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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It’s lights out for Pretty Boy Floyd

He may be undefeated in the boxing ring, but on the dance floor, Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather couldn’t get a knockout. He was sent home from Dancing With the Stars Tuesday.

Those of you voting, I applaud your efforts. You made the right choice. Mayweather had an incredible work ethic, but he just couldn’t seem to master the ballroom posture. He always seemed to be slouched over, leading with his head, which is perhaps good in boxing, but not so great on the ballroom floor.

The judges said the Paso Doble was his best dance But, apparently for voters, he didn’t float like a butterfly when it came to dancing.

More shocking than Mayweather’s departure was the fact that Mel B and partner Maks were in the bottom two. Judge Carrie Ann audibly gasped in surprise when the red light went on Mel B. This does not bode well for Scary Spice, considering her scores have been among the top of the leader board every week. Where are the Spice Girls fans to vote for Mel? In fact, where are the actual Spice Girls to vote for Mel?

Cameron Mathison and partner Edyta were chosen to do this week’s encore dance. It was a beauty. The two were given the theme music to Superman for their Paso Doble. Playing up the Superman angle from judge Bruno’s comments two weeks ago, Mathison emerged with a giant C on his chest with a cape, before erupting into a powerful and thrilling Paso. (Bruno had joked previously that the perfectly handsome Mathison looked like Superman, but sometimes danced like Clark Kent.)

For the first time, we actually saw one of the professionals stumped about a routine. Edyta was so perplexed by the odd Superman music, she was struggling to make the choreography powerful enough to fit the music. The flustered pro and Mathison seemed irritated with one another, and at one point he simply said he didn’t want to do that move. Ouch! (Shouldn’t the celebs always listen to their partners?) Any sign of strain was gone by the time Tuesday night rolled around. There were no traces of Clark Kent in that dance routine and with a score of triple nines, it sent Superman “flying” to a whole new level.

Julianne and Helio also were at odds about their dance. He didn’t want to learn the dance the way she was trying to teach it. He likes to write everything down and learn the entire routine before perfecting the details. She prefers to perfect each part as she goes. They worked it out, and Helio said he would trust her to teach him correctly.

The best dance Monday night was hands down Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas. They earned the first perfect score of the season for their incredible routine, and rightly so. At this point, I don’t see how anyone can out-dance Bryan. She’s definitely a “cheetah” on the dance floor.

Everyone, including Mark Cuban who usually ends up with the lowest scores, gave great performances. But, that didn’t stop Carrie Ann from busting on Jennie Garth, Jane Seymour and several other dancers for using lifts. Jane argued vehemently that her toe never left the dance floor, but Carrie Ann disagreed.

Did you spot Ian Ziering in the audience? It’s about time somebody from the Beverly Hills 90210 gang showed up to support Jennie.


Becky said...

I am sorry TTG I have to disagree with you about Sabrina. Yes she is an EXCELLENT dancer, because she is a dancer. I think the show should be for people who aren't dancers, that is what makes it interesting to watch. It is neat to watch people "grow" each week. Of course I feel the same way about Mel B, but since her partner is Maks I am a bit biased.
I felt like I was torn between two sets of buns, Monday night watching him and Cameron.
My votes are for Cameron and Jenny, they both seem to want it more than anyone.

tube talk girl said...

Hmmm.... Beck, I know very little, in other words, nothing, about Sabrina. She has a lot of dance experience? I knew she did some dancing on Disney, but I didn't realize she'd had training. I knew Jane and Jennie had both had ballet. What's the scoop?

Becky said...

I am not sure if she has had "actual" training but she is the "dancer" of the cheetah girls. (you should check out Cheetah girls 2 she actually teaches dance in the movies, we have it on DVD!) Of course being a hip hop dancer doesnt mean you can do ballroom dancing, i just think that it gives you an unfair advantage, as with Jane and Jenny. I am on team Cameron now, he really showed pssion with his superman dance!

tube talk girl said...

Yeah, I have to root for Cam, too. He's delicious and is probably doing the craziest schedule of all of them, taping All My Children in NY, flying to CA for the dance show and to host I Wanna Be a Soap Star. I don't know when he's sleeping. Superman indeed.

I can't believe Sabrina actually teaches dance. You're right that it does help them.

I think Mark will be the next to go. But what do I know, I never would have put Mel and Maks in the bottom two either.

Kim said...

Cameron was HOT!!! OMG, I'm going to start watching All my Children. Superman, SAVE ME!

Robyn said...

Sabrina was really good, but I thought Jennie was, too. She should have got all 10s I thought.

What happened to Drew Lachey? He didn't seem as good as he once he was?

Becky said...

I dont know if Sabrina teaches it in real life but she does in the cheetah movies, a bit of an unfair advantage????

Drew looked kinda rusty, I was hoping they would dance to "save a horse" again! That was my all time fav!

tube talk girl said...

Ah..."Save a Horse"....that was my favorite also. That routine was HOT!

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