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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Commentary with a Co-ed: Catching up with Ugly Betty

by Ashley Gouveia

Santos is dead. Papi Suarez is still in Mexico. Bradford and Amanda might be father and daughter, which would make Amanda and Daniel half siblings. (Amanda’s right; that’s the kind of dirty you can’t wipe clean!) All the while, Betty is in the middle of the madness and dealing with Henry’s return to Mode.

Two new episodes have aired. With a new one airing tonight, I thought I’d give my two cents on the new season so far.

I only came on to Ugly Betty this past summer, so I had heard a lot about the ‘Santos: Is he dead or not?’ debate. Since I’m a spoiler junkie, I tried my hardest to stay away from that answer. I guess the Spoilers Anonymous meetings hadn’t kicked in yet because I wasn’t shocked, as I suppose many of you were when it was revealed that he died. I cried like a baby when he read the vows and said he needed to leave. I’m going to truly miss Santos.

What’s great about this show is how well it balances the truly sad and the really hilarious. I can always count on Michael Urie’s Marc to deliver the most memorable laugh-out-loud moments. How can you not laugh when you see Marc, dressed up in full Wilhelmina costume, meeting Sister Yoga in a dark alley? The line “never send a girl to do a woman’s job” was probably my favorite of the premiere.

After Betty buried all of Henry’s little mementos, paper clips and all, Henry decided to come back to work. Well, Betty’s ritual was a waste of time. It looks like she’s going to have to dig it all back up, since it doesn’t look like they can be just friends. Don’t do it Betty! Instead of Henry always assuming that she’s going to be waiting for him, I’d like to see him fight for our favorite secretary, I mean, administrative professional.

Wilhelmina is as evil as ever, and I love it. Forcing Betty to choose between helping her father and keeping her loyalty to Daniel, was classic Willy. But she got what was coming to her when Claire (love her!) punched her lights out. There’s only room for one Mrs. Meade, and Wilhelmina’s got her work cut out for her if she wants to win that title.

I am so glad I got into this show over the summer. It’s a fun hour of television that I now can’t live without. I’m dying to see what’s in store tonight.

As a preparation, let me know what your favorite Marc line is. I know there’s a lot, but that‘s the fun of it. Also, what did you think of Santos’ death? Did you think it was necessary? ‘Til next time.

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kim said...

I was crying like a baby over the Santos death. So sad.

Best Marc line: ''This bum don't slum.'' Love it!

Jenny said...

I love this line, but I think it came from Amanda...

''He's asking Betty for dating advice. That's like asking Britney Spears for parenting tips.''

big tuna said...

I loved Marc´s impression of English Christina

"Ello! want a crumpet govna?" That was LOL funny.

Stephanie said...

I thought the death fantasty thing was predictable. I knew he was dead because it seemed so odd. Still sad though.

ashley said...

kim, I cried a lot too! I loved Santos and Hilda. They were so cute! I love that line too,lol.

jenny, Amanda did say that. But it's funny all the same.:D I think Marc's reply was "Oh, I love her!" So funny!

big tuna, that was great! He just has the best lines. Some of them I'm suprised he or any of the cast keep it together when he says it.

stephanie, i agree. *sighs* I'm going to miss Santos. He was my eye candy. But I still love Daniel:)

tube talk girl said...

Ashley, I'm so in shock about this Daniel/Amanda development. EWWWWW!!!! How are they going to explain the sexual relationship?

ashley said...

jen, i HOPE it's just one big misunderstanding and he's not her father because that's just GROSS!lol.

Got another fave Marc line:


tube talk girl said...

I can't remember what Marc was referring to when he said that. It was some kind of Betty outfit, right?

I so love Marc!

ashley said...

Yeah it was Jen. It was when Betty was zipping up her big winter coat to her neck and Marc comes passing by. LOL.

tube talk girl said...

OMG, Yes!!!! I remember that. Hysterical.

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