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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Boston Legal’s Denny Crane discovers “The Secret”

If you missed last night’s episode of Boston Legal, you missed this classic TV moment: Denny Crane discovered The Secret.

The Secret is a popular book and DVD that puts forth the idea that if you want something, think it. Put the thought of it into the universe, and the positive energy through the Law of Attraction will help you achieve your wish. Oprah touted the “the secret” on her show, and it's been sweeping the universe ever since, garnering discussions on Larry King, The View and every other TV show imaginable.

I tried this myself, and funny thing; I’m still not on that Lost island with Sawyer. But hey, maybe the secret will work for Denny Crane.

In this clip, he decides to try out “the secret.” Hit play to watch the video or check it out at You Tube.


kim said...

God, I love Denny Crane. Phyllis Diller instead of Raquel Welch was hysterical. The woman has a laugh like no other.

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