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Friday, December 28, 2007

First look: Knight Rider preview

It’s short but oh so sweet. Here’s the first look at the new Knight Rider TV movie that could become a weekly series.

The clip is only 15 seconds, but it sucked me in nonetheless.

The movie airs on NBC on February 17.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Josh Duhamel engaged

Another one bites the dust. Sorry, ladies, but Josh Duhamel is off the market.

Duhamel recently proposed to longtime girlfriend Stacy Ann Ferguson, according to his publicist. The two have been dating for about three years and currently live together. In case you live under a rock, Ferguson is better known as “Fergie” and is a pop singer, formerly of the Black Eyed Peas.

That sound you hear, hearts of single ladies and Tube Talk Girl breaking. As loyal readers know, I’ve had a celebrity crush on Duhamel since his days on All My Children. The man is fine and pretty much the definition of tall, dark and handsome, with a wicked sense of humor. It’s a lethal combination.

Congratulations to Duhamel and Ferguson. I wish them all the happiness in the world.

But note to Fergie, “Big girls do cry” when they find out that Duhamel is on his way down the aisle.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lost’s Michael sings "Stay Strong" for the troops

As we sit comfortably in front of the fire, enjoying our holiday gifts and family time, it’s easy to forget that across the world, fellow Americans are risking their lives so that we’ll be safe and so that democracy can thrive.

Actor Harold Perrineau, who you probably know as Michael from Lost, wrote and performed this song for the troops. His fellow Lost costar Daniel Dae Kim directed the video.

Watch closely and you’ll see some familiar faces, including sexy Sawyer. (I mean actor Josh Holloway.) Kim also makes a quick appearance.

The real surprise here is that “Michael” can actually sing. If “Charlie” had known, perhaps they could have jammed together and come up with something even better than Charlie’s “Hey Y’all Everybody” anthem.

The song is available for purchase at iTunes and proceeds benefit the Bob Woodruff Family Fund for Traumatic Brain injury.

Kudos to Perrineau for taking time to remember the troops and for prompting us to do so, too.

Thanks to Kristin at E!Online for posting the video and bringing it to my attention.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas TV addicts: 12 Days of Christmas!

Santa’s coming!

So for once, I’m telling you to turn off the TV and spend some quality time enjoying Christmas with your friends and families. Thanks to all of you loyal readers and supporters of Tube Talk throughout the past year. Quite simply, you guys rock.

And speaking of rocking, check out this hilarious Christmas video of Indiana University’s male a capella group, Straight No Chaser, doing the funniest version of 12 Days of Christmas that I’ve ever seen. (I saw the video over at Give Me My Remote, so thanks to Kath for posting this and sharing.)

The video isn’t television related, but it’s a nice Christmas sentiment. So, hit play and enjoy the show! Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

American Idol releases new schedule

It’s almost time for the return of one of television’s most popular shows: American Idol. FOX has released the dates for all the shows, so you won’t miss a minute of it. Get ready for a schedule full of American Idol that includes ten hours of audition footage.

And I thought Dancing With the Stars overloaded the schedule. It’s got nothing on Idol.

January 15 – Two-hour premiere showcasing early auditions
January 16 – Two-hours of more auditions
January 22,23, 29 and 30 – One-hour episodes of auditions in San Diego, Dallas, Omaha, Atlanta, Charleston, Miami and Philadelphia
February 5,6 – One hour episodes of auditions continued
February 12 – The singing starts in this two-hour episode! First episode of the Hollywood Round.
February 13 – A one hour continuation of the Hollywood episode. The top 24 will be revealed.
February 19, 20 – Two-hour episodes with the Top 12 males and females performing
February 21 – First elimination for two men and two women
February 26 – Ninety minute episode of the top 10 males singing
February 27 – Ninety minute episode of the top 10 females singing
March 11 – The top 12 is set. A two-hour show of the first performances for the top 12

An extended look at the new season of Lost

OK, I take a couple days off to do some much-needed Christmas shopping, wrapping and baking, and I come back to a full e-mail box of Tube Talk readers telling me about this INCREDIBLE new extended trailer for the new season of Lost. Thank you, Tubers for sharing! You’re not wrong. It does indeed rock.

Here it is for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. Is it January 31 yet?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Commentary with a Co-ed: Favorite holiday TV episodes

by Ashley Gouveia

Every family has Christmas traditions, like going to the tree lot to pick out a nicely spruced, but slightly tilted tree. Or arguing over whether or not we want colored or white lights. Blinking or not blinking? Ah, the memories. Another tradition in my house is sitting down with our favorite holiday episodes of television past and present. Here are my picks that hopefully you and your family can enjoy.

Smallville. Season 5. “Lexmas”: I like to call it Smallville’s version of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ with a twist. Lex pulled a George Bailey. But instead of seeing a bleak future, he saw a better one. One where he was happily married to Lana with a son and a baby on the way. Lex’s mother was the Clarence in the equation. She told him that he could have this life if he made the right choices. There was a B plot to the episode with Clark talking a drunk Santa off a roof, but the Lex storyline was much more interesting.

Why this episode? : It had all the potential to be a filler episode that no one really remembers. But seeing Lex get everything he ever wanted and still decide to make the wrong choice in the end was great TV to me. It sent chills down my spine when he told one of his minions that the secret to living happily ever after is power and money. That was Michael Rosenbaum at his sexy best. Plus, I actually liked Lana in this episode. The dream part anyway. Shocking, I know. Also, it seemed like in Lex’s “future” Clark and Chloe were together. That made it even better.

The O.C. Season 1. “The Best Chrismukkah Ever”: It was Ryan’s first holiday season with the Cohens and his introduction to the blended holiday that swept the nation. Seth’s enthusiasm for it cracked me up. With Ryan not being much of a holiday person, and Seth’s determination to convert him, had me laughing out loud. This was also the episode that had Seth coming to a decision between Summer and Anna.

Why this episode? : It started a tradition in the series that I always looked forward to every year. This one had to be my favorite of the four. So dip a toe in the Chrismukkah pool, and watch this O.C. classic.

Roswell. Season 2. “A Roswell Christmas Carol”: Before Katharine Heigl was Izzie on Grey’s, she was Isabel ‘Christmas Nazi’ Evans. She managed to organize every holiday activity and still have time to save Michael from giving Maria an electric toothbrush for Christmas. Then we had Max, the alien with a heart of gold, who tried to heal a little girl who was dying of cancer.

Why this episode? : Every time I watch this episode I cry. It’s definitely an episode that pulls at your heartstrings. There are plenty of places to laugh, too. Whether it be Isabel trying to make every little detail perfect, or the Valentis’ being pressured into having a Christmas without TV dinners and football. I miss this show!

Those are my holiday favorites that I will be watching. Let me know if you’ve got any to add. Happy Holidays!

Commentary with a Co-Ed is a weekly column at Tube Talk new every Thursday.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas movie overdose

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Maybe I’ve overdosed on the wassail, but I’m pretty sure reindeer fly.

Santa is real, too. And snowmen can talk.

Oh sure, it doesn’t seem plausible. But if you soak up enough of the classic TV holiday movies, you’ll start to believe, too.

While you’ve been breaking out the holly and mistletoe, I’ve been settling down with some of my old favorites. There’s just something comforting about the classic Christmas movies. They teach moral lessons, renew the spirit, and make you long for a Red Ryder BB gun.

With so many holiday movies out there, how do you choose what to watch? Here are my picks for those you should put on your annual list. They’ll make your heart grow three sizes. I promise.

