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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tonight’s TV

Photo: Bones on FOX

FOX has the one-two punch of Bones and House tonight, one of my favorite combos. We’ll also find out tonight if ABC’s ratings success of the dreadful one-two punch of Cavemen and Carpoolers was based on curiosity, or if America really will embrace these lame shows. Here’s what looks good to me tonight.

8 p.m. Bones on FOX

9 p.m. House on FOX, Dancing With the Stars on ABC, Reaper on the CW

10 p.m. Cane on CBS, Boston Legal on ABC

To watch a clip of tonight’s Bones, where Brennan learns she needs to work on the cop talk, click here.

To see House deliver his warm and fuzzy bedside manner on tonight’s show, click here.


Becky said...

I can't believe someone would actually watch the caveman show...hello???

By the way TTG, Maks was awesome last night, loved it when the jacket came off!

tube talk girl said...

Hey Bec, I'm hoping that people tuned in to Cavemen out of curiousity and that once they got a taste of it, and Carpoolers, too, that they'll come to their senses. If not, I give up on all humanity.

As soon as Maks' shirt came off, I remarked that I'm sure you were loving that! He did look fine, but that Cameron. Holy @#$$! He should dance shirtless all the time. I'll post my DWTS wrap up tonight. I hope it's Wayne that's sent packing.

Becky said...

it SHOULD be Wayne that goes, but with these popularity shows you never know, I will look forward to your post later!

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