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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Commentary with a Co-ed: Smallville's Lana Fu

by Ashley Gouveia

She’s faster than a locomotive and can shoot fire from her eyes. It’s not Kara I’m talking about; it’s Super Lana. Yeah, that’s not a typo. Last week, Lana got struck by lightning and was given Clark’s abilities. I told myself that if Lana’s feet ever left the ground, I was shutting it off. However, I stuck with it, and was pleasantly surprised at how much I didn’t hate it.

Don’t get me wrong. There were plenty of moments where I almost threw up my dinner. Sex quake, anyone? Did they really have to go there? But the saving grace for me was everyone’s reaction to Lana’s wrath. Clark and Chloe were clearly disturbed by how Lana was spying on Lex and almost killed him. Add that to the other felonies she’s committed, and I would say that would freak out anyone.

Clark, open your eyes. The girl’s crazy!

I think Lionel said it best when he asked Clark if he ever really took a good look at Lana. Of course, that was followed by denial and a change in conversation. I was cheering Clark on in the final scene when he called Lana out on her actions. He started off strong and made it clear to her that what she did was inexcusable. But, it all ended with Clark, once again, blaming himself for everything. As hard as it may be to believe, Lana does have a mind of her own and is responsible for her actions.

My favorite scene of the episode was the Chloe and Lana confrontation. This has been a long time coming. I am one of the fans that never bought these two as ever being close friends. So when I saw Chloe warn Lana that she would not allow her to hurt Clark, I literally stood up and cheered. Chloe has thrown down the gauntlet. The look on Lana’s face was priceless when she realized what side Chloe was on. Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack did an amazing job in that scene.

Lex wasn’t the only person who felt Lana’s fury. Lois got herself thrown through a glass door when she tried to prevent Lana from pummeling Grant -‘I’m way too young for this job’-Gabriel. I knew there was something off with McEditor as soon as he hired Lois at the Daily Planet. Who is he working for? My money is on Lionel. Also, that black ooze spilling out of the container looked oddly familiar. Hmm, what could it be?

This wasn’t one of my favorite episodes, but it did have some good elements with Clark perhaps opening his eyes a little bit and Chloe stepping up to protect Clark. Tonight, Helen Slater is back as Clark’s biological mom. The episodes that are more Kryptonian based are always interesting to me so I’m excited for it. ‘Til next week.

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Lisa said...

Can the writers of Smallville please concentrate on another female character in the Smallville universe other than Lana. I am liking her character less and less. Clark is the poster boy for love is blind. I am hoping he starts thinking with his brain some time soon. Great article!

ashley said...

thanks lisa:) I agree with you. Too much time is spent on Lana. I am more intersted in the other characters. This is a show about Clark/Superman. I would just like Clark to act more Supermanly and when he's with Lana he doesn't.

Steph in LA said...

I agree with Lisa. They need to move on from Lana Fu!

ashley said...

steph, they REALLY do.:)

wwg said...


Your comments about Lana are dead on. She's really a vapid, messed up witch. I don't get what Clark sees in her. In my mind, they don't even know each other since all they've ever shared are looks from afar.

On an entirely different note, I love your site. It's fun and informative. Nice job. Would you consider trading links?

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