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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Viva Laughlin cancelled

In what may be the quickest cancellation ever, CBS has yanked the musical Viva Laughlin starring Hugh Jackman after only one airing. Dismal ratings apparently led to the decision.

My question is will the talented Eric Winters now head back to Brothers & Sisters? I’ve missed him as Rob Lowe’s brother. The Brothers & Sisters show honchos have said they’d love to him back, so let’s hope.


Anonymous said...

I was a movie extra on Viva Laughlin in two episodes. When I watched the first airing, I could not believe they broke into musicals and I thought that was so weird. I did not like that musical thing, at all. I wanted to see myself in the two episodes I was in, and tape them, but I guess I will not, unless they put the remaining episodes online.

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