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Friday, October 31, 2008

Commentary with a Co-Ed: Get spooky with The Simpsons Halloween

by Ashley Gouveia

Happy Halloween!

Since it is the one day of the year where it’s considered fun to be frightened I thought I would sit down and watch the screener for this Sunday’s Simpson’s episode. Now I know you’re probably thinking I shouldn’t get scared of cartoons, but I can’t help it. Mr. Burns is one freaky-looking cartoon character.

Let’s move on.

I was prepared for the creepy and scary moments similar to previous years. But I am glad to report that this one didn’t have the same effect on me. Apart from Mr. Burns not being in the episode, it was focused more on the funny and satirical parts of the holidays. It had Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween all wrapped into one. I actually laughed out loud at some of the jokes.

There’s a really funny part right in the beginning when Election Day hits Springfield. It involves Homer, John McCain and an electronic voting machine. Craziness ensues and we get a few laughs from it. Also, look out for Grandpa Simpson’s vote for pres. I think he’s standing alone on that one.

Then Christmas arrived early for the residents of Springfield. I guess it’s not only the department stores that like to rush the holidays. Bart decides to give Lisa a Malibu Stacy convertible that transforms itself and every other electronic device into fighting killer robots. This one had its moments, like what the robots decide to do after they stop fighting with each other, but it wasn’t my favorite part of the episode.

I’m not an avid fan of The Simpsons but I think that killing Homer is the running joke of the show. Every minute he was getting blown away or eaten by something, which was entertaining. I especially like what happens after he goes on a killing rampage and decides to take out celebrities for profit. The way that one ends is pretty hysterical. Let’s just say I can’t look at Abe Lincoln in the same way after this.

Without a doubt my favorite part of the episode has to be the It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown parody. It had the most laughs with the so-called “pumpkin atrocities” that we humans do every Halloween. I also learned some facts about pumpkins that I never knew before.

If you’re sick of the traditional slasher flicks and just want something to make you laugh, then check out the new Simpson’s episode on Sunday November 2nd at 8/7c.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Commentary with a Co-Ed: Doomsday rocks Smallville

by Ashley Gouveia

Now that is what I’m talking about!

I absolutely loved the most recent episode of Smallville. I was getting worried that I had lost the show that had originally captivated my attention. Weird alien princesses and psychotic jewelers don’t add up to fascinating hours of television for me. However, a heroic Clark and the beginnings of one of the ultimate super villains can certainly glue me to the tube. Pair those two things with a Sam Witwer shower scene, and I’m calling it the best episode of the season.

There wasn’t much to not like about this episode. Jimmy was in it, and even he didn’t bother me like he usually does. Davis Bloome was back and seemingly causing murders all over Metropolis. I want to give applause to Sam Witwer because his teary confession to Chloe was heartbreaking. It had me wanting to give him a big hug and hope he doesn’t go all Doomsday on me. He is eventually going to take out Superman, but I can’t help but feel sorry for the guy.

Chloe helping the meteor infected at Isis was certainly something new for her. But she still had that investigative drive which I loved to see. The old Chloe is still in there somewhere. It was great to see her back at the Daily Planet again even if it wasn’t in any official capacity. Clark going behind her back to get the names of her clients was enough to cause some friction between the two. But I thought it made for a great dynamic throughout the episode.

Speaking of great dynamic, Allison Mack and Sam Witwer have amazing chemistry together. They hit all of their scenes out of the park. Chloe really feels that Davis is a good person and isn’t capable of hurting anyone. Like Clark said, she is putting a lot of trust into someone she just met. I thought it was really interesting that when Davis asked her if there was anyone else she felt an ease with, she didn’t say Jimmy. Well, I think we all know the answer to that one.

I have noticed that Smallville has taken a darker tone this season. The sets in Metropolis are always dark and gloomy a definite contrast to the consistently sunny Kent Farm. I think it’s their way of maturing the show a little bit, giving it more of an edge. I’m kind of enjoying it, but it would be nice to see the old Kent Farm for a longer amount of time.

