tube talk girl said...

Oops, meant to write "I won't lie." I need a proofreader!

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