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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Joshua Jackson’s Grey’s Anatomy role on hold

This writers’ strike is claiming more casualties every day. Add Joshua Jackson to the list.

Jackson was scheduled to join Grey’s Anatomy as a guest star for several episodes, (as reported here a few weeks ago.) Now, his appearance is on hold “indefinitely” according to TV Guide.

Sad news indeed. I was so looking forward to Jackson roaming the halls of Seattle Grace, wearing his lab coat and showcasing his charming, um…sarcasm. Yeah, sarcasm.

The real shocker in this story isn’t that Jackson’ s appearance is on hold; it’s who he was going to be romantically paired with. You’d better sit down for this.

Cristina Yang was about to become one lucky gal. Burke who? Jackson was going to be involved with Sandra Oh's character, according to TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello.

It just seems wrong, doesn’t it? I can’t see him with Cristina. If it were Meredith, I could understand. She gets drunk and does stupid things,(and sometimes her co-workers.) I could also see him paired with Izzie. She’s slowly working her way through the male doctors on staff, so why not the new guy? If I had to choose his female companion though, I’d say pair him with Callie. She’s newly single and deserves to show George that she can score a hottie, too.

But all this speculation may be futile. If this strike doesn’t end soon, who knows if we’ll ever get to see Jackson in Seattle Grace, let alone showing of his medical “skills” with Cristina.


Katherine said...

Add Dean Cain's return to Las Vegas to the list of strike casualties :*( Vegas's EP said today the strike messed it all up.

tube talk girl said...

No way! Katherine, this sucks! Thanks for sharing.

Tim said...

Who knew that the Writers' Strike would have this kind of wide-reaching impact? On the bright side, there will be less drool to clean up at TTG's house...in the short term, anyway :)

tube talk girl said...

Yeah, I'll have to get out my Lois & Clark DVDs and my Dawson's Creek collection. I don't want to have a drool shortage. :)

Katherine, where did Gary Scott Thompson break the news about Dean Cain?

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