For animation, you can’t go wrong with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and A Charlie Brown Christmas. (I love Lispy Linus, as he gives the Peanuts gang a reality check about the true meaning of Christmas.)Rudolph and his island of misfits teach a moral lesson that being different isn’t bad. After all, it allowed him to go down in history. And The Grinch is wonderfully entertaining. I like the new Jim Carrey version as much as the classic. That scene where Martha May uses a mechanical gun to put up her decorative outside-lights is hilarious. Where can I get one of those?

For heartwarming Christmas movies, you can’t miss It’s A Wonderful Life. It’ll make you want to carry your own ZuZu’s petals around with you. I also can’t make it through the season without White Christmas. There’s something magical about Bing Crosby’s soothing voice that comforts the soul.

My all-time favorite holiday movie is Miracle on 34th Street, the classic version. It gives hope to the optimist in me. It’ll restore the Christmas spirit in even the Grinchiest of souls. So even when I’m doubting that tweeting birds can actually hang lights on a Christmas tree, as in Rudolph, I’m reminded that “Faith is believing in something, when common sense tells you not to.”

I’m not sure why I need my annual dose of Christmas movies. Maybe I identify with those misfits. Or perhaps I need to know that it’s perfectly normal to break out in song in the middle of a conversation. Cindy Lou Who does it. So do Bing Crosby and Hermey the Elf.

While watching these movies, don’t try to analyze them too much. It can lead you to dark, confusing places. You could spend hours contemplating why Sam the Snowman carries an umbrella while narrating Rudolph. It doesn’t rain at the North Pole, does it?

Or why Santa refers to Donner and his family as “the Donners.” That would make him Donner Donner. Do all reindeer have the same first and last names?See? I’m obsessing. I’m telling you, it’s the wassail.

Originally published 12/15/04 in The Exponent Telegram newspaper.

Pete returning to Smallville

Pete Ross is coming back to Smallville for one episode, according to IGN.com. Can I get a “woo hoo?” I’ve missed Clark’s loyal friend and sidekick.

Sam Jones III will reprise his role in the episode titled “Hero” to air early in 2008. Pete will apparently help save the lives of some of the Smallville gang.

I’m curious to see how Pete reacts to Chloe, Lana and Lionel knowing Clark’s secret. Somehow, I don’t think he’ll be too happy.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Psych and Monk heading to NBC

One good thing may come out of this TV writers’ strike. Psych and Monk, both currently on USA, are going to re-air weekly on NBC, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

USA will begin airing new episodes of the shows on Jan. 11, and then encore episodes will air on Sunday nights on NBC.

I know many of you don’t watch either of these shows because they’re on cable. Now, you’ll get the chance to see what all the buzz is about.

Psych is one of my favorite escapes on Friday night. And Monk is consistently entertaining. A detective with OCD is always a good time. Tony Shalhoub didn’t win all those Emmys for nothing.

First look at Leatherheads

I love it when TV stars make it on the big screen, so I’m positively giddy about the upcoming film Leatherheads. Not just because it stars former TV hunk George Clooney, but also because current TV cutie John Krasinski has a big role in the movie.

A Clooney-Krasinski combination is not a bad way to spend a couple hours this spring. The movie was originally scheduled to open on December 7, but was pushed back to April.

Take a look at the trailer below and you’ll see why I’m so excited about Leatherheads. You can visit the official site here to see photos and watch downloads.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Strike update: Leno and Conan to return to work

Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien are returning to work, despite the ongoing TV writers’ strike.

NBC made the announcement on Monday.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Late Night with Conan O'Brien will resume broadcasting new shows on January 2, 2008. The shows have been broadcasting reruns since November 5.

Leno and O’Brien have been among the many supporters of the striking writers and will continue to support the writers, they say. O’Brien was quoted as saying his show “may very well be terrible” without his writing staff.

The bottom line is that Leno and O’Brien are comedians, so I’m betting that they can come up with enough jokes to entertain us. I’m curious though as to how many guests will actually be booked, as many celebrities refuse to cross picket lines.

No word yet on whether David Letterman will return.

Lost returns on January 31; watch the new trailer

With the TV writers’ strike raging on, any news on the return of scripted shows makes me giddy. I just ran across the new trailer for this season of Lost. And all I can say is “EEEEE!!!!”

It looks so good, Tubers. I’m not sure, but I think I saw Charlie for a millisecond. It could be in a flashback, or did Charlie not really drown? Take a look and discuss among yourselves.

Lost returns in 45 days on January 31 at 9 p.m. ET, according to a press release from ABC.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Journeyman is finished, fans rally to save show

The journey is over for NBC’s freshman series, Journeyman, about a time-traveling man, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The network had until Tuesday to offer the show a full-season pick up, but failed to do so, the trade reported.

The show did complete 13 episodes. I’m so sorry to all the Journeyman fans who got hooked on Kevin McKidd and his adventures back in time.

Fans aren’t taking the news sitting down. They’ve launched a campaign that involves sending Rice-A-Roni to NBC, hoping for a Jericho-type victory. For all the details visit SaveJourneyman.net and SaveJourneyman.funurl.com

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Knight Rider: The new KITT unveiled

Children of the ‘80s, feast on this.

NBC unveiled its new version of KITT, the artificially intelligent, shape-shifting car, for the upcoming two-hour modernized TV movie version of Knight Rider.

This version of KITT (Knight Industries Three Thousand) is a customized black Ford Mustang.

In even bigger news, Will Arnett (Arrested Development) will provide the voice of KITT. Arnett has big shoes to fill. I can’t imagine anyone better than the perfectly pitched snarky William Daniels from the original show.

There are actually three versions of the car, according to NBC. One is KITT Hero, a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR with 540 horsepower; the KITT Attack, a super high-speed version of the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR that transforms into Attack mode, with the help of air-ride technology and specialized body parts, and KITT Remote, a driverless Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR version of the Hero vehicle.

Is it wrong that I’m excited to see this movie? I loved the ‘80s TV show, with The Hoff and his permed hair and leather jacket. I’m hoping that television handles this remake better than the film industry has handled TV remakes in the past. (Yes, I’m talking about Charlie’s Angels, Starsky and Hutch, and The Dukes of Hazzard.)

This version of Knight Rider will feature KITT shape shifting and changing colors. Cool, right? Also, David Hasselhoff, is signed on as a special guest star to appear in his original role of Michael Knight. I’m not sure how they’ll put that off, but I’m open to anything.

The movie stars Justin Bruening, Deanna Russo, Sydney Tamiia Poitier and Bruce Davison. Here’s a brief synopsis of what we can expect:

Sarah Graiman is a 24-year old Ph.D candidate at Stanford University, following in her genius father Charles' (Davison) footsteps. But when men attempt to abduct her, Sarah receives a mysterious call from KITT warning her that he's a creation of Charles, who also invented the first KITT 25 years ago -- and that her father is in serious danger. Sarah and KITT track down her best friend from childhood, Mike Tracer (Bruening), a 23-year-old ex-Army Ranger, whom Sarah hasn't seen since he left home at 18. Having served in Iraq, Mike is now jaded and lost and initially resistant. Eventually he agrees to help Sarah and the two set out to discover who's behind the attempt to procure KITT and find Charles. Along the way, Carrie Rivai (Poitier) plays the agile yet tough FBI agent who has a long-standing friendship with Charles and Sarah. Due to those ties, she is brought into the mix to help in the search.

Mark your calendars for February 17 at 9 p.m. ET to check out the new Knight Rider.

