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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tonight’s TV: Don’t miss Pushing Daisies

By now you’re probably sick of hearing about the new ABC show Pushing Daisies, which is a shame because it hasn’t even premiered yet.

Critics and bloggers have declared Pushing Daisies the best new show of fall with such fervor that I fear it may have set the bar so high that no show, no matter how good, could live up to the hype. (Remember Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip?)

I haven’t seen the entire pilot yet, only clips. But from what I’ve seen the critics aren’t exaggerating. Pushing Daisies looks deliciously delightful, from its gorgeous imagery to its unique plot premise. It should definitely be on your TV lineup tonight. Here’s what else looks interesting:

8 p.m. Back to You on Fox, Pushing Daisies on ABC
9 p.m. Private Practice on ABC, Gossip Girl on CW, Bionic Woman on NBC
10 p.m. Dirty Sexy Money on ABC, South Park on Comedy Central

For a sneak peek of some scenes from Back to You, check out these clips courtesy of FOX:


Mason said...

I watched Pushing Daisies...I really like it, but it seems really offbeat for network TV. I doubt it will make it.

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