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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Celebrities foreign commercials: George Clooney hawks martinis

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. Movie star and former TV star George Clooney apparently doesn’t mind doing commercials, as long as it’s overseas. But thankfully, we have YouTube now, so the rest of the world can watch the fun, too.

In this hilarious European ad for martinis, Clooney is sporting a Clark Gable mustache, speaks a foreign language, and gets his ice cubes from a peculiar place. Just watch it. Why can’t we get Clooney in a few American commercials? I guarantee that’s one way to get people to stop fast forwarding through TV ads. Maybe if we made commercials this good in the U.S., then movie stars would be hawking products here, too. Who wants a martini?

Ben Affleck also did a fun European commercial for Axe cologne that is just as fantastic. I know he’s not a TV star and not someone I usually talk about here at Tube Talk, but he’s done Saturday Night Live before, so technically he’s been on TV. (Yes, that’s a lame justification of trying to tie Affleck to TV and this TV-related Web site, but I really want to share this video. It’s too funny.) Enjoy.


bethany said...

Jen, that is absolutely hysterical! Thank you!!!!! I'm with you. Why don't they do American commercials???

kim said...

The Ben one was hilarious, too. I didn't figure out what the clicking was until the end. Duh!

stephanie said...

I want a martini!!! Or I wouldn't sharing that elevator with Ben.

stephanie said...

oops, meant to say "wouldn't mind sharing that elevator"

micala said...

OMG, that Clooney commerical is too damned funny. Thanks for posting it.

micala said...

In a word George, "Magnifico!"

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