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Monday, October 01, 2007

Let’s talk TV: The Week in Review

The Office
I’m not sure what was funnier: Meredith as the face of rabies, Michael’s charity check made out to “Science,” or Creed’s admission that he used to be in a cult, as both a leader and a follower. Hysterical. The hour-long season premiere of The Office was a fun ride. I was a little disturbed at Dwight’s method to kill Angela’s cat, though. A freezer? Someone call PETA. As for our favorite couple, Jim and Pam, they’re dating. EEEE!!!! They were adorable, holding hands, during the rabies run and trying to hide their romance from their co-workers. That didn’t last long. I must confess that while I’m enjoying JAM, I’m going to miss Karen. Maybe Michael can recruit her back to Scranton for his next non-charity run.

Grey’s Anatomy
Meredith Grey, perhaps some bran in your diet will make you a little less bitchy. Frankly, you aren’t nice. This isn’t news, considering how rude Meredith has been to her family in the past. But, she was exceptionally harsh on her newly discovered sister, Lexie, to the point where I wanted to take McDreamy’s stethoscope and check to see if she has a heart in that cold empty chest. I love the new girl, Lexie. To quote George, she is, “kind of awesome.” Yes, she is. Meredith could take a lesson. The Grey’s premiere was my favorite of the week. It had a good combination of humor, romance and drama. My new favorite couple may be McDreamy and McSteamy. Derek needs a friend and so does Mark. He had the best line of the night when he tossed out this anti-manly quote to Derek, “I came to Seattle to get you back…(awkward pause and grinning) I know. I want to take it back now, but I already said it.” Too cute. I hope these two can rekindle their friendship. As for Izzie, I hated that she once again broke the rules in yet another silly storyline. This time, she saved Bambi - an actual deer - not George. As for Dr. Bailey, well, she was pissed. And rightly so. She deserved to be chief resident, but the Chief told her she belonged in an operating room, not at a desk making out schedules. She was robbed of the job and Chandra Wilson was robbed of an Emmy. George was back repeating his intern year, disillusioned and depressed. The fact that he’s not in love with his wife doesn’t seem to bother him as much as having to take orders from his former colleagues. Telling, yes? It was a little strange not having Burke and Addison in the mix, but I think we’ll adjust. I have high hopes for this season, that is unless bleeding-heart Izzie performs CPR on a turtle or some other half-dead animal.

Bizarro Clark was sent packing, courtesy of Clark and his cousin Supergirl, who he has yet to meet. The season premiere had so many loose ends to tie up that it seemed a bit disjointed at times. I think next week will be better. (Fingers crossed.) I enjoyed the Lana-free hour, up until the point we saw her channeling Sydney Bristow in her blonde wig, maneuvering the streets of Asia. Yes, it’s true. She’s alive. Sorry, Lana haters. I know you were hoping Clark would move on this season. It seems Lex is suffering from so much guilt over Lana’s “death” that he’s flipped to the side of good again. Don’t worry. I give that about as much chance of lasting as Lex ever growing hair. As for Chloe, she wasn’t sure what happened during the dam break. All we know is that she somehow saved Lois’ life and woke up in the morgue. And while Clark seemed truly devastated at Chloe’s “death,” he couldn’t even manage a hug for her in the morgue. Yes, it bugged me. He literally pulled a toe tag off of his best friend; so one would think he would have had a bigger reaction to her being alive. But, no, they saved their hug for their grief over Lana. I should have known. This week, it looks like we’ll learn a little more about Supergirl. Frankly, I’d like to find out when she had time to shop for a new outfit in between saving Lex and killing Bizarro.

Brothers & Sisters
The Walkers like their tequila. And what better way to celebrate Kitty’s birthday than with tequila shots and tacos. It’s a deadly combination. Kitty’s party was a complete disaster, much like all the Walker parties. The Brothers & Sisters premiere was one of the best of the week. It was funny. (Hello, did you see that hideous wedding dress!) And businesswoman Sarah discovering that a “mommy job” isn’t an actual job, but a tummy tuck and breast lift made me chuckle. Justin is the heart of the family, and he was missed in the premiere. Here’s hoping he makes it home soon from Iraq, preferably not in a body bag.


Kim said...

I loved The Office, too.

Smallville was a bit of a disappointment. I'm not sure why it seemed weird, but it did.

B&S is my new favorite drama. I loved it.

Chad said...

Grey's was good, but man I'm sick of whiny Meredith and sappy Izzie. Give me McSteamy, Baily, Callie and Alex.

I'm anxious to see more of Supergirl on Smallville, but I don't want the show to become all about her. It's Clark's story.

Stephanie said...

Creed friggin cracks me up. He's becoming the best part of The Office. His small lines always make me laugh out loud.

Tim said...

Creed rules! I loved when he was badgering Meredith about what painkillers she was on.

Hey, TTG...I think we should start calling Pam & Jim "PB&J"...just like my favorite Office character, Kevin.

tube talk girl said...

OK, Tim, I'm in. PB&J is in, out with JAM. Kevin is your favorite character? He's good, but my heart lies with Stanley, Creed, and of course, Jim.

So, do you think PB&J will make it through the season? Or will Karen come back and mess things up?

tina said...

I'll never be able to eat fetuccini alfredo again. Thanks, Michael Scott! I love The Office.

Tina said...

The problem with Smallville is that there was so many dangling storylines to clear up that the premiere is never as smooth as the rest of the season. I also thought it strange that Clark didn't even hug Chloe when she woke up with a toe tag on....it was weird. Your first instinct would be to grab the person you care about and hang on for dear life.

Tim said...

Call me crazy, but I love Kevin on The Office...I mean, the main characters are great...Dwight, Jim, Michael, Pam...but as far as the side players go, Kevin rules...come on, he sets the office thermostat at 69 every day...and he's a drummer in a Police cover band...how cool is that?

No, sadly I don't think PB&J make it through the season...Karen will come back, Roy will intervene, Michael will put Pam in intensive care with a George Foreman grill...something will happen to break them apart...as I said in an earlier post, the story is the "will they or won't they?"

tube talk girl said...

I forgot about the thermostat! Yes, Kevin is funny. I love his Police cover band, too.

PB&J are definitely in for some drama. Hopefully, not from the George Foreman grill but a hot brunette who's been scorned.

Miz Behavin said...

I miss Addison on Grey's. I know ABC wants Private Practice to be a hit, but she needs to come home. Without her, we're left with wimpy whiny self-doubting doctors: Meredith,Izzie and Callie.

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