Commentary with a Co-ed: Moonlight shines

by Ashley Gouveia

During late nights of struggling to stay awake to cram for finals, I managed to make time for Mick St. John, private investigator and vampire. After your suggestions about Moonlight, I finally got around to watching the first nine episodes of the series.

I am so glad that I did!

I had my reservations at first, because I had been such an avid Buffy and Angel fan, the thought of another vampire show matching them was unimaginable. I was wrong.

I was hooked into Mick’s story and how it all connected to Beth Turner. The back story of how he rescued her as a little girl, from his trampy vampy wife Coraline, was a great way to connect these two characters. One thing I knew for sure, by the end of episode one, Mick and Beth had amazing chemistry. I love the whole Bonnie and Clyde vibe they had going on.

Alex O’Loughlin is so convincing on his hidden love for Beth. The end scene in the pilot, when he rescues her and she hugs him, got me. *sighs* There is just something about brooding vampires with a sensitive side.

Another character that I really enjoyed was Mick’s 400-year-old friend, Josef. I know many people love Jason Dohring from Veronica Mars, but this was my first time ever watching him onscreen. I have to say that he plays the wisecracking vamp extremely well. Every time he shows up in a scene I keep wanting to know more about him. I think it’s interesting how his character is a friend of Mick’s, but he’s not as moral as him. He would do whatever it takes to keep vampirism a secret.

Speaking of vampirism, the last episode that aired posed the question: “Can vampires be cured?” It seemed that Morgan, a.k.a. Coraline, found a cure but that might have been for nothing, since Beth took a stake to her heart. How great was that last scene? Everything was building to that particular confrontation and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Once the show starts up again I would love to know more about Coraline’s cure. Also, I wonder if maybe Josef knew more than he was telling about her. Did Beth’s boyfriend disappear off the face of the planet? I’m not complaining, but it could be addressed.

Moonlight fans, what would you say has been your favorite moment so far? I can think of some off the top my head, but I’ll let you all go first!

Commentary with a Co-Ed is a weekly column at Tube Talk new every Thursday.

The Golden Globe nominations 2007

The Golden Globe nominations were announced today and some familiar TV faces are among them. I’m thrilled that several new shows were recognized. Pushing Daisies, Damages, and Mad Men all got a nod for drama series, as well as old favorites Grey’s Anatomy and House. But where was Lost? It should have been among the best dramas.

As for individuals, it’s nice to see Lee Pace, of Pushing Daisies, Donald Sutherland, of Dirty Sexy Money, America Ferrera, of Ugly Betty, and Christina Applegate of Samantha Who? But I think Chandra Wilson, of Grey’s Anatomy, was overlooked. She’s done phenomenal work on that show, but for some reason Katherine Heigl is the more heralded actress.

Take a look at the list. Are you pleased, or was your favorite show/actor/actress snubbed?


Series, Drama
'Big Love,' HBO'
Damages,' FX Networks'
Grey's Anatomy,' ABC'
House,' Fox'
Mad Men,' AMC
'The Tudors,' Showtime

Actress, Drama
Patricia Arquette, 'Medium'
Glenn Close, 'Damages'
Minnie Driver, 'The Riches'
Edie Falco, 'The Sopranos'
Sally Field, 'Brothers & Sisters'
Holly Hunter, 'Saving Grace'
Kyra Sedgwick, 'The Closer'

Actor, Drama
Michael C. Hall, 'Dexter'
Jon Hamm, 'Mad Men'
Hugh Laurie, 'House'
Jonathan Rhys Meyers, 'The Tudors'
Bill Paxton, 'Big Love'

Series, Musical or Comedy
'30 Rock,' NBC'
Californication,' Showtime
'Entourage,' HBO
'Extras,' HBO
'Pushing Daisies,' ABC

Actress, Musical or Comedy
Christina Applegate, 'Samantha Who?'
America Ferrera, 'Ugly Betty'
Tina Fey, '30 Rock'
Anna Friel, 'Pushing Daisies'
Mary-Louise Parker, 'Weeds'

Actor, Musical or Comedy
Alec Baldwin, '30 Rock'
Steve Carell, 'The Office'
David Duchovny, 'Californication'
Ricky Gervais, 'Extras'
Lee Pace, 'Pushing Daisies'

Miniseries or Movie
'Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee,' HBO
'The Company,' TNT
'Five Days,' HBO
'Longford,' HBO
'The State Within,' BBC America

Actress, Miniseries or Movie
Bryce Dallas Howard, 'As You Like It'
Debra Messing, 'The Starter Wife'
Queen Latifah, 'Life Support'
Sissy Spacek, 'Pictures of Hollis Woods'
Ruth Wilson, 'Jane Eyre' (Masterpiece Theatre)

Actor, Miniseries or Movie
Adam Beach, 'Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee'
Ernest Borgnine, 'A Grandpa for Christmas'
Jim Broadbent, 'Longford'
Jason Isaacs, 'The State Within'
James Nesbitt, 'Jekyll'

Supporting Actress, Series, Miniseries or Movie
Rose Byrne, 'Damages'
Rachel Griffiths, 'Brothers & Sisters'
Katherine Heigl, 'Grey's Anatomy'
Samantha Morton, 'Longford'
Anna Paquin, 'Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee'
Jaime Pressly, 'My Name Is Earl'

Supporting Actor, Series, Miniseries or Movie
Ted Danson, 'Damages'
Kevin Dillon, 'Entourage'
Jeremy Piven, 'Entourage'
Andy Serkis, 'Longford'
William Shatner, 'Boston Legal'
Donald Sutherland, 'Dirty Sexy Money'

For the film categories and the complete list, click here.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Interview with Moonlight’s Jason Dohring

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Moonlight fans, do I have a treat for you. Earlier today I spoke with one of the show’s stars, Jason Dohring, or as you know him, Josef, one of the world’s oldest vampires.

Dohring was kind enough to take time to speak me and a few other TV press folks and was as charming as ever.

He’s so excited for us to see the upcoming episodes he could hardly contain himself. From the spoilers he gave us, the future episodes sound awesome, or as Jason put it, “F------ awesome!”

Thanks again to Jason and to CBS for this interview. And don’t forget to watch Moonlight this Friday at 9 p.m. I don’t think I’m alone here when I say, “Don’t die Coraline!”

Here’s the interview transcript. CBS did not provide a transcript, so I transcribed our conversation from my tape to the best of my abilities. In places, the word "frakking" has been substituted for another F word that we can't print here.

Do you know if the show will be delving more into Josef’s past to explore his past loves and how he’s managed to become so successful?
Yes, absolutely. I think the successful thing [came] more in the first episode, with the hedge fund trader, and the real estate. In the episode this Friday, you find out basically why he’s always concerned about Mick dating humans and being with humans, like what is that? There’s basically a personal reason that Josef’s gone through. I don’t know if it’s proper or whatever, but I always kind of take the idea that maybe Josef has gone through what Mick’s going through. Maybe one time he was a good person, and you’ll sort of see glimpses of that, you know, with my former hairstyle, and my really nice suit in New York in this week’s episode.

Is Josef going to get a love interest?
That’s fantastic man. You’re going to find out. You’ll see some really cool stuff in this next episode. I don’t know if that’s too much of a spoiler or whatever, but you’ll definitely see some love interest. You’ll see. I don’t know how to explain it or whatever. I think he would. Like Logan, he’s probably a tough guy to live with. There was an episode with Lola or whatever. They had the on again off again thing. I would really like to see someone that could match him, they fight, they get back together. I think it would be quite a passionate relationship.

