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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Writers' strike update

I realize that it seems all I’ve been blogging about lately is the TV writers’ strike. But, there is so much going on with this story that I’m trying my best to keep you informed. Here’s a look at strike news from around the Web.

The strike could go on until 2008. (Variety)

Former Disney head Michael Eisner calls the writers’ strike stupid. (Reuters)

Shonda Rhimes is refusing to help wrap up episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice that are already in the works. (Variety)

Lost could be postponed until 2009. (TV Guide)

Steve Carell of The Office didn’t show up for work and some of his cast mates followed his lead. (AOL)

Strikers hassled Eva Longoria, but she rewarded them with pizza. (TV Guide)

Two and a Half Men and other sitcoms shut down production. (TV Guide)


The Black Hornet said...

Eisner never explained why it was stupid. Why don't they open the books if there's nothing to give? I sorta understand the promotional aspects with shows streamed for free with the ad revenue, but if the shows are actually purchased like on iTunes, then the writers should be paid.

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