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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tube News

Despite the rumor, Smallville’s Tom Welling will not play Superman in the big-screen Justice League film, according to Smallville executive producer Al Gough. Gough answered that and other fan questions at TV Guide.

Seth Green has signed on for two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Buffy fans, I have a feeling Oz is all grown up now.

Life is Wild star D.W. Moffet stopped by Tube Talk to weigh in on my review of the show. Cool, huh?

Former Freaks and Geeks star John Francis Daley has landed the role of Booth and Brennan’s therapist on the FOX show Bones. Is he old enough to be a therapist? No matter. The trials and tribulations his character suffered through on Freaks and Geeks, including that dodge ball episode, have entitled him to many years on the sofa.

One of my TV boyfriends, Eddie Cibrian, has landed upcoming guest roles on ABC’s Samantha Who and Dirty Sexy Money. Someone at ABC loves Cibrian as much as I do.

Actor Steven Weber is headed to Brothers & Sisters as a love interest for Sarah, according to TV Guide. I guess that means Joe had better step it up. In other Brothers & Sisters news, Chevy Chase is scheduled to star as a love interest for Sally Field’s character.

ABC is resurrecting the short-lived 1998-99 series Cupid. Cupid’s creator, Rob Thomas, is developing the new version of the show. The new pilot will move its setting from Chicago to Los Angeles. The original Cupid starred Jeremy Piven, but this one won’t.

There are a few days left to register to win the hot new Nip/Tuck posters we’re giving away here at Tube Talk. The contest ends Monday. Good luck.


big tuna said...

I don't get Gough's comment about Hollywood not working that way in regard to Welling playing Supes. I wish he'd elaborate. Any "hollywood" people reading this blog, can you please explain how it does work???????

steph in la said...

I'm guessing it could have to do with his contractual obligations to Smallville, but who knows?

The idiots running the film studios seem to crank out crap. The fact is they should look to TV for some insight. TV has the best leading men i.e. Josh Duhamel of Transformers. I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Dean Cain is also returning to NBC's Las Vegas. He just announced it this morning on the KTLA morning show. http://ktla.trb.com/news/local/video/?track=nav

That is great news for Casey and Sam fans.

tube talk girl said...

What???? OMG, anonymous,are you KIDDING me? I knew that giant squid couldn't do in my Casey.


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