How many episodes are left with the strike, what are we going to see, what does the future hold?
Les Moonves said a few days ago, some kind stuff about our show and The Big Bang Theory, about us coming back for a second season. I can’t speak for the producers, but that was given in a press interview, which is obviously a good sign. There’s a lot of plus points. Our show is one of two shows that have been up-trending in viewership. So obviously that’s a good sign. We’re right around 8 million, which is pretty high. Having CBS as backup, promo-ing the show, you’re sitting there watching golf and see a promo, which helps out a lot. We just finished shooting number 12 about 3 or 4 days ago. It was very good. There’s a vampire that comes that makes me look like a pauper which is cool. It goes back in history. We have some great history, makeup and sets, and like an old world, from a different time feel to the show and the storyline comes out. I think it’ll be really cool to see how it all turns out. Great makeup and George Washington hair and all that cool stuff. [Air date] is sometime in January. (Episodes) 11 and 12 will both air in January [January 4th and 11th].

How is the experience on Moonlight different from your experience on Veronica Mars?
Yeah, there’s a couple things I guess. The characters are obviously a bit different. You know, I think, they both have really interesting stories. Josef was kind of the expansion of a character, it’s like the 400 years aspect, as we’ll find more about as the story unfolds. There’s so much history. As an actor, each new script that comes out, you kind of add to that. You don’t know beforehand, when you first started, what your history is, but you sort of learn as you do it. You’re sort of picking that up and putting that in your character as you go. So I think it adds more to the storyline like that. And I think, just being on CBS is quite a bit different. It’s a bigger cast. You’re at Warner Bros which is quite close to my house so I don’t have to trek down to San Diego, which is kind of nicer. Just those two aspects more than anything else.

The blood on this show – what is that?
There’s two generations. We got love handles from the first one. It was pure sugar and you just wake up feeling horrible so you have to change it. The new generation is pomegranate juice and something else. It’s a concoction that the props guys make up. Yeah, it’s good. It’s quite sweet. It’s a little hard to keep a straight face when you’re taking it down, but [adopts awesomely cocky attitude voice] that’s why they pay us the big bucks.

What are some shows that you watch on TV?
Oh boy, I really enjoy Deadwood. I enjoy The Office, Family Guy. Moonlight, Veronica Mars, I don’t know, that’s about it (laughter.)

How do you prepare for a role like this, where you’re sort of eternally young and going through these things?
I can’t quite help that, because I just am young, ya know what I mean? As far as the role, it’s an ongoing thing. You can study all the things on the vampires for as long as you can live in LA. There’s so many books on it. We kind of have our own code, and before we even started, I was reading some Ann Rice books, getting a feel of what vampires are like, why are they different from humans. I think there’s a lot to do with “esp”, they can tell when other vampires are nearby, they can tell who are humans, they can perceive what’s really going on, and these are really cool character elements for an actor to work on. I’m very happy to be able to have that opportunity. Every actor wants to play a vampire.

What about the character made him interesting to you?
It came to me, as basically two pages, was the audition scene. So originally it was an older guy and they hadn’t finished the script yet, so the two pages I got was essentially the first scene that was in the pilot episode, on the phone, and I’m sort of talking to Mick and he comes in. I was immediately fascinated with the character. Very, very, very sharp, you know? I don’t know, very keen, has a very hard edge. And then, I guess as it sort of develops, you got more that the writers do their thing, and you get more backstory and get familiar with the character and you see where he’s been, what the history was, that led to becoming who he is. It just gets more interesting over time, but it started out cool.Josef is so paranoid about the humans finding out about the vampire community.

Are we ever going to get into how he gets a hold of his staff (some who are human, some who are vampires), and how he keeps all of them, to keep the [vampirism] from getting out?
I think at some point, if it gets too out of hand, people are just like “come on please” and it doesn’t become believable. I think he has a lot of poise. He’s able to keep his guys at bay. I don’t know to what degree he disposes of these guys. There was talk in the earlier episodes that he was ruthless guy. Then you see that maybe he does have humanity. I think it would be an interesting point. Mostly he just bankrolls them. I don’t know I’ll just make it up – he wipes them out afterwards.

Going past episode 12, do you know anything about what your character is expected to see?
It’s pretty much in the formulistic stages, with regard to that. Obviously, there’s no scripts written. There’s some possible stuff. The one thing that I heard is basically a betrayal of Josef against Mick. Something Josef’s been telling him all along is not true, and it’s very important to Mick. That’ll lead to some very cool stuff. There’s some great stuff coming up. I’m so excited for you to see it. Particularly, in episode 11, I think you’re going to fall in love with this one character, she’s just unreal, this girl.

The next question kind of goes along with that – some of the readers of our site were interested in seeing Josef and Mick as possible enemies – is that something you’d want to play?
Oh absolutely, I’m always kind of in favor of changing things around. You can always come around. I think that would be great. He can stand up to the best of them, so I’d like to see him maybe tear me a new one ha.

A lot of the scenes that people have really responded to have been ones where there is real male camaraderie going on. Is there going to be more of that male bonding coming up? Or is that going to be fractured?
I hope it never gets to that. I think it’s a part of who these guys are. A big part of why Josef is in the storyline at all is because he’s somewhat of a mentor, a safe person that Mick can ask about certain experiences he’s going through and how they relate to Josef’s knowledge of the situation. They’re the scenes that I enjoy the most. A lot of that banter back and forth. Hopefully, we’ll get a lot more.

There’s a lot of action on Moonlight and I was wondering if you expect to see Josef get in on the action?
All they had was me slipping on the rooftop so far, which is the extent of my action, I don’t know if you saw that one, where I like jump up on the roof or whatever. I expect that there would be some more. I would love to se him get in a fight. I’d be curious to see how they write it. I think perhaps, he [F----], oops, sorry about that just vamps out. He goes nuts. He just totally loses his mind. I think that would be so cool.

Obviously, vampires have been the big fear of many for years. What is your own personal biggest fear?
Oh my God, that’s a great question! It’s funny. I think I would have to say looking around and seeing the way that the world is now as opposed to where it was 40 to 50 years ago, it’s pretty crazy. It’s funny for like a kid my age, growing up, because it’s way different than my parents. They grew up with morals and manners and stuff like that and I look around at my friends and I think, damn, dude, where did that go and what happens when they have kids? Really, it’s not a light matter. You look at 100s and 100s and 1000s of years, it’s been that way, and in the last 40 or 50 years it’s gone down man so it’s like, damn you gotta pick it back up. That’s scary to me.

Who are some of your favorite actors/actresses, who would you love to work with?
Dude, I always see movies and say “oh I would add that to my list” and then someone asks me and I can’t think. Brando, Dean, and Clift. Those are all no longer here, but Kevin Kline would be awesome to work with. I’d love to work with Ryan Gosling, I think he’s awesome. I think Jeff Bridges is unbelievable. I think he’s very underrated. Alfred Molina I love. I think Meryl Streep is fantastic, I think she does amazing work. Jessica Lange is beautiful.

