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Friday, November 09, 2007

Strike update day 4: Only one more episode of The Office left

Photo: Actresses Marcia Cross, and Eva Longoria Parker and writer Marc Cherry of Desperate Housewives show their support for the writers' strike.

The TV landscape just gets more depressing day by day, as the TV writers’ strike marches onward. As I reported earlier, The Office has shut down production. The sadder news is that show runner Greg Daniels told E!Online that only one more new episode is left to air.

Office star Jenna Fischer said that the funniest Office episode ever written wouldn’t be shot until the strike ends. It involved Pam and Jim going to dinner at Michael and Jan’s house. Sigh. This is killing me, people. Killing me.

I don’t blame the writers, though. Daniels went on to say in the E! interview that there were 7 million downloads of The Office on iTunes last year, of which the writers aren’t seeing a nickel. It’s wrong, Tubers, and as frustrated as you are by this whole mess affecting your TV viewing, you should be equally as frustrated for the folks who are basically writing for free.

As day four of the strike is underway, here’s a look at some strike news from around the Web.

Ellen DeGeneres defends her decision to cross the picket line. (TV Guide)

In an exclusive interview with Kristin Dos Santos, Greg Daniels of The Office explains why there is only one more episode left to air. (E!Online)

Joss Whedon, one of my favorite TV writers of all time (Buffy, Angel) wrote an open letter about the strike. He mentions David Boreanaz and the How I Met Your Mother folks. (Variety)

A great site for strike news, United Hollywood, has some great video blogs showing the Grey’s Anatomy cast, Garry Marshall and plenty of other actors and writers marching the picket lines. (United Hollywood)

No new talks are scheduled. (Variety)

TV Guide’s Matt Roush answers questions about the strike. (TV Guide)

A rally is going on at the FOX studio today. (The Hollywood Reporter)


Jenna F said...

Great letter from Joss. Thanks for keeping us updated with all this craziness. I think I'm still in denial.

steven said...

I can't bear to think of only one more Office episode. To quote another poster, this sucks.

Dan said...

Daniels makes the point better than anyone I've heard. 7 million downloads and not a nickel...that's ridiculous.

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