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Friday, April 20, 2007

Adam Brody on the big screen: In The Land of Women

Fans of The O.C., if you’re missing Seth Cohen or his portrayer actor Adam Brody, then head to the movies this weekend and watch In the Land of Women.

It’s a new film starring Brody and, wait for it…Meg Ryan. Yep, Seth Cohen meets Sally Albright. I’m giddy at the thought of it.

I don’t want to oversell this, but I’ve seen the trailer and several clips and it looks FABULOUS!

Watching stars who started on the small screen make it in the film world always makes me a little proud. I remember Brody early in his career on Smallville, as the telekinesis kid, Justin, who kissed Chloe and made Clark Kent crazy jealous.

Here is the official My Space Web page featuring Brody’s blog and a video clip message from him.

The film is hopefully in a theater near you, today, April 20.


kristi said...

OMG, Jen, I had no idea Seth Cohen was in a movie. THANK YOU!!!!!!! I'm off to see if it's playing here.

wvurulz said...

I saw the trailer and it does look great, but it's not playing in my town. BOOOOO!!!! Morgantown, why no love for Brody and Meg???

Anonymous said...

I'll always think of Adam Brody in the role of Dave Rygalski, the guitar player that Lane fell for on Gilmore Girls. He also played Barry Willimas in the TV movie Growing Up Brady, I think.

Also, I'm almost positive In The Land of Women is playing at the Cinemark Theatre in Bridgeport.

Anonymous said...

Uh...Barry Williams...I knew my clumsy fingers would be my downfall. Damn.

wvurulz said...

Hey I actually did get to see it. The new theater in University Town Center is showing it. It's interesting.

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