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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Eddie Cibrian tonight on Dirty Sexy Money

Here’s a little treat for Halloween night. Hottie Eddie Cibrian is dressing up as a towel-clad hunk for his role on Dirty Sexy Money tonight. OK, so he’s not really dressing up so much, as dressing down, but whatever, semantics.

The point is, Cibrian is back on the tube. It’s not clear for how long he’s staying or how he’ll fit in with the Darling family, so catch him while you can. (It’s no secret I have a little crush on Cibrian and his dimples, so please indulge me while I share this news.)

Blair Underwood is also amping up the tension on the show. And the Darlings make me laugh on a weekly basis. I’m enjoying Dirty Sexy Money more each week, how about you? And no, it’s not just because of Cibrian’s upcoming six-pack.

Dirty Sexy Money airs on ABC on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET.


tart said...

Thanks, TTG! I've never watched this show, but I love him. I'm in. I'm off to do some research to see what I've missed.

Miz Behavin said...

Did you say a shirtless Eddie Cibrian in a towel? I am so there.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any info on the writer's strike? I'm just curious how it's going to affect shows. Like I know one of my favs like NBC's Las Vegas has scripts for up to episode #17. Can those episodes still be filmed even if there's a strike since there's actual scripts? It's all confusing to me.

tube talk girl said...

I haven't addressed the writer's strike because I've been waiting to see what happens. I never thought it would get this far, but as of midnight Thursday we'll know if they're striking.

My understanding is that several shows have scrpits ahead and that those can be filmed. But shows like Letterman, Leno, Jon Stewart, etc. would go off the air. Not all shows have stockpiled scripts though.

It is confusing. There hasn't been a writer's strike since 1988. It lasted 22 weeks.

Hope that helps!

kim said...

Holy @$#$! Tube Talk Girl, we usually have the same taste in leading men, so I checked out this Eddie Cibrian. Good Lord. That was the best part of Dirty Sexy Money. Any chance he'll be a regular or get his own show somewhere else?

tube talk girl said...

Kim, Eddie was in the pilot Footballer Wives, but it wasn't picked up. (It starred James Van Der Beek, too.)

He's going to be guesting on Samantha Who? soon. He was only scheduled for one episode of Dirty Sexy Money, but I've heard rumors that the part could be extended. I almost hope it isn't, as I'd like for him to get a lead in a show somewhere. He's too good not to be somewhere permanently.

Red said...

I am crazy about Dirty, I love the nutso family. I record it every time so I can re-watch it!

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