To go along with that question, if you could do anything in the world, any type of project, what would it be?
Gosh, I would probably do Shakespeare with the above guys. It would just be so amazing. The concepts in that, I don’t know, just with my horrible answer to what am I scared of, they deal with concepts like that in Shakespeare, you know what I mean? He saw these things and he saw that sort of stuff, so when you get actors that can play that sort of thing. Like, did you guys see Love Actually? There’s this scene with Emma Thompson. It breaks your heart, man. She’s just talking to her husband, talking basically about this girl that he might be in love with or whatever, and then she totally lets it go, and goes on to the next thing and shuts it out of her life. You just go, oh my god, it just breaks your heart. I love those moments in acting. That’s what I try to find sometimes. What that actually does, you take it on as a universal concept. You see like this kid who gets hit by his dad, but you really see that dude, and you see what that does to that kid. Then when you talk about it, it’s a little bit different, if you can actually see what that does, what the ramifications are. That’s why these great actors are so good, because they make you feel it man, and they see it. If you can see it, then you can put it in your act.

Do you have any upcoming movie projects?
I just messed around with some friends of mine. We did a little short film [called Struck] that you’ll probably wind up seeing at some point. It’s only about 7 minutes long. I play a guy that’s not like any of these guys. It’s a really lovely story. I think you’ll see. I play like a really loose nice guy, and it’s a little bit cool for a change of pace. There are a couple movies I might be working on soon. It more or less depends on the strike though. I can’t be in the middle of a movie, and they call you back to work on this project and have to abandon the movie.

How do you prepare to play this part? Do you have a technique, do you use Method?
I suppose I just read it over and over and over and get my idea of things. I think what I said earlier is kind of like more how I approach it. If you can look at life, man if you can really see life, you can bring that sort of knowledge to your acting. Gosh, it’s amazing man. I think the people that can’t, don’t get it, don’t see that, are missing lots of things that they could bring to their work. I just read it over and over and kind of more, dramatize it. You take a little line or a little piece of something and you look at it a bunch of different ways, you can add a story to it yourself if it’s not in the script and make it bigger for yourself. And then when you say it…you know what I mean? If you’re talking about, say your father, who is never mentioned before and that sort of thing, what that relationship is like, you know, so when you talk about it, you know. People feel that. When people are just talking to you in their everyday life and they’re talking to you about experiences that they’ve had, you get what they’re talking about, what they’re looking at when they’re talking to you. I think it’s great that as an actor you can create it how you want. It’s very creative; it doesn’t leave you in the past. Method is, I don’t know. It’s just the people I’ve seen do it, I don’t know, I don’t want to say anything I guess because there’s people that do it with great success. I think there’s another way to do it that it’s not so hard on yourself. You can take it and make it whatever you want, based on your ideas of life, or your ideas about that certain situation. You can create it whatever way you want, based on the story, and how you want it to be looked at and what you want people to feel from it. It’s beautiful actually.

You don’t take anything from your life, you’d rather imagine it?
Yeah, totally, but not to the point where it’s like, oh I don’t know about that, when I do? If I’ve seen something in my life, I know what that’s like. I’m not going to not use my knowledge of life, you know what I mean? I don’t consciously go back to that moment and feel that pain. It’s like, yeah I know what it’s like to be broken up with; I know what the feels like. It’s like [frakking] time just caves in on you, it’s [frakking] unbelievable. It’s the worst feeling in the [frakking] world or when you break up with somebody else. You see that all the time in drama, and if you really look at it, it’s probably one of the top five worst things that’s ever happened to you and if you look at it like that, you really look at it, you come up with some really special stuff for those moments.

I read somewhere that you have two sets of identical twin siblings. Is that true?
They’re both identical, which doesn’t run in the family, like we don’t have twins anywhere in the family, like it’s not hereditary. We don’t have twins anywhere in the family, so it’s like one in a million chance.

Thank you guys so much, I really appreciate it, thanks for letting me talk about the acting for a little bit!

That's it Tubers. Don't forget to vote for Moonlight in the People's Choice Awards.

People's Choice Awards
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1990 Doritos commercial features famous faces

It always amazes me the entertainment treasures one can find lurking on You Tube. Check out this 1990 Doritos commercial with Jay Leno. If you watch until 17 seconds in, you’ll see the former man-of-steel, Dean Cain, at 17 seconds in. Yes, Cain is hawking Jumpin’ Jack Cheese flavor Doritos. (It’s been a while since I posted my Dean Cain post of the week, so here it is.) Also, I’m pretty sure that the girl with the crazy curly hair was on Saved by the Bell. Am I wrong?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How I Met Your Mother writers reveal who the “mother” is

In an open letter to fans from their My Space page, writers/producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas spilled the beans about the much-debated identity of the show’s self-titled “mother,” just in case television doesn’t survive the strike.

I’m sure they’re joking, but take it for what you will. Here’s the quote:

“And just in case the strike goes on so long that the medium of television goes out of business forever and we never get to make another episode, the mother is the coat check girl.”

Funny, right?

Here is the duo’s open letter to fans about what’s happening with the show since the strike.


Hello HIMYM fans. Motherheads? Howsiers? What are you calling yourselves these days? So first things first, thank you for the incredible support you guys have given us over the years. We mean it. When you create a show, you never think you're doing anything more than telling a funny story. But apparently we've created a community, and it seems to be a community of pretty decent people. It's a community we'd probably want to have a beer with.

Our fans seem cool and smart and funny, and it drives us to want to make the show better, to never let it stagnate, to always push ourselves to try something interesting and new. So thank you. Anyway, we'd like to take a little moment here to come out from behind the desk, cool-11th-grade-english-teacher-style, roll up our sleeves and "rap" at you guys for a bit. We want to talk about the strike.

By now you probably know what strike we're talking about, but if you don't, watch this movie. What it boils down to is this: Tonight’s episode of “How I Met Your Mother” is the last new one for a while. Starting next week, we grimly trudge off the map and into the desert of reruns and reality TV. We can’t tell you how difficult this last month and a half has been for us, both personally and professionally. We work with the best people in this business – the best at their jobs, the best at being nice and decent human beings – and the thought of all of them out of work over the holidays is almost too much to bear. We miss them all every day.That’s by far the suckiest part of the strike – nothing tops that.

But there’s other suckiness, such as the suckiness of having to put this story on pause. We love our show. We love the stories we get to tell. And this year on How I Met Your Mother, we think the story is particularly great. A very juicy, breathtaking, funny, and (to use our director Pam's word) yummy story was just starting to unfold as the ax began to fall. We're very excited about the second half of this season, and not bringing it to you right now, factory-direct, sparkling-new, is simply killing us.But enough with our problems.

The reason we’re writing today is to beseech you guys, the fans of this show, to bear with us. The love and support you’ve shown us over the last two and a half seasons has been truly surprising and awesome, and we hope you’ll rejoin us when this whole mess is over with. But for now, this is going to have to be a long distance relationship. We know you’ll get lonely, and Mario Lopez is such a good dancer… but come on, hang in there. Sure, long distance doesn’t ever work for anyone, but we’re different. What we’ve got is special. We can make this work.

But in the meantime, if you want to help us end this strike quickly, please visit www.fans4writers.com. That site explains exactly what the WGA is asking for, exactly why it’s completely reasonable, and exactly how you can show your support. And just in case the strike goes on so long that the medium of television goes out of business forever and we never get to make another episode, the mother is the coat check girl.

Happy Holidays!Carter Bays and Craig Thomas
Thanks to Liz for the tip.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Office stars on Deal or No Deal

I don’t usually plug game shows here at Tube Talk, but I’m making an exception for this news, as I know many of you are huge fans of The Office.

On Wednesday from 8-10 p.m., The Office accounting department will join a Florida man, on Deal or No Deal on NBC, as he tries to win $1 million. Brian Baumgartner, Angela Kinsey and Oscar Nunez show up to offer support. The Office is the man’s favorite show, according to NBC.

