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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

One Tree Hill and Smallville return this week

One Tree Hill
Will Nathan rescue Cooper or die trying? Which one of the Tree Hill ladies is pregnant? And will Dan stop being an ass? (Yes, the last one is rhetorical.)

One Tree Hill returns Wednesday to answer those and more burning questions. For those of you who haven’t tried this show, give it a go. After watching hours of new show premieres, I can tell you that it’s better than most of the new dramas out there.

Thanks to the CW for these sneak peek photos from the premiere. Catch One Tree Hill on the CW at 9 p.m. EST.

Clark Kent, your days left in the Phantom Zone are numbered. The new season of Smallville starts Thursday, Tubers, and I couldn’t be more excited to see how the man of steel gets out of that weird, floating, prison.

If that isn’t enough to entice you, there’s always Lex in leather, Chloe and Clark discussing “the kiss,” and Lois and Martha trying to escape a crashing jet. Is it Thursday yet? Catch Smallville on the new CW at 8 p.m. EST.

Monday, September 25, 2006

New Show Reviews: Smith, Studio 60, Six Degrees, Jericho, Brothers and Sisters, and Men in Trees

We made it through the first big week of new-show premieres, and the good news is I haven’t seen a Head Cases yet. The bad news is, I haven’t found a new Lost or Veronica Mars either. But, this week, several more new shows debut, so I’m not giving up hope.

As always, here is the Tube Talk ratings guide. The ratings are based on having viewed only one episode of each show. So in some cases, you may want to try out the shows for a few weeks before calling it quits, as they sometimes take a few episodes to find their footing. If a show debuted this week (Sept. 17-24) but isn’t here for review, well, take that as a sign.

Ratings Guide:
Four stars — Do NOT miss this show. Use extreme measures if necessary, including hiding if visitors ring the doorbell, screening phone calls, and bribing a neighbor to record it for you if you haven’t mastered your DVR/VCR. Or just become completely irrational and don’t leave home when it’s on. (Previously rated four-star shows include Lost, Jack and Bobby, and Freaks and Geeks.)

Three stars — It’s good. Catch it if you can. (Previously rated three-star shows include Bones and Joey.)

Two stars — If you’re home with nothing to do, turn it on, but don’t waste your precious TiVo hours on it. (Previously rated two-star shows include Father of the Pride and Clubhouse.)

One star — It’s so bad you’ll want to shut off the TV and write an angry letter to the network that aired it. (Previously rated one-star shows include The Help and Head Cases.)

SmithThieves, killers, and eye candy all play a part in this engrossing, action-packed drama. It’s Ocean’s 11 for television, except the storylines and characters are much darker. And these bandits don’t seem to have the same knack for pulling off perfect crimes the way George Clooney and company do on the big screen. So far, the Smith gang is down one member due to a shootout— ending in a chest full of bullets for one sorry lad— and they managed to leave behind a witness who can identify the only female member of the team (Amy Smart, Felicity.) Another member of the group just got out of prison for a job that went wrong. So, they aren’t exactly smooth criminals. Simon Baker and Virginia Madsen steal the show, and I hope they’ll get more screen time. (And a special thanks to the smart exec who gave us Baker surfing in his opening scene.) The entire cast is brilliant, from Ray Liotta to Smart. However, Smith is a risky concept for television, as this is a group of thieves and murderers. That seriously hinders the likeability factor for the characters, which is usually key for a TV show to succeed. I applaud CBS for taking a chance with this daring drama. It was the best new show of the week. (CBS, Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST)

Six Degrees
It’s hard to believe this dud of a drama is from TV-genius J.J. Abrams, who gave us two of TV’s greatest series ever: Lost and Felicity. Six Degrees and Abrams’ last dramatic effort, (What About Brian), have left me wondering what happened to the Abrams’ magic. Six Degrees isn’t horrible; it just isn’t memorable either. The premise of the show is that a group of strangers in New York City are somehow, by fate, all connected. In the premiere, we met the characters and watched as they tried to maneuver the rocky world of romance and life. Yawn. I was bored before the 20-minute mark. (Sorry, J.J. Don’t hate me.) You should know that not everyone feels the way I do about this show. In fact, E!Online’s Kristin Veitch loved it. (ABC, Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST)