All in all, it was a great episode and if there’s more like that one headed our way, then I welcome it.

Commentary with a Co-Ed is a weekly column at Tube Talk new every Friday

Monday, October 20, 2008

Note to the Dancing With the Stars judges: Stop picking on Toni Braxton

Dear Bruno, Carrie Ann, and Len,

Each season, I watch Dancing With the Stars and listen as you constructively criticize the stars to push them to improve each week. Most of the time, I agree with your assessment. I appreciate that when you goad the talent, they deliver.

However, after tonight’s shows, I have to ask, have you gotten into Cloris Leachman’s muscle relaxers? Are you taking bitchy tips from Cheryl Burke? (Seriously, I’m still in shock at how rude she was to call her partner, Maurice Greene, lazy. The dude is definitely not lazy.) Judges, you’re acting nonsensical with these constant tough critiques of Toni Braxton.

For several weeks now, you’ve given Braxton mediocre scores and less-than-glowing comments, despite her sharp routines. But tonight, when she performed a gorgeous, fun dance, you rewarded her with even more tough comments and more mediocre scores (seven, seven, and an eight.) Adding salt to the wound, Carrie Ann and Len awarded Braxton sevens, the very same score they gave to Cloris Leachman’s dance. Even more puzzling, is the fact that mediocre dancer Susan Lucci seems to do no wrong in their eyes. The judges lavished praise on Lucci, along with some criticism, for her dull hustle and awarded her the same scores as Braxton.

What gives, judges? Did Braxton tick you off in another life? Why are you consistently so tough on her, while Lucci, Leachman, and the other dancers don’t perform at her level?

Please explain.

Seriously disillusioned,
Tube Talk Girl

P.S. Can you slip Cheryl Burke some happy pills?

Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass the “womanizer”

From the minute Chuck Bass slithered onto my screen on Gossip Girl, I was hooked on his bad-boy persona. He makes me want to take a shower, but I can’t help but watch every scene with complete devotion when he appears.

If you haven’t met Bass, check out this fun video, set to Britney Spears’ new song “Womanizer.” (No, I can't believe I'm plugging a Britney Spears song either. It's a sure sign of the Apocalypse.)

Anwyay, I couldn’t have chosen a better theme song for Chuck if I had tried.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Joshua Jackson on cover of TV Guide

I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Pacey Witter, er, Joshua Jackson (sorry.) Therefore, I feel the need to inform you of any and all news about Jackson.

Every now and then I regress back to my ‘90s TV obsession, Dawson’s Creek, and call JacksonPacey,” even though the show has been off the air for years, and he’s now playing a new character on Fringe, quite different from the kid I fell for on the Creek.

If you’re a Jackson fan, you don’t want to miss the October 16 issue of TV Guide. See the photo for evidence as to why.

Jackson and his new Fringe co-star Anna Torv are featured in a cover story that examines the new J.J. Abrams cult show Fringe on FOX.

So, if you haven’t seen the show, at least check out the story for an update on Jackson. Who knows? You may just find yourself tuning in to see how “Pacey” matured. I bet Dawson already has his copy.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Review: The Mentalist not just another procedural

The Mentalist
Premiere Date: September 23, 2008
Airs: Tuesdays at 9:o0 p.m. on CBS

by Jennifer Squires Biller

I’m a sucker for fake psychics (hence my devotion to the Psych boys), but especially when they look and captivate like Simon Baker.

The Mentalist is a procedural crime drama that features Baker as a slick-but-tortured hero, Patrick Jane. He helps the police department solve crimes with his keen sense of observation, while injecting his dry sense of humor and charm. It’s a winning combination.

Those of you who like procedural crime dramas, this one is a gem. I’m not a fan of the genre myself, but even I’m tuning in to watch Baker work his magic. In one hilarious scene, his character beats a guy at every turn of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Whether he does it by using his deductive reasoning, acute awareness, or his grafter skills, it makes no difference. You’ll be mesmerized.

Make no mistake: it’s Baker that sells this show. Without him, it would be just another ordinary run-of-the-mill procedural. It’s a shame, though, that he isn’t allowed to use his real Australian accent for the role. As delicious as his cool-as-a whisper voice is, it’s even better when he speaks in his native tongue.

