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Monday, November 12, 2007

Let’s talk TV: The week in review

Brothers and Sisters
I’m about to make a bold statement. Brothers and Sisters is the best drama on television right now. Last night’s intervention episode showed just how compelling television can be when all the pieces fall in place. And by all the pieces I mean tight, top-notch writing and superb acting. Dave Annable and Sally Field made me cry. And that’s hard to do during the weekend! The beauty of Brothers and Sisters is the creative balance of humor and drama. Even in the midst of a heart-wrenching drug intervention, the Walkers can still make me smile with a one-liner or a sarcastic barb. If you’re not watching this show, do yourself a favor and tune in. If nothing else, it will make your family holiday dinners seem much less dysfunctional.

Grey’s Anatomy

Can we please stop with all the George and Izzie booty calls? I think I speak for most of us when I say, “Ewwww!” And what was the deal with the fantasy and the tub? On second thought, I don’t want to know. My jaw hit the floor when Izzie called George the best sex she’d ever had. Huh? Did she forget about all those smoking hot encounters with Alex? I’m begging here, Grey’s honchos, please stop this madness. As for Meredith, I didn’t think it was possible to dislike her character more than I already did, but well done, writers; mission accomplished. Meredith’s constant verbal abuse of Lexie is working my last nerve. I was cheering when Lexie finally broke and screamed, “Screw you!” You go, Lexie. And can we all do a happy dance for Bailey, that she finally got the job she deserved all along. Although, that strange crying outburst with the chief, after he told her, seemed a little out of character for tough-as-nails Bailey. Finally, Mr. Man Tart, Mark Sloan, is adorable. But, I think his attempts to flirt with Hahn are futile. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t play for his team.

Back to You
I love it when TV shows pay tribute to other TV shows, and Back to You tipped its hat to Buffy the Vampire Slayer this week. Former Buffy star Charisma Carpenter guest starred on this week’s episode of Back to You, and her son was named - wait for it - Zander. Hysterical!

The Office
Jim Halpert
, my heart aches for you. (Not the way you’re thinking, Tubers!) On Thursday, it appeared that Jim was facing the sad realization that he could easily become Michael, if he stayed at Scranton for the foreseeable future. The camera caught his look of utter devastation, and it was heartbreaking. Don’t worry, Jim. There is no way you could ever become as silly as Michael. His over-the-top antics are getting more and more ridiculous. A nature retreat man vs. wild? Come on.

Men in Trees
What is it about women on ABC shows waxing their own eyebrows before their weddings? It never ends well. It was a disaster for Grey’s Anatomy Cristina and the same thing happened to poor Annie on Men in Trees. Ladies, it’s like $15-$20 to have a professional cosmetologist wax your eyebrows. I’m just saying. This episode was laugh-out-loud funny, as wedding preparations got underway. And in true Elmo fashion, chaos ensued. The minister quit, the reception hall closed down, the mothers were feuding, the cat lost the rings, and the location was a bust. If that weren’t enough, scary wild wolves descended on the town and cornered poor Marin in a to-die-for cliffhanger. I don’t know about anyone else, but that scene gave me a flashback to my youth when I watched a similar episode of Little House on the Prairie featuring an angry wild pack of wolves that scarred me for life.

I know I’m in the minority here, but I love Booth and Cam. Their pretense of a relationship to fool her family had me in stitches. Bones didn’t seem quite so happy about it, though, did she? Oh well, maybe she and Booth can talk about it at couples therapy. Also, I can’t wait to see Angela’s husband. I haven’t seen so much build up for an off-screen character since the days of Cheers’ Norm and his often-mentioned wife. And did you guys recognize Sam Jones, formerly Pete on Smallville, as the gay scientist? Little Pete is all grown up now.

Ugly Betty
Matron of honor Posh Spice was campy, and in perfect Ugly Betty fashion, so was the wedding of Willie and Bradford. Amanda entertained the packed church of uptight society folks with her version of “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.” Yes, it was as funny as it sounds. Marc’s shaggy boyfriend finally embraced his inner metrosexual and got a shave, a haircut and wardrobe to die for. But, that wasn’t the biggest shock of the night. That honor went to Bradford, collapsing with a heart attack during the ceremony, after Daniel told him that his Wilhemena was cheating. In an episode so packed with humor, drama and camp, it seemed there was room for little else but wedding details, but wrong. Daniel found out Betty had known about Willie’s boy toy all along, and fired Betty for not telling. Yes, it got ugly. With so many surprises in this episode, I can’t imagine what’s left for next week. But knowing the Ugly Betty folks, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

OK, I’m just going to say it. The opening scenes of newly super-empowered Lana and Clark having such “super” sex that it literally shattered the Earth and caused seismic tremors all over Smallville was groan-worthy. On the plus side, Clark finally got some, which apparently has been a problem in the past due to his super strength and Lana’s mere mortal abilities. Yeah, I didn’t want to think about it either, so thanks Smallville writers for going there. I always enjoy badass Lana, when she morphs into Lana Fu and kicks butt. But I really enjoy the Lana and Lex interaction. Those two are hot. Their kiss had more chemistry going on than one of Lex’s secret laboratories. What a shame Smallville has wasted all these years with Lana and Clark, when she and Lex are downright combustible. I find Lana bearable when she’s sparring with Lex or about to electrocute him. As for Chloe, it’s clear that Jimmy is moving on with Kara. I say good riddance. Chloe needs to find a man worthy of her, someone who isn’t a geek or a meteor freak. Oliver is headed back to town and now that Lois is macking on her new boss, I think Chloe could use a little comforting from the Emerald Archer. And one more thing, Smallville hair people, please stop cutting Chloe’s hair!

Christian Troy, you’ve been a bad, bad boy. Jealousy doesn’t suit Christian. His hilarious attempt to garner some attention was one of the funniest scenes on the tube this week, as he posed nude for a girly magazine and his body suffered a little, how should I put this? stage fright? Thank goodness his publicist was off camera and willing to do her part to “inflate” his… ego. In a surprising twist, Julia came to visit and dropped the news that she is now a lesbian. At least the boys can finally stop fighting over her, since she no longer plays for their team. But poor Sean, this is going to eat away at his confidence as a man. First, Julia cheated on him with a midget and now she’s sleeping with a woman. Ouch.


Becky said...

i jsut have to say this Jen, Middle age or not, Christian was hot the other night!!!!

tube talk girl said...

Yes, he was. He's still delicious!

obxrulz said...

Stop the Gizzie sex on Grey's. You are so right TTG, EWWWW!

I was laughing so hard at Nip Tuck's Christian when he was "posing." Becky is right on. He's still smoking.

Ugly Betty was my favorite show of teh week. Amanda's Milkshakes Bring the Boys to the Yard was a must-see moment.

sara said...

THose wolves on MIT were scary. So is Jack really leaving? I hope not. But Cash was headed back into Elmo, so that's a plus!

big tuna said...

Anyone want to talk The Office? I'm so done with Michael's silly behavior. He's the least enjoyable character for me. He's just ridiculous. Jim looked so sad when it hit him that he could become Michael.

I loved the ending. It almost seemed like they weren't acting when Michael started riffing on Jim.

kryptoncutie said...

The Smallville earthquake bit was so funny. Poor Chloe. Why did she have to be the one to walk in and get the "that was us" explanation.

I think you're right on about Lex and Lana. She's kind of fun when she puts on the leather and goes all Lana Fu on his ass. I'm just not buying the chemistry between Clark and Lana anymore. But she and Lex, well, I think they could set off some earthquakes.

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