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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Commentary with a Co-ed

by Ashley Gouveia

‘Tis the season for repeats and with the writers’ strike in full swing our favorite shows are coming quickly to an end. So, in light of us all being in hiatus mode, I figured I give my take on the latest new episodes of Heroes and Smallville.

There’s one more episode left before season two ends. It’s so disappointing how I’m really getting sucked back in, only to have it end next week. The day that Peter finally got his memory back was a great one for this viewer. But I’m confused; does he have his entire memory or just bits and pieces? I can’t believe that we have gone through an entire season and there’ve been no Peter and Claire scenes. Not even a mention about him from Claire. I miss their interaction. I admit, I did get giddy when Hiro and Peter met again since the explosion. Finally, a scene with two characters I care about!

Sylar killed Alejandro and he didn’t even have any of his abilities. I’m not complaining, but if we have to be stuck with one of the twins, couldn’t it be him instead of his weeping sister? Ok, I’m complaining. I thought twins have a really close connection with one another. I guess Maya was too busy drooling over a wet Sylar in a towel to notice her dead brother on the floor. I can’t really blame her.

Clark got to meet his super mama, played by Helen Slater. Since the episode was called “Blue” I thought that the new kryptonite was going to play a bigger role like in season two’s “Red.” It was only introduced half way through the episode. Clark really needs to stay away from the rings.

I loved the Zor-El scene with Lionel. Jor-El’s vessel got thrown around a little bit by Clark’s psycho uncle. I was glad to see that the ‘Lionel being Jor-El’s emissary’ storyline was mentioned. I’m hoping that we get to learn more about that in the final episodes. I still find it hard to believe that Lionel Luthor is just a stand up guy now. There has to be something that he’s hiding.

Speaking of things I can’t believe, Grant Gabriel is Julian Luthor! What? OK, I can honestly say I didn’t see that one coming. Maybe because it’s impossible. Lex’s baby brother was killed as an infant by the hands of his mother. We saw it happen in the episode “Memoria.” Unless this is another one of Lex’s crazy clone experiments, I don’t know how they could explain that one.

For next week, I’m looking for some new shows to get into over this holiday hiatus. Tell me what shows you would like to see me cover. How about Samantha Who? Or Moonlight? ‘Til next week.

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Gwen said...

I couldn't believe Grant was Julian either. That was an AWESOME twist.

Did the show actually show him being killed? I remember that weird episode where the kid was crying, but I can't remember. Was Lex supposed to have killed him or was it crib death? So confused...

lilypad said...

I was ready to give up on Heroes but then the last couple episodes pulled me in. I hate the newbies though, except Kristen Bell.

I'm with you Ashley, give us the familiar faces!

ashley said...

gwen, in the episode it's revealed that Julian was smothered by Lex's mom. Lex had believed that he had killed the baby until he remembered it was his mother.
It really doesn't make any sense, since that would make Julian like a teenager and not an editor of a major newspaper.

lilypad, I'm glad you're sticking with Heroes! This last episiode should awesome. If they stick to the characters we care about.:)

Gwen said...

Thanks for Smallville 101. I had forgotten that it was the mother. Did she snap? Did we ever learn why?

weevilswobble said...

You must watch Moonlight. It's soooo good. Tube Talk Girl is a fan. I'd like to see more coverage of the show. Mick is so good. And Josef, well, I think we all know how I feel about Josef.

stephanie said...

I vote for Samantha Who?. It's fun and a little silly like Ugly Betty.

It's a good show and only 30 minutes.

ashley said...

gwen, no problem:) Yeah, she snapped. She just had the baby not too long ago. She had some kind of illness.

weevilswobble, thanks for the suggestion! I heard Moonlight is a really good show. I love shows like that, i.e. Buffy and Angel. My sister is obsessed with it and has been trying to get me to watch it.

stephanie, thanks for the vote! Samantha Who? struck me as a feel good, quirky show like Ugly Betty is. You know how much i love Ugly Betty.
Speaking of, how great was Marc's line, "Get on the boats people, don't be stupid!" LOL.

jennie said...

Love Marc. That line made me spit out my soda!

ashley said...

jennie, Marc is hysterical! I loved when he was whispering behind Wilhelmina when they showed up at Bradford's funeral. "What's she doing here?", "Who's she wearing?":D

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