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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"M*A*S*H" star to guest on "Desperate Housewives"

M*A*S*H fans, B.J. Hunnicut is about to meet the Desperate Housewives. Actor Mike Farrell has been cast as Gabrielle’s soon-to-be father-in-law on the ABC show, according to TV Guide online.

I’m not sure I’m buying Farrell in this role, considering Gabrielle’s fiancé is a gray-haired guy who looks about the same age as Farrell. (I kid, John Slattery. You don’t look a day over 40.)

Gaby’s wedding is shaping up to be the event of the year. And I can’t wait for Slattery and Farrell to chew up the screen. Now, if we can just get Alan Alda cast as Gaby’s father, all would be right in the world.


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