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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Strike update: How many episodes of your favorite shows are left?

You’re panicked, TV lovers, and I feel your pain.

From my overflowing e-mail box, it’s clear that the reality of no new episodes of your favorite TV shows is finally hitting you. It’s also clear that you’re anticipating a winter of discontent, locked in your basements watching your TV on DVD collections of Buffy, The Office, Seinfeld and Friends.

The most common question I’m getting is, “When will (insert show name here) stop airing?” Well, a few days ago I posted a link to that handy chart from the L.A. Times telling us how many episodes of each show had been shot and, in some cases, dates were listed. But now, TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello has compiled a new chart that tells us exactly how many episodes each show has left to air.

Just how many episodes of your shows are left to air? As of Sunday, November 11, here’s the tally. I’ve included some of my favorites here for quick reference, but for a complete list, see Ausiello’s novel.

Boston Legal, nine left
Bones, six left
Brothers & Sisters, after tonight five left
Chuck, six left
Desperate Housewives, after tonight three left
Friday Night Lights, nine left
Grey’s Anatomy, four left
Heroes, four left
Lost, eight left
Men in Trees, 14 left
One Tree Hill, 12 left
Private Practice, four or five left
Pushing Daisies, four left
Reaper, three to five left
Samantha Who, eight left
Scrubs, nine left
Smallville, eight left
Ugly Betty, five or six left


Anonymous said...

What about Las Vegas? I saw on some site they have a full season finished or at least 19 out of 22 scripts out.

tube talk girl said...

For some reason, neither one of those lists inlcude Las Vegas, but I did read that the show has 19 scripts finished. If that's true and if the actors continue to show up for work, that means the show could air interrupted all season.

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