Other guest stars this week on Deal or No Deal are Sugar Ray Leonard on Monday and actress Megan Hilty on Tuesday.

Scott Baio weds

Scott Baio is no longer single.

The legendary bachelor, who has dated some of Hollywood’s most beautiful women, finally tied the knot with fiancée Renee Sloan in Los Angeles, according to People magazine.

The wedding was a small affair on the roof of a luxury high-rise with Baio and Sloan’s new baby daughter in attendance, as well as Sloan’s 18-year-old daughter. The wedding was filmed for the VH1 reality show Scott Baio is 45 …and Single, premiering next month. (Of course it was.)

Baio returned to television last year in the reality series that examined his fear of marriage. At the end of the show, Sloan told Baio she was pregnant.

I’m curious as to whether VH1 will change the name of the show now to Scott Baio is 46…and Married?

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Strike update: Talks break down

On Friday, negotiations between Hollywood producers and writers stalled. Instead of an agreement that would end the five-week old strike, it seems the two sides are farther apart than ever on key issues.

Producers claim that the writers are simply stalling talks and being unreasonable in their demands, even wanting jurisdiction over reality TV. The writers claim producers aren’t listening to their demands on new media compensation such as Internet downloads.

I think I speak for all of us when I say, “Why can’t this be resolved?” Is it greed, years of resentment for past treatment, or a simple power struggle?

Whatever the underlying reasons, prolonging the strike is a detriment for the television genre. It means a schedule full of reality programs and game shows, which for the record, I refuse to watch.

On behalf of TV fans everywhere, I’m begging, folks, end this thing now. Call in Jimmy Carter, put on some Beatles music, and let’s try to all get along, shall we? If TV fans walk away from their favorite past time completely, while the two sides are fighting, the fans may not come back, ever. That would be a loss for writers and producers. And that’s something we can all agree on.

To read the official statement from the WGA after Friday’s talks, click here.

For AMPTP’s official statement, click here.

Behind the scenes of the Bones kiss

Those of you who couldn’t wait to see the kiss between Brennan and Booth on Bones, consider this an early Christmas present.

Here is some behind-the-scenes footage of David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel before, after, and during the kiss. This is a longer version that actually aired. (In other word, I counted to at least nine steamboats.)


Friday, December 07, 2007

Psych and Monk return tonight for Christmas fun

Our favorite detectives have been on hiatus since the end of summer, but they’re back tonight in special Christmas-themed episodes.

So, get out marshmallows and hot chocolate, kick up your feet and take a break from all the shopping, wrapping, decorating and socializing.

I’ve seen both shows, and they provide a fun-filled relief from all the holiday craziness. Get your laugh on starting with Monk at 9 p.m. ET. Monk becomes the town Grinch when he shoots a man dressed as Santa Claus. Monk is desperate to clear his name and foil a criminal plot before Christmas.

Then, on Psych, at 10 p.m., Shawn and Gus spend Christmas with the Gusters. Gus’ father is fingered as the main suspect in a murder case. Shawn uses his “psychic” ability to solve the “ho-ho-homicide.”

Psych and Monk air on USA. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Smallville Video: Chloe and Clark unrequited love?

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Is there any better storytelling device than unrequited love? I don’t think so.

It’s what keeps us TV romantic types watching with the hope that someday Booth and Brennan will fall in love, on Bones, or that Clark will realize that Chloe is his true Lois Lane, on Smallville.

Sometimes, unrequited love works out. (Jim got Pam, Felicity got Ben, and Pacey got Joey. Woo HOO!) Other times, not so much. (Sorry Buffy and Angel and Joey and Rachel.)

In all my years of TV watching, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a fan following for unrequited love, as I’ve seen for Chloe and Clark on Smallville. Fan fiction stories and You Tube videos are created for them daily, and message boards are filled with viewers analyzing every single word and gesture of Clark and Chloe's scenes together for subtext.

It could be that the masses identify with Chloe, a normal gal, who will always be in love with her super hero Clark, only for him to be in love with the town’s most popular dark-haired beauty. Or it could be that folks just can’t get enough of an unrequited love story.

Whatever the reason for the fan fascination with this couple, it’s evident that Clark and Chloe are a draw for viewers. The Smallville writers have blown it big time in not pursuing a bigger story there. (My apologies to the Smallville folks if in fact that is planned in upcoming episodes, but I’m not holding my breath.) The opportunity was ripe this year, with Jimmy Olsen entering the scene to give Clark a wake-up call, but the future man of steel has been too bogged down in the adventures of his super girl cousin, visits from his mother and other aliens, and his continued obsession with Lana Lang to notice much going on in Chloe’s life.

If you think I’m exaggerating the appeal of this non-couple, please check out this superb video from the incredibly talented Ashley, who I’m sure has a successful future in video production if she chooses.

NBC announces 2008 mid-season schedule

NBC just announced its schedule for the upcoming months.

It’s a blend of reality programming, new original programs, and new episodes of old favorites such as Friday Night Lights, Las Vegas, Scrubs, ER, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and the returns of Law & Order and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

I’m most looking forward to the new dramedy Lipstick Jungle, starring Brooke Shields. It premieres February 7, so mark your calendars. I haven’t seen a screener yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

Here’s the official schedule, according to a press release. All times are ET.

Mondays (effective January 7, 2008)
8-9 p.m. -- "American Gladiators"; (premieres Sunday, January 6, 9-11p.m.)
9-10 p.m. - "Deal or No Deal"
10-11 p.m. - "Medium" (season premiere)

Tuesdays (effective January 1, 2008)
8-10 p.m. -- "The Biggest Loser"
10-11 p.m. -- "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"

Wednesdays (effective January 9, 2008)
8-9 p.m. - "Deal or No Deal"
9-10 p.m. - "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" (broadcast premiere)
10-11 p.m. - "Law & Order" (premieres January 2 with a two-hour debut)

Thursdays (effective January 3, 2008)
8-8:30 p.m. - NBC Comedy Series
8:30-9 p.m. - NBC Comedy Series
9-10 p.m. - "The Celebrity Apprentice" (season premiere)
10-11 p.m. - "ER" ("Lipstick Jungle" premieres February 7 in time slot)

Fridays (effective January 4, 2008)
8-9 p.m. - "1 vs. 100"
9-10 p.m. - "Friday Night Lights"
10-11 p.m. - "Las Vegas"

Additional dates:
Sunday, January 6, 2008
7-9 p.m. - "Deal or No Deal"
9-11 p.m. - "American Gladiators" (two-hour series premiere; regularnight January 7)
Sunday, January 13, 2008
8-11 p.m. - "The 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards"
Sunday, January 27, 2008
9-11 p.m. - "The Guinness Book of World Records - Live!"
Thursday, February 7, 2008
10-11 p.m. - "Lipstick Jungle"
Sunday, February 10, 2008
9-11 p.m. -- "Top 100 Most Outrageous Moments"Mondays (effective February 18, 2008)
8-9 p.m. -- "The Baby Borrowers" (series premiere)

NBC's reality series "The Baby Borrowers" is an intriguing new socialexperiment based on the hit British program that asks five diverseteenage couples -- ages 18-20 -- to fast-track to adulthood by settingup a home, getting a job and becoming caring parents first to babies,toddlers, pre-teens and their pets, teenagers and senior citizens -- allover the course of three weeks. Through this emotional, dramatic journey, each young couple will get a unique opportunity to peer into the future and see what they (and their partners) might be like if they remain together and decide to build a family. Tested by the everyday ups and downs of taking care of others and maintaining a relationship, most of the teens find themselves looking at all of their relationships and notions of parenthood in a new light. "The Baby Borrowers" is produced by Love Productions. Richard McKerrow (the U.K.'s "Cirque de Celebrite") and Tom Shelly ("Survivor") are executive producers."The Guinness Book of World Records - Live!" special will feature acountdown to the craziest world records held in history leading up to alive, death-defying stunt never seen before on television.

