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Monday, October 15, 2007

Let’s talk TV! The Week in Review

Best line of the week
Barney from How I Met Your Mother wins this week for this gem:
(Robin explained that she hadn’t shaved her legs in days so she wouldn’t go too far on the first date.)
Barney: “FYI baby, guys just want to get on the green. They don’t mind going through the rough.”

Why does the Journeyman only have one sweater? It’s a nice one, sure, very GQ-esque, but still. He needs to change it up a bit.

Pushing Daisies
The facts were these. Kristin Chenowith stole my heart in Pushing Daisies when she portrayed her heartbreak via song. She channeled Olivia Newton John in her rendition of Hopelessly Devoted to You, complete with Digby the dog’s masterful accompaniment. I know we’re supposed to root for Ned and Chuck, but Olive deserves some love, too. This could be primetime’s best love triangle since Sawyer, Kate and Jack. Not often does a television show with a perfect pilot live up to it in the next episode, but Pushing Daisies did. I hope we get to see more of Olive singing, more of Emerson knitting, and more of Ned being, well, Ned.

Las Vegas
I can’t believe it, but it seems we’re getting deeper character development on Las Vegas. Sam didn’t miraculously recover from her kidnapping ordeal in one episode. In fact, she’s been struggling the last three episodes. Yay! My only complaint with Las Vegas in the past is that the fun-filled romp fest is infamous for introducing great storylines and dropping them too quickly. (Danny’s war trauma, Sam and Casey’s love story, Nessa’s relocation.) The show has a different feel this year, and it seems to be leaning toward longer story arcs. It still has the outrageous plots, the humor, the slick set and stellar cast, and now it seems a little more conversation to go along with all that action.

Grey’s Anatomy
I want to hug Lexie Grey. When she begged Bailey to not make her work with Meredith because she hates Lexie for something that isn’t her fault, she won me over. As for this George/Izzie/Callie relationship, not so much. Callie needs to kick that cheater to the curb and regain her mojo. Let deer-resuscitating Izzie have him. Callie can do better. I hear MsSteamy’s single again.

Private Practice
I’ve never tried so hard in my life to love a show. (Well, OK, Gossip Girl is an effort, too.) But week after week, Private Practice disappoints me. Yet, I keep hanging on because I know the greatness that is Shonda Rhimes, and my love for Kate Walsh, Tim Daly, Audra McDonald and Taye Diggs knows no bounds. I think I’ve pinpointed my problem. The show setting is silly. (Ducking for cover.) A wellness clinic may work for massage, therapy and alternative medicine, but if your children were turning blue, what parent wouldn’t rush them to an emergency room? If these doctors worked in a hospital, perhaps they’d be more believable and credible. The fact that they sit around all day eating cake, playing pranks and eyeing one another undermines their professionalism. On Grey’s Anatomy, at least they always redeem their childish antics by performing some miraculous medical miracle. Maybe next week will be better.

Here’s just one of the reasons I’m enjoying Chuck. The writers are obviously fans of Lost. What else could explain one of Chuck’s government-downloaded secrets including the fact that Oceanic Flight 815 was shot down? (That’s a nod to the plane that crashed on Lost.) Brilliant!

Losing steam
I loved the pilot episodes of Reaper and Moonlight, but I’m quickly losing interest. Moonlight hasn’t grabbed me the way Buffy and Angel did, and Reaper seems to be lacking that Kevin Smith polish that made the pilot shine. Heroes is also waning for me. I’ll just say it. There are too many heroes. Watching this show is like having ADD. We get a two-minute clip of one story, and then it’s on to the next.

Do you agree or disagree with Tube Talk Girl's comments? Leave some of your own and tell us what you thought of this week's TV.


Anonymous said...

Where I come from you only rush you're kid to an emergency room if you can't afford private practice...
A doctor friend once told me "you just don't know what you can catch there while you are waiting."

tube talk girl said...

Ewww! Really? I'll never look at an emergency room the same way.

big tuna said...

I disagree with you about Private Practice. I'm enjoying a little less of the graphic medical stuff we see on Grey's and ER. (The needle to the eyeball this week was just gross on GA.) I agree with you thought that Addison has been dumbed down. I hope they change that, soon.

samantha said...

Tube Talk Girl, you've lost your love for Heroes? I started watching it because of your original 5-star review. Yes, there are a lot of people and plot points, but I think that makes it different from all the other crap on TV.

jenny said...

LMAO at that Barney line. I've neve watched that show, but I may have to tune in. He sounds hilarious.

miz behavin said...

That Barney line is so funny. I love him!

miz behavin said...

That Barney line is so funny. I love him!

beck said...

I have to agree with you about Private Practice. (Though, I agree with big tuna about the graphic medical stuff on GA). Addison even said it this week when they were talking about the bride's case and she pointed out that she's a surgeon (and supposedly one of the top in the nation). It just doesn't follow that she would be in an environment where she apparently does few or no surgeries. I love the cast, but I'm not sure I'm buying it.

tube talk girl said...

I'm with you, Beck. A world-class surgeon who just stops doing surgery? It makes no sense to me!

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