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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Commentary with a Co-ed: An Ugly Betty Wedding

by Ashley Gouveia

Tonight, we’re all invited to the wedding of the year. Bradford Meade and Wilhelmina Slater are tying the knot on Ugly Betty.

I think it’s safe to say that these nuptials won’t be going off without a hitch. There’s the always-impending threat of Claire Meade showing up, with Yoga, to finish Willy off. Last we heard, they were off to Italy and never coming back. Judith Light was so fantastic as Mommy Meade that it would be a shame to not bring her back.

One concern that many people have about going to weddings is if they have a date. Maybe Betty can bring Henry, now that they’re ousted as a couple. Is Betty even going to the wedding? I’m thinking probably not, since Wilhelmina basically threatened to send her father back to Mexico faster than she can say “Guadalajara.” Oh Betty, you‘re in way over your head. This whole Henry thing is way too complicated. Let’s just dump him for the cute sandwich guy and be done with it.

The secret Henry/Betty love affair plot last week was a little too over-the-top. Although, it was great to see Daniel taking care of Betty, instead of the other way around. I’m not sure if he was the best person to be giving out relationship advice, but it was nice to see that he cares enough to tell her that she’s making a mistake.

I’m sure Marc will be front and center on Willy’s big day. But like he told Amanda, he doesn’t like “going stag, hag!” Will Cliff make an appearance? That would be nice to see. However, could you imagine the Amanda/Marc antics that could happen before, during, and after the “I do’s”? It would be too hysterical to pass up. That scene in the women’s bathroom last week was priceless. Marc’s face when Willy walked out of the stall was hilarious. Michael Urie always has the best reactions.

Since the bride’s offspring couldn’t make it due to a “monkey bite,” who better to fill in as maid of honor than Posh herself. It should be interesting to see how Mrs. Beckham handles Willy’s bridezilla moments. She’s hard to handle, normally; I can’t imagine how she’ll be before she walks down the aisle. Quick, everyone hide behind the Jimmy Choo’s!

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tube talk girl said...

That dress is stunning. Vera Wang is a genius.

Kim said...

Who do you think Daniel's going to bring?

Or Marc? Do you think he'll take "product guy?"

ashley said...

jen, i love the dress too! You can't go wrong with Vera Wang.:)

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