The Mentalist has been incorrectly labeled online as being a Psych rip-off. Don’t believe what you read. The two shows couldn’t be more diverse in tone and character. Psych is practically a comedy, with its razor-sharp pop-culture references, witty fast-paced dialogue, and light-hearted storylines, while The Mentalist is a procedural crime drama — keyword drama — with dark elements and some light humor sprinkled throughout.

Jane’s character is on the hunt for a serial killer, Red John, who killed his family. In the same way we root for Monk to get justice for the death of his wife, we’ll be rooting for Jane, too, to track down his family’s killer. I’ve added The Mentalist to my DVR season pass; that’s how much I enjoyed the first two episodes.

The Mentalist faces tough timeslot competition, but it should prove a winner for CBS. If you’re a fan of procedural crime dramas, this is the one new show this season you shouldn’t miss. It doesn’t have the character depth yet of NYPD Blue or Monk, but it’s early, so give it time. I think audiences will be rooting for Patrick Jane, before they know it. I already am.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Don’t miss Eli Stone’s season premiere

If you had visions of George Michael singing throughout the day, you’d need to get therapy, too. So don’t judge Eli Stone, when he returns this week and gets a therapist.

As therapists go, she’s a pretty cool one, if you consider that actress Sigourney Weaver is playing her.

Regular readers know that Eli Stone was one of only two new shows last season that I loved. (Pushing Daisies was the other.) The smell is off the Daisies for me this season, so far, as I haven’t been too impressed with the first two episodes of that show. I think Eli, however, won’t disappoint.

If you missed the show last year, please check it out this season. I want Eli to stick around.

Catch Eli Stone at 10 p.m. Tuesday on ABC.

Samantha Who returns Monday with Cybil Shepherd

Samantha Who is about to meet her competition, another sassy blonde by the name of Cybil Shepherd. Shepherd is guest starring as a nemesis of Sam’s mother in Monday’s season premiere of Samantha Who.

Sam and her mom team up against Shepherd’s character for a dance competition. Apparently, pre-amnesia Sam could dance, but post-amnesia Sam, not so much. And as in all good sitcoms, trouble ensues.

Dancing With the Stars cutie Mark Ballas also guest stars in the episode.

Catch Samantha Who at 9:30 p.m. ET Monday on ABC.

Gossip Girl sneak peek

Photo: courtesy of CW; Do not duplicate.

The claws are out.

In corner one, it’s Bitchy Blair, facing off against Sexy Serena in corner two.

Take a peek at this bitter exchange coming up on Monday’s episode at 8 p.m. ET. Does anyone do sarcasm better than these two?

Yes, and his name is Chuck!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Starter Wife is back tonight

A show I enjoy almost as much as John McCain enjoys using the term “my friends” returns tonight on the USA Network. The Starter Wife, starring Debra Messing premieres at 9 p.m. ET.

Molly Kagan is back as the socialite mom, whose husband ditched her for a younger woman.

If you missed the miniseries last season, don’t fret. You’ll be able to catch up quickly. Messing is a joy in the role, and the series gives an inside look at Hollywood and all the marriage craziness that ensues. Check it out for a fun, Friday night escape.

Commentary with a Co-Ed: Maxima lands in Smallville

Photo: Copyright" Photo courtesyof the CW 2008. Do not duplicate.

by Ashley Gouveia

I’m disappointed that last night’s new episode of Smallville happens to be the first time I’m writing about it since the start of season eight. I actually enjoyed the first two episodes, and last week’s had tons of Justin Hartley goodness. Unfortunately, I wasn’t that impressed with last night’s episode. Not even the premise of bringing the comic-book-character Maxima could hold my attention.

The new baddie in town, Tess Mercer, had been looking for Lex and only has Clark’s fortress crystal to help in her search. She believed that it held the answers she was looking for. When she tried to get that information she sent a beacon into space that alerted Maxima, who was on a little search of her own. She was looking for her soul mate.