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Maybe it was the hype that had me expecting this to be the best new drama of the season. Sadly, it isn’t. I liked the show. I didn’t love it, which is unusual considering that TV-writer-extraordinaire Aaron Sorkin is behind it. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is a behind-the-scenes look at a fictional sketch comedy TV series. (Think Saturday Night Live.) Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford are as charming as ever in their roles as a TV writer and producer, and Amanda Peet sparkles. However, the show, overall, seemed a little slow-paced and a bit flat. It lacks the charm of Sorkin’s signature show The West Wing. Considering Studio 60 is set in the world of television, I’m sure there are plenty of juicy stories to tell. I’m hoping we get to see a few of them here. My fellow critics who have seen the second episode tell me it gets better. I hope they’re right. (NBC, Mondays at 10 p.m. EST.)

---Editor's note, after viewing episode 2: My fellow critics were right. If you gave up on this show after the first week, try it again. The second and third episodes were much better, and Sorkin's signature cadence and pacing are back.

Brothers and SistersCalista Flockhart and Sally Field star in this family drama, heavy on the drama. It seems their mother/daughter relationship is strained at best. Make no mistake: This isn’t the Walton family. The Walkers have problems that can’t be solved within the span of an hour. The acting is top-notch in this series, but I’m not sure I care enough yet about the characters to make a weekly date with this one. I was excited that Tom Skerritt was part of the cast, but they killed him off in the premiere. Is it possible he’ll be back as a ghost, because that could get me to keep watching? I was most intrigued by Flockhart’s character, Kitty, a conservative political pundit, and her brother, Justin (Dave Annable,) a war veteran and drug addict. If you like family drama and have siblings, this one may be to your liking. (ABC, Sundays at 10 p.m. EST.)

Men in TreesBig city girl, reeling from a break-up, moves to an isolated town in Alaska where the men outnumber women 10 to 1. OK, so the concept isn’t fresh. (We’ve seen similar versions in Ed and Northern Exposure.) But, I still enjoyed this show immensely. It’s quirky, fun and a good way to spend your Friday nights. Anne Heche plays famous writer Marin Frisk, who realizes she’s spent her whole life in relationships with men and that she needs a break. The always-perfect John Amos portrays the town’s only pilot, Buzz, and had the best line of the show. “She’s no Selleck,” he deadpanned, after hearing “celebrity” Marin speak at a public meeting. (Any show that pays tribute to Tom Selleck gets points in my book.) Viewers will recognize ER’sJerry” (actor Abraham Benrubi) as the town’s bartender. Men in Trees is unsteady in places. The B story of the supermodel-looking gal who happens to be a prostitute is just bizarre. But overall, the show works. Even the title is clever. The name refers to the construction sign Marin spied when she hit town that warned of “men in trees” cutting branches. However, the Darwinian metaphor isn’t lost on the audience. She’s comparing men to monkeys, one of the smartest animals in the kingdom, but still, an animal. Granted, she has just cause, considering her fiancée followed his primal urges and hooked up with another woman. Heche is enjoyable and wacky enough to sell the part. “She’s a crackpot, but I dig her,” said the town’s deejay Patrick. Yeah. Me, too. (ABC, Fridays at 9 p.m. EST.)

Jericho — If you’re fascinated with disaster shows — or Skeet Ulrichyou’ll definitely want to check out Jericho. It’s the story of a small, Kansas town that survives a nuclear attack. The drama unfolds as residents see a mushroom cloud and realize that other cities across the nation have been hit. Panic, fear and unrest hit residents, as the mayor (Gerald McRaney) tries to keep order. Ulrich is solid as the mayor’s estranged son and the reluctant hero. Jericho held my attention, but isn’t nearly as gripping as last year’s brilliant drama Invasion. ( I know, I have to let it go.) (CBS, Wednesday's at 8 p.m. EST.)