"TheGuinness Book of World Records - Live!" is produced by TrueEntertainment. "Top 100 Most Outrageous Moments" is a fun-filled special featuring 100 of the most outrageous moments of all time. It's the ultimate countdown to the best of the best clips that will keep viewers laughing out loud for hours. Clips include viewer submissions, TV show bloopers, games show flubs, classic outrageous moments and all-new never before-seen moments.

"Top 100 Most Outrageous Moments" is a follow-up to NBC's successful "Outrageous Moments" franchise. "Top 100 Most Outrageous Moments" is produced by Scott Satin ("Who Wants to Be a Superhero?")

Medium returns January 7

A voice from beyond just passed on this ghostly secret. (OK, not a voice so much, but an official e-mail from NBC.)

Medium is returning to NBC for its fourth season on January 7 at 10 p.m. ET.

(This post is for Sally, one of the trainers at my gym, who keeps asking me when Medium is returning.) Here’s the scoop, Sally, on what’s ahead this season on Medium.

Allison (Emmy winner Patricia Arquette) and her family's world is turned upside down after her abilities are publicly exposed, resulting in sweeping changes both professionally and personally. For the past three seasons, Allison has served as a part-time consultant to the district attorney's office in Phoenix, Arizona, using her psychic abilities to solve violent and horrifying crimes that have mystified authorities, including her nowformer boss D.A. Devalos (Miguel Sandoval, "The Division") and others within the criminal justice system.

Academy Award-winning screen legend Anjelica Huston ("Prizzi's Honor")will guest-star this season as Cynthia Keener, an investigator for anational firm called "Ameritips," who strikes an unusual professionalarrangement with Allison for her crime-solving abilities.Jake Weber ("Meet Joe Black") stars as Allison's exceptionallysupportive husband Joe, also left looking for work after recenttraumatic events. Sofia Vassilieva ("Eloise at the Plaza") and MariaLark ("10.5") star as Ariel and Bridget, the two eldest DuBois children,who both share their mother's psychic gift to varying degrees. DavidCubitt ("10.5: Apocalypse") stars as Detective Lee Scanlon and MadisonCarabello plays the DuBois' youngest daughter, Marie.

Missing Moonlight

There have been plenty of new shows this season to get excited about (Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money and Chuck) but it was the last installment of Moonlight that really solidified this show as a must see.

The final shower scene was so deliciously good that it left me wanting more. Did Beth really kill Coraline? I’m guessing yes, since she apparently had the cure to turn vampires back to humans. (It’s hard to have a show about vampires if they’re not vampires.)

But for the sake of entertainment, I hope Coraline isn't dead. She really knows how to push Mick’s buttons.

Moonlight has been fantastic so far, but the last episode was exceptional. Coraline and Mick have off-the-charts chemistry. And I think everyone can understand what it’s like to love someone who isn’t good for them.

Sadly, there was no new episode last week and there isn’t one this week either. We have to wait until December 14 for the next new show.

Meanwhile, for all of you who are missing Mick and the gang, please check out this video behind the scenes at Moonlight. It’s quite a shocker for those of you who’ve never seen Alex O’Loughlin or Sophia Myles in an interview. Let’s just say, they’re not from around here! Enjoy the accents.

Maks changes his mind, may return to Dancing With the Stars

Barely a day had passed since Dancing With the Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy told TV Guide he wouldn’t return next season to the popular ABC show, before he apparently changed his mind.

Chmerkovskiy told the magazine that seeing the story in print and the outpouring of support helped change his mind.

"When I read the article, I was like, 'ah… what have I said?' It was very tear-jerky for me," he said. "I'm honored to be part of this show, and the most important thing is the promotion of ballroom dance. When I had a free moment, I read all the e-mails and looked at my fan site and people were just devastated, to say the least. I didn't mean to do that."

He apparently misses home and was exhausted from the grueling dance schedule. But, Maks hopes to be asked back next season.

Can I get a woo-hoo? I know many of you were freaking out that Maks wouldn’t be shaking his booty on the next installment, if my overflowing e-mail box was any indication.

Let’s hope the DWTS people realize that Maks is one of the reasons so many folks tune in to the show and ask him to return.

To read the complete interview on why Maks had a change of heart, click here.

Commentary with a Co-ed: Heroes ends its sophomore slump

by Ashley Gouveia

Volume Two has come to an end and can I just say, “Why?!” It was finally getting over the sophomore slump and it had to end now?

Anyway, rant over. The episode was fantastic. The show definitely brought it’s A game all the way to the last second. The ending left me feeling oddly nostalgic but hyped for the continuing chapters. Throughout the hour there were moments where I felt like I was watching season one Heroes. In this case, that’s a very good thing.

Hiro stopping time and meeting Peter brought flashbacks to the subway scene where we heard for the first time, “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.” But this time there was not even a mention about the cheerleader. It was all about Hiro attacking him with the sword. How cool was the PrimaTech break in scene with people getting thrown all over the place by Peter and Adam? That was all sorts of cool.

One of my favorite moments of the night was Hiro’s reaction to seeing Nathan again. “Flying Man!” There is the Hiro I know and love. Oh, how I have missed you. Please don’t ever go back to 1671 Japan. You are needed for the comic relief that was lacking this season. I have a feeling that because of what he ended up doing to Adam (buried alive, creepy!) it might change him. The lovable naïve Trekkie, with an ambition to be a hero, might be gone for good.

I wasn’t annoyed with Elle’s character this week. I found her to be a lot more interesting than I previously did. Maybe because she had more to do than just being a loony toon with a shock treatment. It was great to see her go up against Sylar, even if it was just for a minute.

Speaking of Mr. Evil, he was finally ousted as a psycho to Maya. Mohinder had to explain it all. Sylar wasn’t even all that convincing of being the “good” guy. Perhaps she was lost in his eyes. I guess the twin ESP thing didn’t work since she only realized her brother was killed because of Molly and her abilities.

There were plenty of deaths in Monday’s finale. But some didn’t stick and some will be a guessing game ‘til 2008. Nathan being shot at the podium and Nikki being blown up after saving Monica were the most shocking. The final moments of Nathan giving his speech over the montage of flashbacks were amazing. What can I say? I’m a sucker for the voiceover montages. On Heroes they are always poignant and effective.

Volume 3 is titled “Villains” and what better way to start that off than by witnessing Sylar regaining his powers. He’s back! Well, not really. Not until some time next year. Darn!

Commentary with a Co-Ed is a weekly column at Tube Talk new every Thursday.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Win a phone call from Lex Luthor

Imagine the phone ringing and sexy Lex Luthor (actor Michael Rosenbaum) is on the other end.

A phone call from Lex is just one of several prizes in a new raffle to help support the writers’ strike Pencils2MediaMoguls campaign.

Several TV show runners are trying to drum up support for the campaign by offering some fun raffle prizes from their shows. Among the lot so far, an autographed Lost finale script, a phone call from the Lost creators and star Matthew Fox to answer your Lost questions, and Jamie Barber’s towel from Battlestar Galactica.

