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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Charity auction offers visits to popular TV-show sets

If you’ve ever wanted to the visit the set of Boston Legal, 24, House or other popular shows, then get out your wallet. The folks over at Charity Buzz are offering chances to visit the sets of several TV shows as part of the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Auction.

The auction closes on April 6, this Friday. So hurry.

Some of the lots up for bid include a walk-on-role on Desperate Housewives, lunch with Alan Alda, tickets to Oprah and a photo with the talk-show host, a tour of the All My Children set with Susan Lucci, and a chance to play tennis with John McEnroe. From sporting events to fashion events to hanging with celebrities, this auction seems to have it all for those who love television and popular culture.

Be warned, though. This auction isn’t for those of you on a Ramen-Noodle budget. You’ll probably have to be a celebrity, or at least earn that kind of income, to participate in this auction. I was beyond excited at the prospect of actually winning a shot to visit the Boston Legal set and share a cigar with Denny Crane himself. (Yes, that’s part of the package.) Then, I saw it would cost me $6,500 to place a bid, and the prize was valued at $30,000. Ouch.

The bidding for a visit to the House set to hang out with Hugh Laurie and cast had reached $16,000 by 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. In contrast, the set visit to 24 seemed a bargain, at just $5,500. And the top bid for a set visit to The Young and the Restless was a complete steal, with the high bid at $1,350.

The money is for charity; so if you’ve got the cash, why not make a bid. Those of you lucky enough to win, please report back here to Tube Talk with your photos and stories, and I’ll be sure to post them, so we can at least live vicariously.


Steph said...

I'd love to do a set visit, but these bids are crazy! :)

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