**Check back soon for Tube Talk Girl’s take on Heroes, Ugly Betty, The Nine and Friday Night Lights.

What did you think of this week's new shows? What are your favorites? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Grey’s Anatomy, Earl and The Office return

Tonight is the night we’ve waited for all summer. We’ll finally find out —I hope— the fate of Meredith Grey’s teeny-weeny black bikinis. (I’m guessing Addison finds the panties somewhere on cheating McDreamy’s person, but I could be wrong.)

That’s just one of the mysteries waiting to be conquered in this season’s Grey’s Anatomy. The show starts at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

For those of you who haven’t seen the spectacular promo for the new season, check it out here. (I so love The Fray!)

Other noteworthy shows returning tonight include My Name is Earl at 8 p.m. EST on NBC, followed by The Office at 8:30 p.m. To check out the hilarious sneak peek of My Name is Earl, click here. For an early look at The Office, click here.

Also, the new ABC show Six Degrees debuts at 10 p.m. EST.

Pam and Jim, I never knew

Dear Pam and Jim of "The Office,"

“I’m in love with you. It’s probably not good timing. I know that. I just… I needed you to hear it.”

Tube Talk Girl

The above words, spoken by Jim Halpert, left me kicking myself this week and asking, “Why didn’t someone tell me about the power of Pam and Jim?” (OK, so Give Me My Remote, you did tell me.) The point is, I should have made time for the Dunder Mifflin gang in my busy schedule during the last two TV seasons, but there were the Lost folks, and the Neptune high kids, and the Smallville gang, and the lawyers at Crane, Poole and Schmidt, and Earl and his karmic lottery ticket and, well, you get the picture.

When The Office debuted, I watched the pilot episode, gave it a favorable review in my weekly newspaper column , and then apparently forgot it existed. Fast forward to this summer. Having heard all the buzz about the show, I decided to set my DVR to try and get all of last season’s episodes. After a two-week marathon of Office episodes, I’m hooked. I just finished watching the casino episode, the booze cruise episode, and the bring-your-daughter-to-work day episode. Brilliant, each and every one of them. And John Krasinski just may be the most underrated actor on television.

So yes, just like Jim, my timing is bad. I’m late in promoting this little show, and I already have too many hours of programming on my DVR for Thursday nights, but there it is. Please watch The Office tonight at 8:30 EST. Finally, on the very day of the brand new season, I can proudly say, “I support Office romances.”

For those of you still in the dark about why this show — and specifically Pam and Jim — have everyone from Tube Talk Girl to Joss Whedon swooning, check out this clip. (You have to wait a second for the ad to play, before the Pam/Jim goodness starts.)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

ABC new fall line-up and contest

Our friends at ABC are offering sneak peeks at their new fall line-up. Check out the links below for clips and other cool information.

I’ve come to expect great things from the Alphabet Network, considering it gave us McDreamy, Sawyer, Jack and Kate, Alan Shore and Denny Crane, Bree, Susan, and the girls, and my dearly departed Invasion. From what I’ve seen of ABC's new fall line-up, it looks consistent with the quality programming they’ve cranked out the past few seasons.

I’m most excited about Ugly Betty and The Nine. I’ve seen a few minutes of The Nine, starring Tim Daly and Scott Wolf, and I have to tell you, Tubers... Oh. My. (Insert expletive here.) It looks amazing.

Brothers and Sisters and Men in Trees also look promising.

In honor of some of your favorite ABC characters and shows, Tube Talk is giving you the chance to win a fun-filled prize pack that includes an ABC hat and t-shirt. Free swag, folks. Does it get any better?

To enter, simply fire off an e-mail to tubetalkgirl@gmail.com with the words ABC Contest in the subject line. Be sure to include your name and physical mailing address in the e-mail along with the name of your favorite ABC TV character and show. Two winners will be chosen randomly, and I’ll forward the results of your favorites to ABC. The contest deadline is October 14. Good luck!

Check out the complete preview of ABC’s fall schedule here.