To check out what else you can win, visit the pencils2mediamoguls site. Good luck! If a Tube Talk reader is lucky enough to win a call from Sexy Lexy, I expect a full report!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Breaking news: Maks won’t return to Dancing With the Stars

Ladies, brace yourselves.

Hottie Maksim Chermokovskiy won’t be back next season on Dancing With the Stars, according to TV Guide.

Chermokovskiy wants to return to professional ballroom dancing competition, he said. He’s also busy working on choreographing a New Year’s Eve show at the Wyn in Las Vegas.

That sound you hear? Hearts breaking across America, including mine.

Maks became a celebrity himself, during his years on the show, due to his incredible dance moves and fiery personality.

He was favored to win Dancing With the Stars this year, as his partner Mel B was the most talented dancer in the finale. However, racecar driver Helio Castroneves roared away with the title. Maks and Mel finished second. Last year, Maks and partner Laila Ali finished third.

To read the interview with Maks and his take on why a woman can’t win Dancing With the Stars, check out the story at TV Guide.

Sarah Michelle Gellar returning to TV?

Former vampire slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar is considering a return to television, according to E!Online’s scoop diva Kristin Dos Santos.

Gellar is allegedly not happy with the movie scripts she’s been receiving. I can’t blame her. Most of the movies I watched this year weren’t worth the rental fee. (Superbad and Chuck and Larry, I’m talking to you.) Perhaps Gellar realized that all those horror flicks and Scooby Doo sequels don’t come close to rivaling the incredible storytelling occurring on television right now.

Gellar is rumored to be looking at a new Darren Star production. Yes, that Darren Star, of Melrose Place fame. I’m salivating at the thought of it.

Also, if you haven’t heard, Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku are also returning to television in a new drama called Dollhouse.

It’s a good day to be a Buffy fan.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Let’s talk TV: The week in review

Desperate Housewives
That twister that hit Wisteria Lane left a street full of devastation. In the voiceover intro, we were told one of the ladies would lose a husband and that they would all lose a friend. Gaby’s spouse, Victor, was impaled with a white picket fence. How’s that for symbolism? (One husband down.) But the friend? My money is on poor Ida. I’m guessing she woke up and went looking for her cat, right into the path of the tornado. I blame Lynette. We’ve seen a lot of selfish behavior through the years on this show, but Lynette consistently exhibits self-absorbed behavior. Pushing her way into her neighbor’s basement during the storm and then insisting Ida’s cat be removed is so typical Lynette. Kudos to Mrs. Landingham, oops, Mrs. McClusky for calling Lynette out on her selfish behavior that she only acts like a friend when she needs something. Why didn’t Lynette and Tom go to another neighbor’s house or a shelter? Maybe this storm will teach Lynette how to be a friend. On second thought, she’s got Gaby, Susan and Bree as her companions, so there’s probably no hope for Lynette.

Las Vegas
Sam is back at the Montecito. Can I get a woo-hoo? Her bowling meeting with Cooper was a fun tête-à-tête during a game of bowling. I finally figured out what’s bugging me about Tom Selleck’s stiff-jawed portrayal of Cooper. He’s missing the Thomas Magnum sense of humor. Selleck excels in levity. To see it restrained in this role is a real downer. Did you catch his hilarious stint on Friends? Yes, Cooper is daunting, scary and mysterious. But I miss his fun side. Ed Deline managed a perfect balance of both. Let’s hope Selleck finds his smile soon. It’s too pretty not to be seen.
Meanwhile, Danny and Mike caught the robbers. But poor Danny, every member of his family has now ended up six-feet under. DeLinda, you should think twice before marrying into the McCoy clan.

How I Met Your Mother
Barney lost his mojo. Say what? Even suited up in a room full of supermodels, Barney had nothing. Sure, it stemmed from realizing that his brother, the always-entertaining Wayne Brady, had paid Barney’s first lover to lie about his performance. Realizing he wasn’t awesome threw Barney in to such a spin that he began doubting his sexual prowess, thus throwing off everything in the How I Met Your Mother universe. In a funny B storyline, the rest of the gang joined the gym. It lasted less than a week. As much as I enjoy the Mother folks, I’ve lost all patience with the reveal about who the mother actually is. Just tell us already!

Brothers and Sisters
Congratulations Robert and Kitty! They tied the knot. It’s always a good time at a Walker shindig and the wedding didn’t disappoint, due to Robert’s run at the presidency. I couldn’t help but chuckle as members of the Walker clan were detained by secret service for various charges: Kevin’s off-the-cuff comment about wanting to kill his new brother in law, Nora’s date for smoking pot and Justin and Tommy for fighting. Good times. Good for Rebecca for telling Justin that his new girlfriend was sleeping with this brother. As for the new guy in town who showed up at Holly’s door at the end, I’m betting he’s Rebecca’s real father. There is no way she and Justin are brother and sister. I just can’t buy it. Those two have too much chemistry.

Pushing Daisies
A taffy candy competitor moved into the Pie Hole neighborhood and the rivalry got a bit sticky this week. One dead body in the taffy vat later, and the pie maker and his pals had to solve a crime. This show is so much fun. Thank you ABC and Lee Pace for making me smile each week. And I’ve said it before, Ned and Olive, are pure confection. I do have one note, though, Lee Pace, you know I love you, but get a pair of tweezers. Those eyebrows are starting to rival Peter Gallagher’s.

The Office
Psych! Yes, I’d love to be able to gush about Michael’s latest idiotic scheme or the euphoria that is Pam and Jim, but the writer’s strike has caused The Office to go dark with any new episodes. I hurt, Tubers!

Friday Night Lights
Landry confessed. Matt lost his virginity. Tim apologized his way back on to the team. And Eric was jealous of his wife’s new “yuck-it-up” friend. Things happen quickly in Dillon. I’m so glad this show has new episodes left because ending the show with Landry’s confession to the cops is a cliffhanger of monumental proportions. Will he go to jail? Will Tyra come to his rescue? I can’t wait for the next episode.

OK, it’s your turn to share your thoughts on your favorite moments and shows from the past week. I’ll be waiting for your comments.

McDreamy is enchanting in new Disney movie

I had the chance to catch Patrick Dempsey’s new movie, Enchanted, this past week. If there was ever any doubt, Dempsey is definitely a shoo-in for Prince Charming.

Enchanted was a delight from start to finish. It used a plethora of fairy tale devices, from a poison apple and evil queen, to characters bursting out in song, an abandoned slipper, and a grand ball. It was everything a Disney movie should be: romantic, funny and sweet. It’s the perfect film to watch during the holiday season.

It’s not Dempsey’s first time on the big screen, a place he seems just as comfortable with as in the halls of Seattle Grace on TV’s Grey’s Anatomy. He always shines on screen. Dempsey’s role in Sweet Home Alabama made me root for him, instead of the other guy who Reese Witherspoon’s character inevitably chose. Yeah, so I’m a little biased.

What can I say? I’ve always had a thing for Prince Charming.

Amy Adams, James Marsden and Susan Sarandon also shine in Enchanted. But it’s the adorable Rachel Covey, who plays Dempsey’s daughter, who really steals your heart.

From talking animals to over-the-top princess fashions, Enchanted is simply delightful. Or as fans of Grey’s Anatomy might say, simply McDreamy.

Check out this fun unscripted Moviefone interview with Dempsey and Adams.

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