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Sunday, October 28, 2007

First look: A Bones Halloween

Trick or treat?

I’m hoping you chose treat, because I have a yummy one for you. Bones’ Emily Deschanel dressed in a Wonder Woman costume. The girl is rocking that red corset and those boots.

“Bones” and the rest of the “squints” are trading in their lab attire for Halloween costumes on this week’s episode. Zach is a cow; Angela is Cher and Camille is Cat Woman. I’m not sure who or what Hodgins is supposed to be, but it doesn’t matter because this episode looks like more fun than a plastic pumpkin full of candy.

At first, I thought Booth was dressed as Clark Kent, to Bones’ Wonder Woman, but it appears that he, in fact, is going to the Halloween party as a nerd. (I like my idea better.)

For those of you who can’t wait until Tuesday at 8 p.m. on FOX to see the Halloween-themed episode, I’ve got clips here and here. (I’m hoping “Bones” does the Wonder Woman spin because that would be cool.)

And does anyone know where I can get that Wonder Woman costume? (Hanging head in shame.) Yes, I have a thing for Wonder Woman; Deal with it. My Wonder Woman costume from third grade just doesn’t fit anymore, despite my feeble attempts to make it. The bulletproof bracelets and magic lasso are still rockin’ on though. So bad guys, beware.


Tim said...

TTG as Wonder Woman? Intriguing idea. There's a lasso-of-truth joke in there somewhere.

Ken Jackson said...

Hey Tube Talk Girl!

I would love to talk to you about your WonderWoman haloween costume, and then go head to head with you, wearing my Captain Kirk tunic and black boots! :)

Yes, I have a thing for WonderWoman as well, and will be watching BONES on Tuesday night..

In the meantime, you can contact me at 'kenpan@aol.com', and maybe I'll send you a picture of me firing my phaser if you send me a picture of you spinning!

Providence, RI

Tim said...



Becky said...

Maybe next time TTG, dont be so revealing in your posts, you never know who is reading this thing????

The Black Hornet said...

OMG that's the worst Wonder Woman constume. First of all it should be gold, not silver. And that pattern reminds me more of Drusilla than Diana Prince *looks around* Uhh I mean - right on!

The Black Hornet said...

phaser? I didn't even know her!


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