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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pushing Daisies picked up for full season

Never underestimate the power of pie.

ABC has just ordered a full season of Pushing Daisies, according to E!Online. The pie maker and his group of friends are apparently a hit with viewers and the network.

As you know, I’ve been gushing about this show since it debuted. It’s my favorite new show of the season. Plus, it has the cutest set ever to be used on a television show. The Pie Hole pie shop set is actually in the shape of a pie.

Incidentally, does anyone else crave pie after watching this show? I haven’t had such pie yearnings since my beloved Ed and his friends met for pie in Stuckeyville.

So, get your celebratory pie and raise a fork because the best new show of the season, that is both whimsical and delightful, is pleasing the masses. I’m off to find a piece of banana cream or a chocolate meringue.


Miles said...

I'm thrilled and shocked at the same time. I really didn't think the masses would realize the brilliance of this show. It appears I underestimated...

Oh, and thanks TTG. Now I'm craving a piece of banana cream.

Rosanna T said...

Shut your pie hole!!! Is this for real? I never thought it would make it. I love the pie maker.

procrastinator said...

My favorite new show of the season as well. I was concerned that the whimsy wouldn't keep up on the right note but the visuals have been spot on delightfult.

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