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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jennie Garth dances her last dance

Jennie Garth and partner Derek Hough failed to get the votes required to make it another week on Dancing With the Stars, despite having a “breakthrough” performance that finally earned them 10s.

The final three contestants remaining are Marie Osmond, Mel B, and Helio Castroneves.

Take a moment to digest.

OK. I’m going to be frank here. It’s time for some tough love, folks. Why are you voting for Marie Osmond?

I know she’s beautiful. That smile could power the universe for a week. And yes, she’s entertaining and fun and a bit kooky at times. And I’m sure she’s a nice lady. But she IS NOT as good a dancer as Helio, Mel B or Jennie. (Or even Cameron and Sabrina before her.)

I get that this show has turned into a popularity contest, so I’m going to appeal to those of you who are actually taking the time to vote. Marie has a huge fan base and probably scores thousands of other votes from her enormous family and friend base. So, if you want the best dancers in the finale, Helio and Mel B, then get on the phone next week, people. Because I promise you a gaggle of Osmonds will be dialing for Marie.

Mel B and Maks were so good on Monday’s show that they scored perfect 10s for both dances, and deservedly so. They have such chemistry and powerful moves, that I can’t stop watching them. Maks’ choreography was riveting. Mel’s series of walking splits was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen on the show. (Julianne’s flying flip turn last week also scores a mention.)

Julianne and Helio also wowed the crowd Monday, as usual. Once again, Helio proved that even with no dance experience or history of performing, he knows how to win over a crowd. These two are so much fun to watch that I look forward to them each week.

My final bit of tough love is for the judges. I know they’re trying to encourage all the contestants by rewarding them with high scores, but it’s time the judges gave the 9 and 10 paddles a rest. If they truly want the best dancers to end up in the finale, then they need to separate the pack. In other words, sevens and eights for “very good” dancing and nines and 10s for “excellent” dancing.

It was good to see Sabrina and Mark dancing again. But, the camera man seemed to be much more interested in close-ups of Avril Lavigne singing than the incredible dancing display occurring on the floor. Lavigne’s song “Complicated” was an appropriate choice for Sabrina and Mark to dance to, because their routine was indeed that. There were so many lifts and complicated tricks, it seemed almost like a gymnastics routine instead of a ballroom dance. Still, it was incredible.

See ya next week!


Bethany said...

I agree with you TTG. Why Marie? It is out of control. I could have died when Tom announced that she was safe. I literally gasped.

Becky said...

I couldn't stop watching Maks period, THAT WHITE SUIT was totally to die for!

I was sad to see Jenny go, even though Cameron and Sabrina both were better, her Cha Cha was awesome!

I couldn't watch too much of Marie's dances because I was blinded by all the Osmonds teeth in the crowd.

This whole Marie thing has just gotten absolutly ridiculous. If she ends up in the final two I don't know if I will be able to stomach it.

and about Sabrina and Marks dance....well it was ok, I agree with you about it being like a gymnastics routine, it just seemed a bit fast? Maybe it was because they had to dance to Avril, she stinks worse than Marie.

stilettoheights said...

I could not agree with you more, I am shocked that Marie is still there, she is dreadful beyond words.

bethany said...

Was it me or did Marie seem a bit cocky last night in the interview piece. Heck with her wisdom, she deserved the boot!!!!!

Becky said...

She "thinks" she is the best. If she wins everyone other than the Osmond clan will boo her.

karen said...

Team Helio!!!!! All the way to the finish line baby.

I love him and Julianne. He deserves to win. He'd never danced before and he's never performed in front people the way Mel B and Marie have. Go Helio!

weevilswobble said...

I want a woman to win so I'm hoping it will be Mel B. Plus, Maks has been there season after season, and he deserves to bring home the trophy!

bethany said...

well i certainly would not be upset if Helio or Mel won. But, i am partial to Maks, WHEW THAT REAR!!!

bill said...

Marie has gotten and will continue to get the sympathy vote. Poor Poor Marie, lets all cry for her. Why should we feel sorry for her though? But she will end up winning, just wait and see.

This is just a good example of how our country works and why we are in the sad state we are in!

Cherry said...

I'm pissed off by the lack of rational judgment in the voting this eason. I've been watching DWTS since season 2, and I've never been more disappointed. Marie is a great dancer (especially for her age), but she's not as talented as some of the others that got booted before her. Not to mention that she's gotten consistently lower scores than the other competitors these last few weeks.

If she wins this season, I'm going to lose faith in the voting system and the show altogether.

Ken said...

Me too, Cherry. I agree with you and Tube Talk Girl. The judges should have been harsher on the "good" dancers to separate the fields.

Red said...

I am a huge Marie fan, she is doing a great job, she's almost 50! Look at her go, and her showmanship, WOW!! GO Marie!!

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