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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Commentary with a Co-ed: Heroes

by Ashley Gouveia

It’s no secret that Heroes has gotten some bad reviews for its not so speedy season. I felt the same way, as many of you did. The season started off good but became unorganized and uninteresting, for the most part. For three weeks, I hadn’t watched a single episode. I was tired of amnesiac Peter and Black-Eyed Twins. I wanted my old Heroes back. Well, I think it’s making a slow return.

The Hiro and Kenseii story has been the most boring for me. It was a cool idea to literally drop Hiro into his favorite childhood story. But there just wasn’t enough development for those characters. I didn’t really get why we should care about these people. But after Hiro finally got the girl, and unintentionally betrayed his longtime hero, things got interesting.
Do I still want him to stay in 1671? No! One more episode is the maximum, then, he needs to get his butt back in the present day.

Speaking of characters that I don’t care about, let’s talk about Paulo and Nikki. I mean, Maya and Alejandro. Adding Sylar to the mix was a good way to connect these rather lackluster characters to the original players of the show. It definitely made it a little more interesting. I was hoping that maybe Alejandro spoke English and he understood everything Sylar was saying to him. He obviously doesn’t trust him.

I’m liking the Matt and Nathan interaction. It’s nice to see two characters that I love in the same scene together. What’s also great is that they are both working together to figure out what’s going on with the murder of Hiro’s father and attack of Angela Petrelli. That’s what I loved about season one. All the heroes were coming together for a common purpose: to save the cheerleader and save the world. It was saved from the bomb, but now what?

Claire, why did they save you if all you’re going to do is fly with your new boyfriend? I liked West in the beginning but I just don’t see the chemistry between the two of them. The same thing goes for Peter and Kate.

However, the light at the end of the tunnel, I believe, is this story about the virus. The last moments with Peter and Kate arriving in future New York got me excited. All we need is for Peter to get his memory back. Then he can get everyone back on track to saving the world. If this “future” episode is anything like last season’s “Five Years Gone” then I will be one happy viewer. I just need to see Peter with his long coat and scar throwing people around again. I think I found the solution to the sophomore slump!

I’m still confused as to who exactly Kristen Bell’s character is. Any ideas on who her father is? My money is on Bob from The Company. How cool was that Nathan and Matt nightmare sequence? What do you all think of Monica the copycat? I actually like this new character. ‘Til next week.

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tube talk girl said...

The bloom has left the rose for me. I just can't seem to get in to Heroes this year. It feels like a chore to watch it, and there are just too many other shows I'm excited to watch to spend time with this one. (Pushing Daisies!)

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