Premiere Date: Wednesday, October 4, 2006 at 10/9 C
Official Site: http://www.onlytheyknow.com
YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ABCPrimeTime

Cast: Tim Daly (Wings), Chi McBride (Boston Public), and Scott Wolf (Party of Five)

Synopsis: So much in life is beyond your control. One day you wake up and go to work like a regular day. Suddenly a random moment, an accident, a blessing, even a stranger, comes from out of the blue and redirects your life forever. But it's up to you to decide if that moment will stop you in your tracks or lift you up to new heights. Today nine people face just such an unexpected twist when they are caught in a bank robbery gone wrong and endure a 52-hour hostage standoff that will leave two persons dead. When all is said and done, these nine people will never be the same. They will always share the common bond of what happens inside the bank…which only they'll know. And they will be forever affected and intertwined because of it. From the creator of Without a Trace and an executive producer of The West Wing comes a dramatic character study that will keep audiences hooked from the beginning of the bank robbery to the end of the hostage standoff. Taking a twist from Lost, each episode will begin with a flashback to reveal another 10 minutes of the hostage crisis, uncovering why and how these nine strangers are still linked today.

Premiere Date: Thursday, September 21, 2006 at 10/9
Official Site: http://www.u-r-connected.com/
YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ABCPrimeTime

Cast: Jay Hernandez (Friday Night Lights), Erika Christensen (Flightplan), Bridget Moynahan (Sex and the City), and Hope Davis (About Schmidt)

Synopsis: It's said that six people separate any one person from another. Considering the millions of people in the United States alone, it's an amazing thought that we're connected to anyone and everyone by a chain of six. Laura, a grieving single mother, begins the chain. Then to Whitney, the self-made success story who thinks her boyfriend is cheating. Move on to Steven, the artist/photographer who believes he's lost his 'eye.' Follow with Damian, who can't escape his criminal brother's shadow. Then to Mae, the girl with a dangerous past she's hiding from. And finally to Carlos, the good guy with a crush who doesn't know what he's in for. These six strangers are going about their normal lives but not realizing the impact they're having on each other – yet. It's a mysterious web of seeming coincidence and happenstance that draws these people closer to those who will change their lives forever. Even decisions made freely will seem part of a larger design begging the question if there is a greater force at work in our world, guiding us along and connecting our lives. The producers of Lost and Alias create an intriguing tale of intertwined strangers. It's a story that will prove just how small the world really is and how someone just five people away could be shaping your future right now.

Premiere Date: Thursday, September 28, 2006 at 8/7C
Official site:
Watch clip here: http://abc.go.com/primetime/schedule/2006-07/?clip=108945

Cast: Mark Indelicato, Tony Plana, Ana Ortiz, Ashley Jensen, America Ferrera, William Abadie, Alan Dale, Eric Mabius, Vanessa Williams, Michael Urie, Becki Newton

Synopsis: In the superficial world of high fashion, image is everything. Styles come and go and the only constants are wafer-thin beauties who wear it. Where could a girl who is less than pretty and a little bit pudgy possibly fit in? If you knew Betty Suarez, you'd see how sweet, intelligent and hard-working she is. Few people ever get to know her because in the world of fashion, Betty is the oversized square peg, in the petite round hole. But finally, her looks and lack of fashion sense are going to be an asset. When publishing mogul Bradford Meade hands the reigns of his fashion magazine, Mode, over to his son Daniel, he specifically hires Betty as his son's new assistant - mostly because she's the only woman in NYC who Daniel won't sleep with. Repulsed at first, Betty will win him over with her efficiency. Neither of them really knows the ins and outs of the fashion world, but the two of them are a formidable team against the label-wearing sharks who will do anything to see them fail. That includes many couture co-workers with botoxed smiles on their faces and knives behind their Galliano backs. Executive Producer Salma Hayek and the creator of Urban Legend brings the Latino television phenomenon to an English-speaking audience. America Ferrera (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) and Eric Mabius (The L Word) are the Working Girl couple who tackle the colorful, cutthroat world of fashion head on.

Premiere Date: September 12, 2006
Watch clip:

Cast: Anne Heche as Marin Frist, Abraham Benrubi as Ben, Emily Bergl as Annie, Seana Kofoed as Jane, Suleka Mathew as Sara, Derek Richardson as Patrick, Sarah Strange as Theresa, James Tupper as Jack and John Amos as Buzz.