She needs to get in line.

However, her perfect mate is Kryptonian. How she could ever mistake Jimmy as a Kryptonian is beyond me. Of course, Jimmy was willing and able to get in a lip lock with her. It took him a long time to pull away before he remembered Chloe. Then the pheromones took over. Oh, brother. Next time Jimmy, I suggest you don’t take the bartender’s advice.

The reason that Jimmy was at the bar wallowing in his sorrows was because he found a letter that Chloe wrote to Clark. Long time fans will remember this letter back from season two when Chloe read it to Clark while he was sick. If I were Jimmy, I would have asked Chloe why she held on to it for all these years. But he only asked her why she has never said those things to him.

Maxima finally realized that Clark was the one she was looking for. Then, in a matter of minutes, put it together that Lois and Clark have a special bond. Huh? Really. I’m going to steal a line from Dean Winchester and say; “I’m not buyin’ what you’re selling.”

After the Clark and Maxima makeout scene, he snapped out of it and took her away before she clobbered Lois. He told her that his destiny was here on Earth and sent little Miss Vixen back to whence she came.

There was one scene that I actually enjoyed and that was one with Tess and Chloe. Cassidy Freeman has been a great addition to the cast. I am loving her character so far. It was awesome to hear Chloe being all tough with Tess and not taking to her threats. Like she said, she has dealt with the Luthors before and she doesn’t scare easily.

The Clark and Chloe scene, when she explained away the letter, was made of epic fail for me. Why bring up a letter from seasons ago that has been cherished by so many fans and deal with it in that way? As a long-time viewer and a Clark and Chloe fan, I have to say I was disappointed. Maybe Chloe’s Brainiac infection is leading her to say all these odd things. Or maybe that’s just my own reasoning, so I can continue to watch the show.

What do you all think about season eight so far? Is it living up to your expectations? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

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Friday, October 03, 2008

Commentary with a Co-Ed: Ugly Betty still charms

by Ashley Gouveia

Betty is back!

I’m beyond thrilled that Betty and the gang are back in action for the show’s third season. I’ve missed Marc and Amanda’s witty banter and, of course, Mode. Imagine my disappointment when I thought that Betty wasn’t going to be at Mode for the foreseeable future. Let me say this; Mode and Betty go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you try to separate them, it’s just not as enjoyable.

But the writers decided to go the smart way and get Betty back into Mode. However, she wasn’t working for Daniel but for Wilhelmina. Gasp! After about five minutes of me saying, “How could she do this?” I accepted it. Last week I didn’t like how Betty began working at Player magazine. I saw it as a big step down for her. I wanted her to be loyal to Daniel, but he was fooling himself. He missed Mode just as much as she did. Thank the TV gods that he realized that by the end of the episode.

How great was it that Marc was the one who inadvertently got Wilhelmina demoted and Daniel back as Editor in Chief? That was a great moment between him and Betty. Claire Meade is still made of awesome. I loved it when she shattered the crystal sculpture of Wilhelmina. She doesn’t fool around.

There were two storylines that I didn’t like last season that I’d hoped would disappear. Daniel having a son was not one that I was excited about. Introducing never-before-seen-children into a big ensemble show could be a disaster. Remember what happened to Gilmore Girls when Luke’s long lost daughter showed up? I couldn’t get on board with this story. But last night had me enjoying Daniel and DJ’s scenes. I think that if the writers keep the story at a minimal, I could actually enjoy it.

The other storyline was the one with Christina and the baby. It was revealed that Christina’s husband only needed the money for more drugs. Color me not surprised. I never trusted his character. Now the baby is the only thing that is keeping Wilhelmina’s plan afloat. So who do you think was the person who pushed Christina down the stairs? The obvious guess would be Stuart.

Is Hilda in complete denial over Tony? Come on, the guy is gorgeous but she is definitely the other woman. I hope she gets out of that relationship soon. I laughed out loud when Tony showed up at Mode, and Amanda and Marc were drooling over him. That was a great scene.

What do you think of Betty’s third season so far? Sound off in the comments.

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