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Monday, April 30, 2007

Men in Trees: No new episodes until fall

Remember that quaint little town Elmo, Alaska, where Plow Guy, Jack, Buzz, and Patrick live?

Well, we won’t get to see the further adventures of those zany Elmo citizens until fall, according to series creator Jenny Bicks.

Bicks wrote in her blog at ABC.com that the show will return in June, with reruns of the first eight episodes, and the remaining five episodes will be carried over until next fall. Translation: We won’t get closure this season on the Annie/Patrick wedding issues or the Jack and Marin romance.

I know. I’m frustrated, too. I really love this show, and it’s a shame ABC won’t give us the new episodes this summer, a virtual dead time for quality shows. (The exception to that rule is the glorious Rescue Me on F/X, which gives me more pleasure than a banana Popsicle during the long hot days of summer.)

Bicks said in her blog that next season will be a super-sized 27-episode season. That could be fun. But, I’ll sure miss Jack, Buzz and Plow Guy until then.


big tuna said...

NOOOOOO!!!! Do you think they heard that in Elmo, Alaska, or at least at ABC?

Please give us Men in Trees!!!!!!! By next fall I'll have forgotten all the plots/characters.

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