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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas return tonight to Dancing With the Stars

They have admitted that they're a couple. Tonight, Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas will take that sizzling chemistry back to the dance floor.

For the first time in the history of Dancing With the Stars, a couple that was voted off has been asked back to do a complete feature dance in the same season. A little birdie told me the routine even has lifts. (Cover your eyes Carrie Ann!)

Apparently, even the show producers believe that Sabrina should have been in the semi-finals and are giving her a chance to dance in the semi-finale episode. While it won’t be for a shot at the mirror-ball trophy, it will be for the pleasure of the audience.

Sabrina was the best dancer. I always loved watching her and Mark. Now that we know there’s a little something-something going on with them, we may see a whole new kind of heat. Get your fans, folks, it’s about to get hot up in here!


stephanie said...

Welcome back! I enjoyed Sabrina and Mark and can't wait to see them dance again.

She was so robbed!

Jen said...

I can't wait to see these two! This is the first time I've watched a season of DWTS, and these two are THE reason why. Try as I might I wanted to give up watching after they were eliminated, but THIS is the reason I kept watching...I was waiting for them to return. They are sensational together!!!

Becky said...

I think they will definatly have a "steamy" performance!

Last night though I had Osmond overload, the whole audience was full of them!!!! UGH!

tube talk girl said...

I know Bec. It's Osmond mania. Donny was even hosting The Insider when I was flipping channels, then there he was on Larry King...enough!

Becky said...

Donnie is actually saying Marie is the best and is going to take it all! I'm sorry but she isn't the best. If she is in the finale I will just be so irritated.

tube talk girl said...

You and me both. Yes, she's entertaining and at ease on the floor. But, she should be. She's been on stage performing since she was a kid. Helio, on the other hand, it's all new to him. You gotta at least respect that.

Helio and Mel B had better be the final two.

Becky said...

NO NO NO, not another week of Osmond OVERLOAD!!!!!!!

Jenny wasn't the best but Holy Cow People...Marie in the finale????????????

Those teeth, they are killing me!!!!

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