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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tonight’s TV

Giraffes, zebras and lions, oh my! You’ll see plenty of those on the new CW show Life is Wild, premiering tonight. Here’s what looks good for tonight’s TV lineup:

8 p.m. Life is Wild on the CW, The Simpsons on FOX
9 p.m. Desperate Housewives on ABC
10 p.m. Brothers and Sisters on ABC


Meg said...

just finisihed watching Life is Wild..it was good. Great new show for our family on Sunday nights. You're right Tube Talk Girl, it was beautifully shot.

i loved the song at the end, too. Anyone know what the name of it was?

DW Moffett said...

Thanks for commenting on my TV Guide blog about Life is Wild.

We've got a great animal wrangler on the set and most of the animals are used to being on film in some way or another. Did you see my story about the elephant and the dental exam?! NOT FUN TO LOOK FORWARD TO!

I'll see what I can find out about the final song for you.

Thanks again for buzzing the show. Appreciate it.

Take care,

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