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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sayonara Sabrina: Dancing With the Stars shocker

Wow, I need to take a moment here to pick my jaw off the floor. I DID NOT see that coming.

In the biggest vote-off shocker in the history of Dancing With the Stars, Sabrina Bryan, the best dancer this season thus far, failed to even make it to the finals.

Bryan consistently scored high with the judges and was near perfect in every single performance. On Monday, judge Len Goodman took her to task for her fox trot, calling it “too hard and aggressive.” Had he known that America was going to jump on his tough-love bandwagon, then perhaps he wouldn’t have been quite so critical of her.

I wasn’t the only one in shock that Sabrina was shown the door. She was on the verge of tears, as utter dismay registered on her face. The judges gasped and Bruno grasped his head in surprise, as Carrie Ann’s mouth dropped open. When asked to comment on the fact that Sabrina and Mark and Cameron and Edyta were in the bottom two, Carrie Ann said she was devastated to see the foursome there.

Bruno screamed, “It’s madness. It’s total madness. She’s the most consistent (Sabrina) and he’s the most improved (Cameron.)” Len declared that Sabrina should be in the finals.

When Sabrina’s name was called to go home, the crowd erupted in boos. Carrie Ann started crying. Bruno stood up holding his hands out in disillusion. Never, in five seasons, have I seen such a sad ending to the show. Even host Tom Bergeron was choked up.

Based on talent, I think it’s clear to everyone that Marie Osmond and Jane Seymour should have been in the bottom two. So, the question is, did Marie’s fainting episode and Jane’s fire problems spur the sympathy votes? Or are these older ladies just more popular with the voters who watch this show?

Jane and Tony’s jive wasn’t up to the standard we’re used to seeing. Jane’s kicks didn’t seem to have the fast-paced pump motion required for the jive. Granted, she is 56, so she gets a 10 for effort. And Marie and Jonathan’s Paso Doble was passable, but not notable.

Jane had yet another problem this week: a case of food poisoning. Seriously, can this woman catch a break? I think someone put a curse on her. Jane was absent from the results show and her partner Tony had to dance the group dance alone and face the spotlight alone.

I was also shocked to find out that Mel and Maks had only practiced a total of six hours for their sexy rumba, compared to the other couples who had practiced 20 hours for their routines. Mel and Maks scored the only triple 10s of the night. I wonder if the judges knew how many hours Mel and Maks had practiced before they gave those scores? Somehow, I doubt it.

Jennie and Derek’s dirty dancing mambo got Bruno fired up. They scored three nines. The judges told Helio and Julianne they were back on track with their fun cha-cha-cha. And Cameron and Edyta didn’t win Len or Bruno’s love for their Pocahontas-inspired samba.

That’s what happened in a nutshell. I’m still too much in shock to fully digest that Sabrina is out of it. Did the fact that she had dance training tick off voters? That could explain her situation, but not Cameron’s. Why was he in the bottom two? I never in a million years would have thought racecar driver Helio would be more popular than a soap star.

The real loser here is us, the viewers. Love her or hate her, Sabrina’s dances were one of the highlights of the show each week. They were so full of energy and difficult choreography that she mesmerized. The fact that she won’t be there for the freestyle is a real travesty. I love Jane and Marie. But let’s face it; their dances are dull compared to tigress Sabrina.

Perhaps this will inspire the Dancing With the Stars folks to tweak the rules and give voters less of a say in who goes home. In previous season, I worried that popularity would rob a deserved winner of the title, especially when Master P and Jerry Springer stayed for weeks. But, voters always came to their senses in time. But in this case, America was ridiculously wrong and proved it Tuesday night.


Becky said...