Synopsis: From one of the headwriters and executive producers of "Sex and the City" and the director of the Academy Award(r)-winning film, "Walk the Line," comes a fun and sexy ensemble drama about finding love in the most unexpected places. "Finding a good man in today's world isn't as difficult as some women think. You just have to watch out for the signs. You wouldn't drive with a blindfold on, but for some reason, women continue to date with one..." So native New Yorker Marin advises a crowd of her devoted fans. Marin thinks she has found her good man, fiancé? Graham, but discovers, bound for a speaking engagement in Elmo, Alaska, that he's been cheating on her. Plans for the wedding come to a screeching halt. Concluding that she really doesn't know anything about men, Marin resolves to temporarily stay in Elmo, where the ratio of men to women is ten to one, and get started on her new book - about men. Marin's subjects are quite a lively bunch. Adorably affable Patrick, an avid fan of Marin's books, runs the town's only inn and radio station. Man's man Buzz owns and flies the only plane in and out of Elmo. Sophisticated Ben runs the town's only bar and has an unusual past. Last but definitely not least, strong and silent Jack protects the environment and comes to protect Marin from a possibly rabid raccoon and, occasionally, herself. There are women in Elmo too. Both Theresa, Ben's estranged wife and former rock musician, and Sara, the town's "working girl," introduce Marin to a whole new way of thinking about men. And of course there's Annie, Marin's biggest fan, who moves to Elmo after hearing about Marin's break-up to reassure her -- mostly by quoting the relationship advice she has learned from Marin's books. Back in NYC, Marin's tough-girl editor, Jane, lends her long distance support, and even braves the ice and bad cell phone reception for the occasional visit. Marin learns that she has been living with her eyes closed for too long. Now that they're finally open, she sees the amazingly beautiful world around her, and for the first time she'll have the chance to stop and breathe. Now if she could just get the raccoon out of her hotel room, this place might be perfect.

Premiere Date: Sunday, September 24 at 10/9C
No sneak peek is available, but the cast alone should make you tune in.

Cast: Calista Flockhart, Rachel Griffiths, Sally Field, Ron Rifkin, Patricia Wettig, Balthazar Getty, Dave Annable, Matthew Rhys, John Pyper-Ferguson and Sarah Jane Morris.

Synopsis: Brothers and Sisters is a compelling, new one-hour primetime drama from executive producers Ken Olin and playwright Jon Robin Baitz about the California-based Walker family. In the series, we meet a collection of incredibly intertwined and somewhat damaged adult siblings who embrace one another unconditionally while striving to reflect the perceived perfection of their role model parents. In the days ahead, they will navigate waves of temptation, deception and grief. Brothers and Sisters follows the Walkers through the maze of American life today -- the pressures, limitless options and the struggle to grow beyond our backgrounds into ourselves. Through these fascinating siblings -- Sarah (Rachel Griffiths), the corporate VP who returns to the family business so she can give to her marriage as much as she does to her career; Tommy (Balthazar Getty), the loyal son yet charming womanizer; Kevin (Matthew Rhys), the gay lawyer cautiously learning about love; Justin (Dave Annable), the baby of the family, grappling with war trauma and addiction; and Kitty (Calista Flockhart), right-wing radio host turned TV pundit who has always been Daddy's little girl -- the show explores what it means to be a family in the 21st century, and how these brothers and sisters balance their own lives as they strive to accept their parents as people -- flawed, contradictory and forgivable -- rather than just as a father and mother. The parents are Tom Skerritt as William Walker, the larger-than-life patriarch and president of the family business, and Sally Field as Nora Holden, the opinionated wife and mother to the five Walker siblings. Then there's Ron Rifkin as Saul Holden, Nora's dandyish brother; John Pyper-Ferguson as Sarah's husband, Joe; Sarah Jane Morris as Tommy's wife, Julia; and Patricia Wettig as the mystery woman who could bring the Walkers and their company down. Brothers and Sisters stars Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal) as Kitty, Rachel Griffiths (Six Feet Under) as Sarah, Sally Field (Norman Rae) as Nora Holden, Ron Rifkin (Alias) as Saul Holden, Patricia Wettig (thirtysomething) as Holly, Balthazar Getty (Alias) as Thomas, Dave Annable (Reunion) as Justin, Matthew Rhys (Titus, Love and other Disasters) as Kevin, John Pyper-Ferguson (Unforgiven, Nightstalker) as Joe and Sarah Jane Morris (Felicity) as Julia. Ken Olin (Alias, thirtysomething), Jon Robin Baitz (The Substance of Fire, The West Wing) and Greg Berlanti (Everwood) are executive producers. The series is produced by Touchstone Television.

