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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The new Knight Rider has surprising connection to old Knight Rider

It’s times like these that I think it’s possible to know too much about television.

If you haven’t heard yet, NBC is bringing back Knight Rider with a new face.

Former All My Children star Justin Bruening will play the son of the original Knight Rider in an updated version of the original TV series. The new Knight Rider will feature a Transformers-esque shape-shifting car in a two-hour pilot, according to Variety.

The real mind blower here isn’t that yet another beloved TV show is being remade. It’s the odd connection that Bruening has to the original Knight Rider, David Hasselhoff. Wrap your mind around this. The actor who played Bruening’s father, Tad Martin, on All My Children is named Michael Knight in real life. In addition, he was married to Catherine Hickland in real life, who was the first wife of actor David Hasselhoff, who played the character of Michael Knight on Knight Rider. Did you get all of that?

In short, on landing this part, Bruening will have played the son of actor Michael Knight on All My Children, the son of the character Michael Knight on Knight Rider, and in both cases, the on-screen son of two actors who were married to the same woman. Strange, right?

See? It’s not always a good thing knowing useless television/pop-culture knowledge.

Regardless of the three degrees of separation of Bruening and Hasselhoff, here’s hoping that Knight Rider is a better remake than The Bionic Woman. Bruening is a decent actor and easy on the eyes. I think he could be the next Josh Duhamel, if Knight Rider has excellent writing and effects.


Kim said...

Your pop-culture knowledge is just plain scary. :)

Kim said...

Your pop-culture knowledge is just plain scary. :)

Jenna said...

He's really cute. Is he a good actor?

tube talk girl said...

Yes, he's pretty good. I've seen him on All My Children. His character was lame, but he pulled it off pretty well.

Seth said...

LMAO at that cheesy crotch shot of the Hoff. I miss the '80s!

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