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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My Name is Earl gets smelly

My Name is Earl is doing a special stunt Thursday night for May sweeps that, frankly, stinks.

Earl fans, welcome to Smell-A-Vision. It’s a scratch-n-sniff game viewers can play along with, as they watch the episode. Fans need a copy of this week’s TV Guide that contains a special “Laugh-n-Sniff” card or they can visit the NBC “laugh-n-sniff” Web site to play along online. Viewers will be prompted to “scratch and sniff” the card during the show to smell all the action.

When I first heard this, I had visions of redneck Earl prompting us to scratch and sniff his armpits, or Randy’s breath, or Crabman’s special “feel-good” brownies, but it turns out folks actually will be smelling the pleasant odors of popcorn, Oreo cookies, cinnamon buns, dryer sheets and more.

Catch all the smelly fun at 8 p.m. on NBC Thursday.


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