Fall schedule and premiere dates

You asked for it, so here it is: a day-by-day guide to the new fall schedule, complete with premiere dates. Thanks to George Fergus at www.epguides.com/ for his fantastic layout and sharing this with us.

CW network launch

The new CW network hit the airwaves this week and kicked things off with an all-star launch party and behind-the-scenes interviews with Tom Welling (Smallville), Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill), Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill) Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) and others.

In case you haven’t heard, the WB and UPN are no more. However, most of your favorite shows from those networks have been picked up by the new CW. (Well, except for Everwood.) Sorry, Tubers.

The biggest surprise of the launch-party show may have been the reveal of how One Tree Hill’s Dan Scott spent his summer: apparently at the gym. Did you see the guns on actor Paul Johansson, during his interview with Hilarie Burton? Whoa! Lucas, you have been warned.

For some great photos of the event, check out Just Jared and Wire Image.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Goodbye WB

by Jennifer Squires Biller

“Faces I remember.” That is the soulful line from the song Crawl that played Sunday night in the final farewell commercial for The WB network. The promos using that song had always been my favorites, and as The WB signed off the air permanently, it was a fitting choice to say goodbye. The network went out on a nostalgic high note by airing the pilots of Felicity, Dawson’s Creek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel back-to-back…Ah, the good ol’ days... (Sorry…where was I?) If you missed The WB’s goodbye, you missed the pilot episodes of some of the best series television ever made.

I admit I got a little misty-eyed watching the vintage promo clips of Noel and Dawson driving cross-country and Clark and Lex stopping short to “watch the frog.” And the final commercial was almost my undoing. There, staring out from the dark were Dawson, Pacey, Joey, Felicity, Noel, Ben, Buffy, Angel, Clark, Lex and the other faces from network that “defined a generation.” The fact that we know them all by only a first name is a testament to the greatness that was The WB. Capping off the touching ending, was the shadowy mascot we all loved, Michigan J. Frog, tipping his hat. (Gulp.)

My emotional reaction isn’t due to PMS or a chemical imbalance. It’s simply the realization that The WB, in its heyday, was a piece of TV perfection that probably never will be duplicated. It gave us J.J. Abrams, Joss Whedon, Keri Russell, David Boreanaz, and Jamie Foxx. And it gave us television in a way I’d never imagined, much less viewed: creative, original, edgy, witty, snarky and fun, without all the clichés of typical dramas. It feels like I’m mourning an old friend, and in a way, I am. I spent many hours hanging out with the kids of Capeside, Sunnydale and NYU.

If you missed the final tribute, check it out here at You Tube. Those of you curious about the song, it’s Crawl from the band Thisway and is available at iTunes. But be warned, listening to it can bring up gut-wrenching memories of “hey,” “Smoothaise,” “Chia head,” “the breakup kit,” “the Creek,” “walking the dog,” “celluloid propaganda,” “there’s an us here now,” “the Slayer,” “close your eyes,” "vanquishing demons,” “Happy Meals on legs,” “the evil hand,” and a “vampire with a soul." (sniff, sniff) Does anyone have a tissue?

We Are Marshall trailer

The trailer for We Are Marshall hit theaters last weekend. Those of you who watched Zach Braff’s new movie Last Kiss may have seen the trailer, if you made it in time for the previews.

We Are Marshall is the story of the Marshall University football team that was killed in a plane crash and the subsequent effort to rebuild the school’s football program and the community’s spirit. The film stars Matthew Fox and Matthew McConaughey.