I agree TTG, it was a total shocker last night. while Sabrina wasn't one of my favs, she was for sure better than Marie and Jane. What is wrong with people.
And I know that Cameron and Edyta's dance was kind of strange Monday but why why WHY were they in the bottum 2?
Maks and Mel kind of slipped down in my mind when I found out about their training time, but they both were sick that week too, so I'm not sure if that was what hindered it or what.
I think Marie should of stepped up and said "here take me instead!"
Frankly I am getting tired of these popularity contests, thats whats wrong with everything these days!

bethany said...

What the *****!!!!! I am in shock!!!!! Sabrina was robbed. Jane or Marie should have been next to go!!! Sabrina may not be the one that should win, but, at least she should have been in the semi finals!!! This is crazy!!!

Becky said...

Its all about popularity. But you know she did have the preteens and teens? Maybe all the dads who are Marie and Jane fans wouldn't let their kids vote for her?
Jsut a thought.

Bethany said...

it is disgusting!!!! You are right, Marie should have just said, this is nuts, i am going!!! I mean Jane and Marie cant hang!! Jane is puking and Marie is fainting. CRAZINESS!!!!!

robin said...

I agree with Becky and Bethany. WTF? Cam shouldn't have been there either. HIs dance was sexy. Team Mathison!

Anonymous said...

This same kind of "voting" got us Bush in the White House and will likely bring us Hillary in 08 - people are just plain STUPID!!

Becky said...

Please don't bring Bush into this, last nights show was hard enough let alone adding Bush and politics into the mix.

Bethany, I think last night was proof that Sabrina and her partner have something more going on, he said he LOVED her, you don't just throw that word around on DWTS!!!!

bethany said...

Becky, i think you are right on!! They are so cute together though. I dont know, last night just threw me into a tailspin. I am still in shock. I will say, that if my Maks is voted off next, i am so done!!!!

Becky said...

I just hope that Marie goes next week, her laugh annoys me.

Anonymous said...

Well since you said "please" I won't bring Bush into this, but the point is that the same mindless majority sway this voting "politically" whether its DWTH or IDOL - Remember Sanjaya? Proves the majority is not always right for sure!!

bethany said...

Marie just bugs me period, and Jane's jive was painful. I wanted to just pop a vein. I mean please. Hey anonymous, dont even get me started about idol!! only three more months!!! I cant wait, how about you becky?

Becky said...

I'm not sure if i am looking forward to idol, i am a bit burnt out on reality tv....please dont mention sanjay "anonymous." that is one nightmare that I pray never returns!

steph in LA said...

I agree with anonymous. People are plain STUPID. There is no other explanation. Could this be the season when a truly less talented dancer wins because of popularity? I hope not, or it's time to change the rules.

Becky said...

I hope thats not the case Steph in LA. I didnt even like Sabrina but holy cow she had way more dancing talent in her pinky than Marie.
People Marie needs to go home!!!!

bethany said...

Hopefully, the world will wake up and Marie or Jane will be sent home. COME ON PEOPLE!!!!

big tuna said...

Can you imagine if Jane or Marie win this thing? I think people will riot. I'll be protesting, frankly.

It's happened in the past, though, when the best dancer didn't win. Hello, Emmitt over Mario????

Anonymous said...

They are both so adorable and have been so poisted and gracious talking about their elimination on the aftershows. They should have their own show. I want to see more SABRINA and MARK!!

Becky said...

Oh yea big Tuna, I totally agree. I knew Emmit would win though because of the whole everybody loves Cheryl thing.

I wasnt a big fan of katerina but a HUGE fan of Mario!;)

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell me what the F.ck really happened. There is more to this picture than the votes. I want to know the real reason. Please find out, is it the producers, did sabrina need to quit early? There is now way she was voted off.

Shannon said...

All I need to say is -- I'm not looking forward to watching DWTS anymore without Sabrina.

Anonymous said...

The only reason why I started watching the show again was to see Sabrina dance. I was so excited to see her perform. It's sad that this show is turning out to be a popularity show rather than a talent show. The judges should have a wild card and use it to bring one couple back who truly deserve to stay in the competition.

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