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Friday, August 31, 2007

Joshua Jackson to play Fletch?

The things one can find when digging around IMDB. While looking up a quick fact about Joshua Jackson, I stumbled upon news that my beloved Pacey, of Dawson’s Creek, is rumored to be starring in the upcoming film Fletch Won, the prequel to the successful Chevy Chase franchise.

Jackson's name is listed under Fletch Won’s film credits as “rumored.”

I haven’t seen this news reported anywhere else, so I’m a little skeptical. That said, I know many of you share my Josh Jackson obsession and any rumor about our guy snagging a major film role is worth reporting.

I hope this is true. I’ve been missing Jackson. He needs to be back on television, pronto. (May I suggest as an intern on Grey’s Anatomy or as the new temp on The Office?) Yes, I know he’s pursuing a film career, and he received a lot of buzz in the film Bobby, but I miss seeing him on a weekly basis. Call me selfish. (Or as Dawson would say, a self-centered, self-indulged megalomaniac.)

Previously, Zach Braff was the name being bandied around town for the Fletch role. But, I wouldn’t mind Jackson in the part. In fact, I think he’d be perfect.


Tim said...

TTG, spritz yourself with some cold water. Perhaps a cool washcloth on the forehead will help.

I like Joshua Jackson, but I can't see him in the role of Fletch (who writes under the pseudonym Jane Doe). I love the original, but am cautiously optomistic that Fletch Won will not completely suck.

I was always excited about the thought of Braff snagging this role. I love him...in a non-gay way, of course :)

To me, Joshua Jackson will always be the guy that got it on with Logan Huntsberger's mom.

tube talk girl said...

Ha ha...mock if you must, but JJ makes my temp rise a little. He's on my list! :)

I think Zack Braff would have been a perfect choice, but he's out, so JJ seems a good candidate. He does silly pretty well.

Please explain the Logan comment. As far as I know, my JJ never appeared on Gilmore Girls. Help, you've stumped Tube Talk Girl!

Oh, thanks for starting the Zach Braff song running through my head. :) "in a non-gay way"... "I love Zach Braff"

big tuna said...

I thought Zach Braff had this role. He would have been so good. He's completely silly on Scrubs, just like Chevy Chase. I wonder what happened?

Tim said...

Wasn't the actress who played Logan's mom the same one who played the teacher that Pacey got it on with? Or am I off-base?

List? What list? I've never seen one :)

Tim said...

Update: The actress in question is Leann Hunley...not only was she Logan's mom on Gilmore Girls, she was also Tamara Jacobs on Dawson's Creek.

Wow! Did I actually get a semi-obscure pop cultural reference past you, TTG? What do I win?

tube talk girl said...

Ms. Jacobs! OK, now I get your reference. The problem is, and I hate to admit this, I've never seen a single episode of Gilmore Girls! (Hanging my head in shame.)If you'd made an obscure reference to Anna DiMera on Days of Our Lives, then I would have gotten it. :)

Your prize is in the mail. I think you'll enjoy your free subscription to the Josh Jackson fan club. :)

Tim said...

Man, I'm already enrolled in that Fan Club..any chance you could switch that to the Jelly-Of-The-Month Club?...it's the gift that keeps on giving

I'm stunned that you've never seen Gilmore Girls...as Gomer Pyle would say, "For shame. For shame. For shame."

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