For those of you who want to see what the movie is about, you can check it out here. Please note, for those of you here in West Virginia or across the country, who had friends or family members on the plane, the trailer does show the team in the air a few seconds before the crash and a shot of the aftermath.

The film is scheduled to open nationwide December 22, with the premiere here in West Virginia.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Allison Mack and Charisma Carpenter interviews

Part two of Matt Webb Mitovich’s entertaining interview with Allison Mack (Chloe, Smallville) is up at TV Guide. Thank you Matt! Allison discusses the infamous kiss that left fans screaming, whether she and Clark can still be “just friends” and what she thinks of all those Chlark fans hoping for a Chloe/Clark romance.

Veronica Mars’ fans, you don’t want to miss this interview with Charisma Carpenter (Kendall) about the new season. She discusses the briefcase and who may be her new love interest.

In other Smallville news, if you haven’t yet seen this season’s new promo, then check it out here. You’ll get a glimpse of the Green Arrow and Jimmy Olsen. I know it’s just cruel to torture you with this, considering we have to wait until Sept. 28 for an “all new Smallville.” But, my theory is that any new video of Clark Kent must be shared. You're welcome.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tube News

"Nip/Tuck" and "House" season premieres tonight
Don’t forget that the new seasons of Nip/Tuck and House begin tonight. Nip/Tuck returns on F/X at 10 p.m. and House returns on FOX at 9 p.m. For those of you who just can’t wait for a sneak peak at Nip/Tuck, Breath of Fresh Ink has the first photos of the much-talked-about shower scene with Julian McMahon and Mario Lopez. Be warned: these photos are for mature eyes only and may suddenly give you the urge to take a shower. After looking at those pictures, I think it’s safe to say who I’ll be rooting for in this season’s Dancing with the Stars. (Lopez all the way!) Who knew A.C. Slater had all those (cough, cough) assets.

Steve Irwin deat at 44
Television’s Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin was killed Monday, while swimming with a stingray on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Irwin was videotaped pulling a poisonous stingray barb from his chest in his last moments of life, according to the Associated Press. For more on his tragic death, check out the story at MSN.

Smallville photos from new season
Those of you who can’t wait until Sept. 28 for a new episode of Smallville, you can get a sneak peak of the season premiere production stills at Devoted to Smallville. Spoiler-phobes, you have been warned. Chlark fans, there is some eye candy there for you, too.

My Network TV debuts new shows tonight
Fashion House and Desire, two new shows from the new channel My Network TV, debut tonight at 9 p.m. EST and 8 p.m. EST, respectively. Fashion House stars Bo Derek and Morgan Fairchild and is set in the cut-throat world of the fashion industry. Desire stars Sofia Milos and Nate Haden. The shows will air five nights a week, with a Saturday recap for their 13-week story arcs. For trailers and prequels of Fashion House and Desire, check out www.mynetworktv.com.

"We Are Marshall" interview

As you know, I’ve been plugging a little movie called We Are Marshall, despite that this is a TV blog. The movie stars Matthew Fox (Lost) and mega-movie-star Matthew McConaughey. (And I might be one of the nameless, faceless extras playing a reporter in the press conference scenes, if Warner Brothers got my bribe, and I don’t end up on the cutting-room floor.) Warner Brothers has released the first official movie photos featuring Fox and McConaughey.

In other We Are Marshall news, my fellow writer and former co-worker Danny Forinash, now with The State Journal, has a fantastic interview with former Marshall University head football coach Jack Lengyel and former quarterback Reggie Oliver, who helped rebuild the 1971 team, after the devastating plane crash in 1970 that killed the majority of players and coaches. In the interview, McConaughey is quoted telling Lengyel that, “Jack, I've done 30 movies. About 5 percent of your movies are what you'd call real good movies. About half of the others, they'll find a date and release them. And the other half, they'll cut up and end up throwing away. This may be one of the best movies I've ever made." From what I saw on set the day I filmed, he isn’t exaggerating. I still get chills thinking about it. The movie premieres Dec. 12 in Huntington, W.Va., home of Marshall University, before opening nationwide.

To read about my experience as an extra on We Are Marshall and see photos from filming, click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2.

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