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Monday, April 16, 2007

Smallville Death: Please don’t kill Chloe!


That screaming you just heard was me realizing that I have a serious problem when it comes to change. And when that change involves the death of TV characters I’ve grown to love, then I’m inconsolable.

The latest news from E!Online’s Kristin Veitch is that one of the main four characters on Smallville will not survive the season. That leaves us with these possibilities: Clark, Lex, Lana and Chloe.

Obviously, it won’t be Clark. So, who will it be? Veitch gave this clue: “It is someone who is most definitely a fan favorite. And I think you’re gonna freak.”

That clue has led thousands of online fans to believe that the grim reaper may be coming for fan-darling Chloe Sullivan, the only character not in the original Superman canon. Chloe was just discovered to be a meteor “freak,” and actress Allison Mack is most definitely a fan favorite.

A poll at Kryptonsite where readers can vote for whom they think will be taking the dirt nap has Chloe in the lead with a whopping 41 percent of the vote. Lana is next with 26 percent (yes, please take her!) and 18 percent of voters believe that someone will fake their death and not actually die at all. (That sounds like a Lex Luthor move to me.)

Whoever the dead man/woman walking is, this news is hard to swallow. Longtime readers know I have a thing for the young superman and his crazy krypto adventures, and that includes the entire cast. I can’t imagine Smallville without Lex, or Chloe or even, dare I say it, Lana. As much as I detest her character, the fact is she has played a role in shaping young Clark Kent.

Killing off one of the main four seems crazy to me. It’s like killing one of the Friends. Smallville has killed plenty of characters in the last few years. (Rest in peace Jonathan Kent and Whitney Fordman.) But to mess with the main four, seems particularly harsh.

I’m going to go against popular vote and say that if this death comes to fruition, that Lex is going to be the one to go. We know he meets up with Clark Kent much later in life, so perhaps he’ll fake his death and leave Smallville to embark on the road to evil. (Yes, he’s already got a good start.)

As for the Chloe theory, I think I speak for thousands of fans — if online message boards are any indication — when I say, “Please don’t kill Chloe!” I’m begging here. No, Chloe isn’t in the Superman canon, but that doesn’t matter. She makes Smallville interesting and helps Clark save the world each week. Despite that she isn’t Lois Lane on this series, she certainly feels like it to those who watch her.

In other words, to borrow a page from NBC’s Heroes campaign, “Save Chloe Sullivan. Save the World!”


Anonymous said...

What a cliffhanger it w/b if it was Clark that was killed?!?! What a villian it would take to do that! And Justice League to the rescue.

However, it's likely to be Chloe, - it furthers Lois Lane's character. She steps up the news reporting, gets closer to Clark, and the series can run on a love triangle of Clark/Lana/Lois.

Ashley said...

I really don't think it will be Chloe. At least I REALLY HOPE NOT! I think this whole "Someone's going to die" thing is all hype to get everyone watching for the finale. TPTB would really dumb if they killed off Chloe because she has so many fans. They would definitely lose A LOT of viewers. I for one, LOVE Chloe and would rather see other people on SV leave before her. I don't buy the whole it furthers Lois's character if Chloe dies?!?!?! Yeah, because killing off Chloe makes a lot of sense, b/c the only way to get Lois into serious journalism is to kill off her cousin?!? Yeah, i'm not buying it.

theTVaddict said...

Truth be told I've pretty much stopped watching SMALLVILLE this season, due to it's complete lack of consistency. That said, wouldn't they (I pray they) kill off Lana. Not only is she the most boring character on TV... wouldn't it be the final nail in the Clark/Lex rivalry. A great way to set-up the final season,

tube talk girl said...

TV Addict, from your keyboard to TPTB's ears. Lana seems the most logical choice to me,too, but I don't think she's a "fan favorite." So, that made me think it's Lex or my beloved Chloe.

I can't believe you ditched Smallville! This season had some great episodes with the Green Arrow and the Justice League. And it's been a good year for Chloe fans.

Elvis Garcia said...

MMMH? who would it be? we all know that lois, lex and clark make it. Lana comes out in Superman III. Chole's character was just bought by the DC comics. therefore cant just kill her,, i believe that she fakes her death and goes with her mom, meanwhile Lios takes her place. Lana slowly disappears, marries pete ross(like in the comics) divorces and returns in superman III.

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