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Monday, November 26, 2007

Let’s talk TV: The week in review

Friday Night Lights
, your body is a wonderland. (And no that isn’t a dig at her cast mate Minka Kelly, who is dating John Mayer.) Tyra is hot. It’s no wonder poor Landry is in love with her. I don’t know how Tim Riggins has managed to resist her lately. Speaking of resisting, QB1, also known as Matt Saracen, has so many hot ladies throwing themselves at him; it’s sending his stuttering into overdrive. Julie realized that she shouldn’t have ended things with Matt and seems to be getting a little too cozy with her teacher lately. I don’t like where this is headed. Watch your back, teach, because if Eric finds you hitting on his daughter, you may find yourself being used as a tackling dummy during the next football practice. And how about the entertainment for the Pantherama rally? Having the football team strip was definitely thinking outside of the box. In my high school, everyone would have been expelled for that sexy stunt. But, this is Dillon, where football rules and apparently teachers and parents don’t mind the kids half naked and gyrating on the gym floor.

Dirty Sexy Money
I’m really enjoying the dysfunctional Darling family, especially serial bride Karen. The poor gal can’t seem to get over her first love Nick George and is set on winning him back. Mrs. George, you have been warned. The most surprising twist of this show for me is that I actually like former hard-ass Rev. Brian. The storyline with his son has softened him. OK, sure he made the kid pretend he was an orphan who didn’t speak English, so that Brian’s wife wouldn’t find out that he had an illegitimate son, but in the end, he came clean. He's even missing the little tyke. And so am I.

Private Practice
It’s been weeks since I invested in Private Practice. And much like the stock market, my sentiments about this show go up and down. This week, I hit an all-time low. Addison’s new dating companion had a strange fetish: he liked to insert objects in his rectum. Let’s just say I hope she never gets that shoe back. I don’t care if it is a Jimmy Choo. I’m trying to love Private Practice; I really am. But Addison is so… what’s the word? Silly. Yes, I never thought I’d describe my Addison as silly, but that’s what she’s become. And the rest of her co-workers are just as bad. The bright spot is that she and Pete have chemistry. Perhaps she’ll stop acting like a teen soon. The one character I am interested in, Dell, never seems to have much to do but fetch coffee. How about giving him a storyline? I think I may have to handle Private Practice the same way I handle broccoli. I partake from time to time, even though I don’t like it.

Ugly Betty
Just like the sun, Ugly Betty is the one show I can count on to be reliable. (Friday Night Lights is the other.) Betty never disappoints. It’s silly fun, and unlike Private Practice, the silly works. The show somehow balances comedy and drama perfectly. Eric Mabius has made me weepy several times. When Daniel Meade gets serious, look out. This week when he mourned his father, I was reaching for the Kleenex. His idea to black out the cover of Mode in honor of this father’s death was brilliant. In contrast, Amanda’s quest to find her father makes me laugh hard, every time she goes to the wall of photos of all her mother’s lovers. This week I caught Tom Selleck’s mug, Warren Beatty, Mick Jagger and Burt Reynolds. That Faye Summers sure got around, didn’t she?

Not even the addition of my own personal TV hero, Kristen Bell, to the Heroes cast has rekindled my love for this show. I’m sad, Tubers, as I used to love it. I’ve tried hanging on, but the show simply doesn’t interest me anymore. There are too many characters, story arcs, and too little time with the characters I do care about. It pains me more than you know to remove a show starring Kristen Bell from my DVR lineup, but when it feels like an obligation to watch it each week, then it’s time to go.

Las Vegas
There was no new episode this week, which was a good thing since we never talked about the last episode. Cooper fired Sam! I don’t think I’m alone here when I say, “What?!?!!” OK, so she shouldn’t have dumped that milkshake over the cowboy’s head, but in her defense, the guy was a tool. But this is Sam. She’s my favorite character on the show. I usually have to rewind her rapid-fire witty dialogue a couple times, so I can enjoy and appreciate her sarcastic barbs. There is no Las Vegas without her. The new boss man had better come to his senses soon because I want her back at the Montecito hanging with Mr. Cooper.


obxrulz said...

I couldn't believe he fired Sam either! That was crazy. Ed would never have done that. He'd probably have punched the guy, too.

serena said...

I loved Ugly Betty, too. That black cover was so cool. Daniel gets to me, too. I'm so rooting for him to kick Willie's butt in the fashion mag war.

Jeff T said...

I don't know why you've lost your love for Heroes. It's one of my favorite shows, and I started watching it based on your original review. Yes, I admit this hasn't been a great year, but I can't turn my back on Peter and Hiro.

Katherine said...

I didn't appreciate Cooper firing Sam either. I thought he came off as a cold hearted jerk. He preached to her about having respect for others but didn't have a problem with his friend disrespecting her every chance he got. Cooper seems to have it in for Sam anyway. I wonder if it's some sort of weird attraction thing.

I miss Ed.

tube talk girl said...

Oh, Katherine, do you think? That makes sense, sort of. I don't know any man that wouldn't be attracted to her. She's adorable.

katherine said...

I kind of think so since yeah she's gorgeous and Cooper seems to make it his mission to tick her off. I hope they don't actually go *there* with them. I'm still holding out for Casey to come back. Maybe if this strike is resolved soon he can still return.

tube talk girl said...

Here, here! I think he'll come back. I think he's the only guy she'll ever love.

Red said...

She's baaaaccckk!

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